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MORE Board of Director Elections and Position Descriptions

Are you a leader?

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MORE Board of Directors elections are scheduled for December 7 – 13, 2014.  Open this cycle are Trails Director (formerly Advocacy Director), Activities Director, Membership Director and Treasurer.  MORE encourages members to nominate members or yourself for vacant positions by private messaging Jen Boynton at

Up for election for 2015Membership, Activities, Trails and Treasurer

President – 2 year term – Responsible for leading the BOD/MORE in accordance with MORE’s Vision and Mission Statement – Ernest (Ernie) Rodriguez

Vice President – 2 Year term – Serves as backup to President, Leads MORE developmental efforts and coordinates local sponsorships and partnerships Chairs standing developmental committee – Jason Ashmore

Members Representative – 2 year term (Open) Responsible for building and leading a team of regionally selected membership reps with the purpose of providing feedback to the BOD Chairs standing members committee – Up for Election

Activities Director – 2 year term – Responsible for leading a team of critical volunteers to manage events and special programs – Up for Election

Treasurer – Responsible for financial transaction oversight; financial policies; budgeting, financial reporting, and IRS 990 preparation; attending board meetings; and advise board members on MORE’s finances to assist them in the performance of their duties. Serves as the corporate secretary to ensure MORE’s compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. Chairs standing finance committee – Up for Election

Trails (formerly Advocacy) Director – 2 year term – Responsible for managing all advocacy efforts in support of the MORE vision and mission statements; including the complete life cycle of all trail projects from funding through maintenance via formalized processes. Chairs standing Trail committee – Up for Election

Operations Director – 2 year term – Responsible for managing the day-to-day operational function of the club. ** Also responsible for capturing BOD meeting notes in some way and handing off to Communications Manager for formatting and distribution to membership)** Chairs standing operations committee – Martin Fernandez