MORE Group Rides

MORE volunteers create a fun and safe community for riders of all levels to enjoy our local trails. MORE (and the outdoors) are welcoming and inclusive to all so please join us on a ride!

General Info

Where: MORE rides are listed on MORE's Event Calendar - which is posted at the bottom of this page.
Participants should sign up for rides on Golden Volunteer or Meetup; specific instructions are included in the ride announcement on the MORE Calendar. Any ride cancellations/changes will be posted on the MORE Calendar and you will be contacted via email (through Golden Volunteer or Meetup).


Waiver: MORE rides require you sign a waiver. Most rides ask that you sign up on Golden Volunteer, where the waiver can be signed electronically.

Bring: Helmet (required), a mountain bike in good working condition (hybrid/gravel bikes are not suitable for MTB rides), drinking water, nutrition, spare tube/patch kit, pump/CO2, multi-tool, I.D., emergency contact info where it can be easily located on your person, and a good attitude, as this ride is as much about camaraderie as it is about riding. For night rides, a good bike light is required - better yet, bring two lights, with one on your helmet and one on your handlebars.

Weather: We do not ride when the trails are wet/muddy or during inclement weather. Ride cancellations will be shared via email (Golden Volunteer or Meetup) and posted on the MORE Calendar.

Checkout our Meetup group for additional ride opportunities.

Ride Levels

Easy-paced rides suited for those who are familiar with their bikes. You know how to use your brakes and shift. Our goal is to try some climbing and descending on moderate-grade, easy single-track. We will re-group as necessary to rest, hydrate and practice skills on the trail. Distances may be up to 10 miles.

Endurance requirement: Able to ride about 8-10 miles (1 hour) with some stopping.

Technical requirement: You are ready to start climbing & descending single track and add in a few small technical features (rocks, roots, small logs.)



Casually paced rides ideal for advanced beginners ready for some obstacles, steeper hills, more miles and fewer rests. We will re- group as necessary to hydrate and practice skills on the trail. Trails may include steeper single track climbs and descents, obstacles may include small rock gardens, log overs, and roots. Distances may be up to 12 miles.

Endurance requirement: You can easily ride 10-12 miles (1-2 hours) of beginner single track.

Technical requirement: You are comfortable descending and climbing single track. You are comfortable trying small obstacles like log overs and rock gardens.



Steady paced rides ideal for riders who are comfortable with descending and single track climbs who feel ready to kick it up a notch. You feel comfortable on your bike and enjoy riding longer periods without breaks but you’re not into the hammerfest. Trails may include moderately steep
or rutted climbs and descents, single-track, obstacles and technical features. Distances may be up to 15 miles.

Endurance requirement: You are mastering all types of terrain for long periods of time. Able to ride a minimum of 10-15 miles with little re-grouping. Able to keep a strong pace.

Technical Requirements: You are getting good at riding switchbacks, you are comfortable descending steep single track, you have proper bike and body separation and moving all over your bike loosely, you are starting to get through those rock gardens.



Ideal for consistent, faster riders, this ride will be constantly moving, taking breaks only to re-group at major intersections. These are rides designed to build your stamina, as the pace will often be set by faster riders out front. Trails may include steep, technical climbs and descents, single-track, obstacles and technical features. Distances may be 15 miles or more.

Endurance Requirement: You are comfortable being uncomfortable and riding at a faster pace for 1-2 hours. You enjoy technical terrain and want to push the limits a bit.

Technical Requirement: You are confident on all types of terrain including rocky single track with some exposure, steep loose descents, front wheel lifts, drop offs or confident rolling obstacles. You are completely self- sufficient on the trails.

In addition to rides open to all, MORE hosts rides geared specifically to women and kids.

MORE Group Rides - Everyone