About MORE

MORE (The Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts), Inc. is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization representing thousands of Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia mountain bikers.

Founded in 1992, MORE maintains 906 miles of natural-surface trails in 63 state and county parks throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan region. MORE members contribute more than 16,000 volunteer hours annually and have constructed hundreds of miles of new, sustainable trail.

The club also leads multiple rides each year at local parks, ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

MORE’s Mission is to build an inclusive grass roots mountain biking community and organization with the express purpose of expanding riding opportunities and increasing trail access throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

This is to be achieved by building and maintaining multi use sustainable trails through promoting volunteerism, partnerships and educational outreach across user groups, thereby enabling fun and rewarding riding experiences for all ages and ability levels.

MORE’s Vision is to become the premier mountain bicycling club in the Mid-Atlantic region.


New to mountain biking or the DMV area? We've provided some information on getting started and answers to some frequently asked questions about trail building, management and coordination.


Support local mountain biking! JOIN MORE and be part of one of most respected mountain bike advocacy group in the United States.

MORE Pillars


MORE was originally created by a group of individuals who simply wanted to “ride” their bikes on trails in the woods and back-country of Northern Virginia.


Build is the ongoing effort that each of us takes to make sure our community remains strong and unified in MORE’s vision of bringing mountain bikers together through riding bikes on, building, and maintaining multi use sustainable trails.


MORE grew from the simple desire of its members to ride bikes. But MORE continues to flourish from the efforts, sweat, and strength of the people that give their time to ensure all mountain bikers in our region have places to ride.


Mentoring means knowing when not to ride to preserve the integrity of our trails and silently showing others that what you are doing is right. Mentoring is being a good steward of the trail, being courteous and considerate of other users, and sharing the natural resources we value so much.


The cornerstone that binds all of MORE’s pillars together, live MORE, was born from our desire to keep the legacy of Scott “Scud” Scudamore alive. Each of the MORE pillars exemplify the qualities that defined Scud and that each and every one of us should aspire to develop.