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Track it Forward

Over the course of the next few weeks and coming year MORE will be introducing and using a new tool to track and manage volunteer hours.

The tool, TrackItForward, will allow volunteers to quickly an easily submit their volunteer hours via an easy to use web interface of via a mobile app (iOS and Google Play).

A volunteer, for example, can submit hours worked at a specific trail immediately from the worksite trailhead.

MORE Liaisons will each be able to quickly approve volunteer hours, making it easier for MORE’s Trail Boss and leadership to quickly and easily generate on-demand reports for a multitude of purposes, including end of year volunteer recognition events, ongoing advocacy, and accountability.

If you volunteer regularly for MORE, lead rides, or participate in trail work events we ask that you please register for a free account. Doing so will allow you to quickly and easily submit and track  the valuable time you give to the club. Every hour counts, and with your help, we can ensure that all volunteers are recognized accordingly for the time they give to the club.

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