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If you join annually at $50 or higher or a monthly auto-renew membership, you will receive a pair of IMBA socks from IMBA.

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Benefits of Membership

MORE Membership is the easiest way to give back to and support the trails you enjoy.

Every year, MORE contributes a significant portion of funds directly to trail building and maintenance. Your MORE membership helps us to provide the funds needed to develop, expand, and maintain your local trail systems. Much of this work would not be possible without a strong MORE Membership community and your membership counts!

Becoming a MORE Member gives us a stronger voice when it comes to outreach and trail advocacy.

A lot goes into developing trail systems in the DMV. A strong membership community is critical in supporting our work with various land managers and government agencies and building trails in your local community. Membership numbers say a lot about community support for MORE.  
When you join MORE, you also join the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA). MORE’s participation as an IMBA Chapter Club enables us to leverage the national resources and extensive support of IMBA while focusing on riding bikes and building/maintaining our local trails.

In addition, MORE Membership benefits include:

• Access to Trailhead News, MORE's quarterly newsletter.

• MORE Trail & Event updates.

• Access to borrow up to 2 bike travel cases suitable for airline travel (email bikebox@more-mtb.org for details).

• Discounted MoCo Epic® Registration.

• Opportunity to lead or sweep socially inclusive and welcoming mountain bike rides representing MORE.

• Opportunity to join your friends to build and maintain the trails in a social environment.

and these additional benefits, through MORE’s association with IMBA:

• Free digital subscription to Mountain Bike Action magazine.

• A discount on a new Subaru via the VIP program.

• Discounts on over 100 brands of bike and outdoor gear through ExpertVoice.com. (Login details are on your IMBA Membership dashboard.)

• 15% discount on Water-to-Go bottles. (Login details are on your IMBA Membership dashboard).

Spot discounted injury insurance for mountain bikers. IMBA members can sign up for Spot for just $69.99 for an entire year.




MORE Pillars


Build is the ongoing effort that each of us takes to make sure our community remains strong and unified in MORE’s vision of bringing mountain bikers together through riding bikes on, building, and maintaining multi use sustainable trails.


MORE grew from the simple desire of its members to ride bikes. But MORE continues to flourish from the efforts, sweat, and strength of the people that give their time to ensure all mountain bikers in our region have places to ride.


Mentoring means knowing when not to ride to preserve the integrity of our trails and silently showing others that what you are doing is right. Mentoring is being a good steward of the trail, being courteous and considerate of other users, and sharing the natural resources we value so much.


The cornerstone that binds all of MORE’s pillars together, live MORE, was born from our desire to keep the legacy of Scott “Scud” Scudamore alive. Each of the MORE pillars exemplify the qualities that defined Scud and that each and every one of us should aspire to develop.