Haymarket, VA

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This trail system currently consists of about 4 miles of both single and double track trail tucked into the woods behind the sports fields at James S. Long Park and has multiple entrance/exit points.

The trails run above, around and in some places crosses the 2 streams that encompass the park and converge at the end to become Catharpin Creek. Many trails include short and steep climbs and downhills between the ridges and the creekbeds, giving it a unique feel for the area. The rocky terrain makes it drain well, so it can be ridden soon after rain.

Future plans for this park include several more miles of trail which will take advantage of the rocky and undulating terrain. Plans also include connecting to the Catharpin Creek Greenway which will connect Long Park to Silver Lake Regional Park (which has its own 4+ miles of trails) creating 12 miles of connected trails between the two parks and the existing Greenway. Future plans for the Greenway include expansion to connect to Conway Robinson State Forest; which when done would give riders over 25 miles of connected trails.

This park has a lot of potential for more great trails, and will continue to be built out pending funding and volunteers.




Donations made directly through this page go directly to the selected trails system and help MORE and its trail liaisons purchase materials, tools and hire the expertise necessary to help us maintain and sustain world class trails in the Washington DC Metropolitan region.

$10 Minimum Donation. Please change the quantity to increase your donation.

* When donating to a specific trail system MORE will endeavor to use your donation as it was designated, but under extenuating circumstances may assign the funds to other trails/projects in consultation with the appropriate trail liaison or project leader in such cases as, including but not limited to, the closure of the park, failure of the project to move forward, completion of the project under budget, extended periods of inactivity and/or other factors limiting the ability to apply the funds to the original intended designation.

The trails at James Long Park are suitable for riders of all abilities but include sections more suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. MORE subscribes to IMBA's trail difficulty ratings

MORE Volunteers have donated 75 hours of their time to help build and maintain the trails at James Long Park in 2022 to date.

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