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September Board Meeting Minutes + Activity Reports

MORE Monthly Board Meeting: September 12, 2016

REI Tyson’s Corner


Board Members Present

  1. Ernie Rodriguez
  2. Aaron Richter
  3. Dave Magill
  4. Rob Lowe
  5. Greg Dwyer
  6. Jason Miller
  7. Russ Adams


MORE Staff and Members present

  1. Steve Don-Tingey (Executive Director)
  2. Jonah Meyer (Asst. Treasurer/Outreach)
  3. Jonathon Kidwell (Trail Boss)
  4. Frank Raiti (Lake Fairfax Trail Liaison)

Item #1: Presentations to the MORE Board During Monthly Meetings (All)

Board requests presentations made to MORE BoD during monthly meetings be preceded by a synopsis or overview so Board can schedule appropriate time and understand the issue before it is presented.

Item #2: TIPS (Rob Lowe). Dave Magill reported that MoCo is supportive of expanding night rides on county trails led by MORE (and possibly other groups). Permits are required on a park by park basis. The permit is issued to the ride leader(s). The local park manager must approve the issuance of the permit. Aaron Richter has offered to spearhead the effort to obtain a permit for Fairland night rides. Todd Bauer, Rick Meyer and others are working on permits for Little Bennett, Black Hills, and Seneca Greenway.

Item #3: Financials and Winter Membership Meeting (Aaron and Russ)

Aaron will provide August financials via email. A motion was proposed to fund the Winter Member meeting (February 2016) up to $3,500. Costs from last year were venue rental (~$600), food costs (~$1,700), and volunteer recognition. How will volunteers be recognized and how much will this cost? Will it be a potluck vs. catered event? BoD passed the motion to provide a budget of up to $3,500 for the Winter Membership Meeting and to hold a potluck in order to cut down on food costs and provide more funding for volunteer recognition. Russ Adams will serve as the POC for the Winter Member Meeting.

Item #4: BoD Elections during Winter Meeting (all)  

Dave Magill tabled a proposal by to split the Trails and Advocacy Board Member position into two parts on a regional basis: a VA/DC liaison and a MD liaison. Ernie R. suggested the Board consider this proposal over the next 30 days and have a recommendation ready for the October Board meeting so a vote can take place. Does MORE want to expand the number of Board members by one or two? A Women’s Liaison Board Member position was also proposed. Board agreed to review and discuss these proposals via email.

Item #5: Membership (Ernie)

MORE is losing members and needs to address this! MORE does not have easily available data on current, active members; this data is important and valuable so that MORE can grow its member base. Could we move towards a more transactional membership? Why can’t MORE achieve a 3,000-3,500 member goal? Can MORE improve its trail signage and “marketing” at trailheads and other trail areas? Permanent and temporary sings are important. Three levels of signs were proposed: 1) 8.5 x 11 laminated “temp” signage; 2) a larger temp sign for work-days and announcements; and 3) permanent, rugged signage. Perhaps a 4th type of sign showing completion of work, i.e. “This trail built and maintained by MORE…”

Item #6: MoCo STATUS (Dave and Ernie)

408 riders signed up as of today. This number is about where were at last year. Concern w/the current number of volunteers signed up—can MORE send requests for volunteers out via social media? Yes. How soon should we send out reminders out to our contact list(s)?—very soon.

Item #7: Patapsco Trail Fest update  

Ernie, Jonah, and Greg are riding.

Item #8: Fall camping trip (All)

Currently 80 people registered.

Item #9: Trails update (Dave Magill)

Fairfax Pump Track (Frank Raiti): breaking ground on Sept. 19th. Elevated Trails is the contractor. Official ribbon cutting is October 8th. Looking at weekly activities to promote the pump track after its initial opening. Frank will renew the request for night riding after the park is up and running. Funding issues: may fall short of budget. We have applied for a Mastenbrook grant with Fairfax County to help with funding. Fairfax County Park Authority can match funds up to $20,000. This grant will be to cover remaining cost of the track construction as well as a shelter, water collection system, and a tool shed to store tools on site. MORE has $16K in the Lake Fairfax pump track restricted fund and will continue to fundraise to cover the shortfall for building and amenities. Frank is planning for a kiosk, storage container for tools, water and other items. The park has indicated they will donate the kiosk, which will contain the signage for the pump track and trail head as well as rules and instructions on using the pump track.  There is a fundraiser planned in the near term.


Dave Magill: We are hopeful that grants for both Rivers Edge and Watershed will be approved. Official in October or November. Carlo worked with Brunswick City Council and got the first mile of trail completed at Rivers Edge for foot traffic only. A total will be four miles is being planned for foot and bike use. At Watershed, there remains opposition to the proposed legal trail map. MORE’s trail liaison Dave K. believes the city will approve the final plan, which may happen this week. Emmittsburg–nothing new to report. Patapsco 113 volunteers attended trail work two weeks ago. Lockraven–still no signed agreement, public meeting planned for Oct 13. MoCo Trails: five miles of trail built and/or updated at Little Bennet. Cabin John improvements underway. Thanks to Casey Anderson at MoCo Parks and Planning and to MORE members reaching out to their elected leaders requesting them to support MORE’s work and support for funding trail building and maintenance in MoCo.  Joe Fritch loop including Rock Creek will be machine upgraded next year. MoCo looking to expand night rides at Fairland and MORE is looking for volunteers to organize and step up to lead daytime and night rides there. Bacon Ridge (Anne Arundel Co.): Phase 1 complete, Phase 2 approvals in process. Three different land trusts must approve Phase 2. Rosaryville: Jim and Mike stepped up to fix several problem areas due to recent storms. Schaeffer: “Schaeffer Turns 21” was a well-attended event and we stayed under budget. We may have another trail system, Monocacy, just south of Sugar Loaf Mountain that may get some maintenance to make accessible trails in the future, new liaison Kathleen Mihm in place for Monocacy.

VA report: Mount Vernon: waiting for final bill for trail work. Mike has “bequeathed” the park to Carlos. Laurel Hill: October 2nd is take your kid mountain biking day. BROT: Additional signage up. When will the RTP go up/in? Wakefield/Accotink: Wakefield has asked for trail work, which is scheduled. Prince William Forest (Prince William County): Ryan is assisting MORE. Quantico: What is the status of the additional eight-mile loop? Need to find out.

Jason: how do we get MORE’s website information to members/users on trails? Link to MTB project? We want to keep our maps in the website, not linking to outside web sites. Jonah will be provided read/write access to the website (WordPress) and will explore options.

Item #10: Sponsorship (Steve D-T)

Suggestion made to clarify the difference b/t a corporate donor and corporate sponsor: Individual Donor, Bike Shop, Corporate Donor, and Community Sponsor. Steve D-T should update the sponsorship levels on the website.

Item #11: MORE Women’s MTB Day update (Ernie)

Simona, Kathy, Jo, Ann Mader, and others did a fantastic job. Nice event, great job. Every clinic was well attended. Huge turnout. MORE needs to maintain the momentum from this event.



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