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Fundraising for Design & Installation of one or more Permanent Paved Pump Track(s) in MOCO - Montgomery County, MD Park Systems.  This new paved pump track, not the South Germantown Bike Park.  Currently under consideration is Carroll Knolls Local Park. 

What is a Pump Track?
A pump track is a continuous loop of berms and “rollers” that you ride without pedaling. You can ride a pump track on bicycles, scooter, skateboards, & even wheelchairs. 
Anybody can ride a pump track. From toddlers learning to balance to teenagers improving their skills to parents or Seniors looking to get in a quick, free, fun and effective work-out.

Pump Tracks are fun for both the riders and for the surrounding spectators.
You don’t need a huge area to build a pump track. Pump tracks fit just about anywhere.
  1. Donate to this Fundraising Campaign - Every dollar counts! 

  2. Please sign our Petition at and Share with your friends and family.

  3. Join our Facebook Group = Pump Track in MOCO - Montgomery County, MD

  4. Volunteer & Maintain Active Membership for MORE.

  5. Be a Trail Steward - have fun riding responsibly & safely!

For more information please contact Jen Trujillo or Kate Schrock

$10 Minimum Donation. Please change the quantity to increase your donation.