Current Trail Project.

Locust Shade: Trail Signage and Power "Jump" Line Expansion

Funds Needed: $3800

Locust Shade is currently raising funds for two projects:

  1. Trail signage. The Locust Shade team is working to update the current trail map and install 19 posts along the system with corresponding directional signs. We need to purchase 19 posts (approximately $300.00) and order signs and trail markers (approximately $1,000)
  2. Power "Jump" Line trail expansion in the spring/summer of 2023. The raised funds will be used to rent the necessary equipment and operators to move and shape the dirt for the new jumps. Liasons also need to purchase a water barrel and a Picnic table where riders can relax after sessioning the jumps.

James Long Park: System Expansion

Funds Needed: $16400

James Long Park is currently working on a trail expansion project. Beyond volunteer work the James Long team is actively raising funds for:

  • 1 mile bench cut: $12,500
  • 16' timber bridge: $2,500
  • Armored creek crossing: $1,500

Lake Farifax Park: Lake Fairfax Bike Park Maintenance

Funds Needed: $7800

Lake Fairfax is looking to add the following equipment for the current Toro Dingo 427N that will allow volunteers to better maintain the many miles of trails, features, jumps, and pumptrack. This equipment would include a combination bucket, 4-way dozer blade, and tilt plate that in combination will allow for better material movement and building so volunteers spend more time on the sculpting and less time on the heavy lifting.

  1. 36" Wide Combination Bucket: $2,200
  2. 48" Wide Mini Skid Steer 4 Way Dozer Blade Hydraulic Angle Toro Dingo Mount: $2,900
  3. Mini Skid Steer Tilt Tach Plate Toro Dingo Mount: $2,700

Wakefield Park: 5 year Improvement Plan

Funds Needed: $60000

As we continue working towards our 5 year plan of improvements to the trail system at Wakefield, we have $20K on-hand, but we are looking to raise another $60K for:

  • Continue working towards the rehabilitation and restoration of the trail tread on Phase II trails under the power lines
  • Continue working on rehabilitation and restoration the trail tread of the Phase I rooty climb and descent section
  • Continue working on rehabilitation of the Power Station descent berms
  • Continue working on rehabilitation of the trail tread in Phase IV to address drainage and sustainability issues
  • Phase I and Phase IV Bridge replacements
  • Tool Station installation at either top of the berms / whoops or near the parking kiosk
  • Additional low risk wooden features for Phase IV

River's Edge: System Completion

Funds Needed: $18000

River's Edge is nearing completion. Our current RTP grant ($40,000) will cover the sub 2 miles of single track we'll be building hopefully this coming spring. We've just finished up and submitted our procurement docs and are waiting to hear back from SHA.  

What we need: The difficult topography of the new areas has sucked up the funding from our RTP grant, and we are in need of an additional $18,000 to build 3 progressive jump trails and do some much needed fine tuning to an existing feature. 

These 3 jump trails will complete the build at River's Edge.

Emmitsburg Trails: Signage

Funds Needed: $973

The Emmitsburg Trails are in need of improved signage and are seeking your support.

We want our trail users to have the confidence that “Yes” they are going the most direct way to hit Austin’s Playground on the Orange Trail, or to the parking lot or to Rainbow Lake. The expected cost for upgraded trail signage is $2,250. We currently have $1,227 available for this project.

Seneca Creek Greenway Trail: 3.5 Mile Trail Upgrade

Funds Needed: $30000

The current upgrade at the Seneca Greenway trail (near Clopper Road) will allow bikes to access a current hiker only trail. $60,000 are needed for this project. $30,000 is already funded.

Annapolis Waterworks: Trail Reroute

Funds Needed: $10000

This project will reroute two overly steep sections of the Honeysuckle Through Trail at Annapolis Waterworks with two new flowing trail sections that gradually use the available elevation. In addition, this project will rework the trail in-between the two reroutes to enhance the user experience. The City of Annapolis is very supportive of MORE and has already approved this project.

Patuxent: Phase 2

Funds Needed: $10000

Patuxent has an RTP grant for 3.5 miles of new trails and additional parking. MORE must match 25% of the value of the grant. The project is in permitting and construction is expected to start late in 2023 or early next year.

Scheffer Farm: West Side Trail Reroutes

Funds Needed: $20000

MORE just completed $19,300 of machine work on trails on the east side, including the orange and white trails. Next phase will be to refurbish worn down sections of the yellow, green and red trails on the west side of the area.

Patapsco: MORE Fun Trail Bridge Reroute

Funds Needed: $10000

Funding will go to fund a professional trail builder to reroute this critical ( currently closed ) trail connection. The project will include a 20' bridge, new on-trail carsonite signage, and an approx. 1/2 mile reroute on a steep side slope.