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Booby Traps Found at The Frederick Watershed

Frederick Watershed riders please be alert. Over the course of the last 10 days several (10-12) razor sharp devices have been found in the shed.

The devices have been placed in spots with the main purpose of disabling your bike and potentially causing bodily harm. Here are the facts as we know them right now:

  • Approximately 10-12 devices were found
  • They devices were laid within the last week to 10 days
  • All were found on or around on sections of trails close to a known gravity riding area
  • The 1st set was found last week on a popular xc trail
  • The 2nd set found imbedded in the jumps of a popular gravity trail

If anyone finds devices similar to this one or whose intent is to disable your bike or potential injury please call the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office at 301-600-2071 Police. If anyone is injured by any device or if you have an emergency call 911.

Montgomery County Riders – We also have unconfirmed reports that suggest someone has booby trapped logs at Schaffer Farms and possibly the Seneca Ridge Trail with barbed wire.

Please be extra careful when you are out riding and be very vigilant. If you see something or someone that’s out of the ordinary report it; If you come across the individual(s) putting these down do not confront them, they are likely unstable..

We will provide additional information as it becomes available.