Minutes -

Transition Meeting – 1/24/15

In attendance

  • Ernie Rodriguez – President
  • Dave Magill – Trails Director
  • Bob Compton – Treasurer
  • Scott Davison – Membership Representative
  • Martin Fernandez – Operations Director

Ernie: Welcome; Thanks you for coming.

Review Agenda

Self Introductions/Background/Why we volunteer

Review Strategic Goals – End-of-year results and agree to survey board members next month to prioritize objectives for 2015.

Budget Review


Membership Review – 1088 approximate count

Sponsorship – need emphasis on providing value to sponsors.
Need to focus on both individual and commercial sponsors
Cash donations
In-kind donations
Create value with web

Perception of MORE among land managers has changed; Has stemmed from success in obtaining grants; but has created a dilema in how we continue to attract cash sponsors

Membership events – Three standard events; Winter Party, Summer Festival, Fall Camping trip,

MORE Store – continue to provide MORE merchandise
Publicize and expand donation options for specific parks and projects


MoCo Epic – Great venue and atmosphere
Patapsco Epic – Awesome first year with new route options this year
NoVa Epic – need to work with land managers for connectivity this year

We need to obtain feedback from membership and land managers for events or routes to best showcase Northern Virginia’s trails
Revenue goes back to regional teams.
Tour De Fat – Revenue form Bike Valet and revenue share from NB

Overview of Club Operating costs
Insurance stable. Kevin Adams will remain supporting more as insurance liaison
Workday expenses
Trail boss fund – overview of trail boss and their function…
Winter party
Summer Festival
Fall Camping Trip
Event Equipment (PA System)

Ernie: Move to reserve up to $250 to donations line item to sponsor the DNR convention on March 12, 2015. Seconded, voted All in favor, Passed

Major projects; $127k in bank; $80k is dedicated to specific trail funds. MORE has a cushion of around 40k for operating costs – rainy day fund

Review additional line items on budget; Important take away is that MORE is planning ahead to make sure club is financially solvent and funds go to the projects they are intended for.

Family Ride Program
Laura Hastings is the new Family Ride Program Manager
Expand weekend rides
Maintain Weekday Rides/night rides
Kids/sMORE’s rides (MD, VA, Baltimore)
Women’s rides – Julie (women’s program) more structured program coming.
meet-up group – incorporate into MORE website – Kyle Bondo (admin)

Continue to review strategic goals; Ernie will update strategic goals to reflect progress thus far and create expectations for 2015. Within 45 days.

Review Communications Plan
monthly newsletter will help;
Martin will update plan and incorporate Ernie’s updated goals into it.

All Board of Directors are now responsible for Advocacy. A monthly advocacy report will be required to become part of Board of Directors monthly activities report.

Review current trail projects for 2015 – Discussion of each line item for all of MORE’s 43 trails Compile a trails inventory worksheet and advertise on MORE webpage
Create Trail Priorities List – Most popular trails; have board review list and action plan before publishing.

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