BOD, Meeting Minutes -

November 2018 Board Meeting Meeting

In attendance via phone:

Tom Howe – Membership Director
Dave Magill – MD Advocacy Director
Carlos Alfaro – Activities Director
Bob Caverly – Vice President
Jeff Niner – VA Advocacy Director
Ernie Rodriguez – President
Steve Harper – Communications Director
Steve DonTigny – Executive Director

MoCo Final report – Steve Dontigny: 895 attendees and volunteers – 60 K income – Riders 780.
Expenditures – 36K bike raffle $5-600 – About 20 k in revenue. Dave Magill – numbers look like
they need to be updated.

Winter membership meeting – Carlos Alfaro: – Party – Mike Klasmeier, suggested the
Metropolitan – holds 95 people. Membership meeting – maybe make that one of the board
meetings. More study.

Elections – Ernie Rodriguez: Thanks Tom Howe – willingness to serve on the board for VA
Advocacy. Talks with some people but nothing firm yet. Nobody for MD advocacy – will expand
scope of search. 18 days left to get some nominees.  Jonathan Kidwell will be stepping down as Trail Boss at the end of the year. We need to recruit a Trail Boss and possibly break up the position into MD and VA.

Year end giving campaign – Ernie Rodriguez: Tom will send out something with membership e-
mails. Ernie will send something out right after Thanksgiving. Year end donation. Include in all
five areas. Segment year end giving?

2019 CFC – Ernie Rodriguez: New price structure. $700 – $1400. Who wants to learn? – Steve
H. volunteered.

Trailhead news – discussion about how to send it out. We’ll have another one this month – first
draft at the end of the week.

VA Advocacy – Jeff Niner: Was asked how we advertise trail work days. Brad hawk for
facebook and Jonathan Kidwell. Discussion about how to activate volunteers. Email lists. Bob
will update the liaisons.

2019 Budget – Ernie Rodriguez: Dave will have one for approval at the December meeting.
Maryland Advocacy – Dave Magill: Trail funding – Grants. Frederick team – downhill trails/return
trail. Over four miles. 3 miles by machine – need $80-100,000 for it. SHA Sheryl Ladota –
impressed with rivers edge – kudos to Carlo Alfano for the good work and building confidence.
Encouraged MORE to bid for all three miles at Frederick, and whe will try to get our $30k grant
upsized. If we can only do one mile we’ll limit to that. We should do progress payments. 30
days. Can we loan money from restricted funds to support RTP grants?

Virtual Board Meetings – Bob Caverly: Various tools – we should see what we have. Strong
support for keeping in-person meetings, but willingness to consider some virtual meetings to
make it easier to serve on the board.

Spring Fling – Tom Howe: Cathy Ridel – offered to host a planning meeting at her house. A
couple of options. Lake Fairfax and what we did last year. Tom will find someone to support it.
Dates? TBD.

Financials – Ernie Rodriguez: Working on the books. In the accountant’s hands. Missed VA
deadline, should meet MD and may get close to Federal. Started late. Lucky that he’s willing to
work as hard as he is to get it done. We have a treasurer, Neil Blake.

IMBA meeting– November 29 hill meeting, November 30 board meeting, December 1 ride.
Bentonville was an excellent venue for IMBA’s Dirty 30 celebration.

Steve – mountain bike classes. Would we be interested in supporting? Ernie – yes, fits our
mission, but can we get volunteers? Donations? Is this a business opportunity? Steve will
present an option.

Read-ahead items – Bob Caverly: Are intended to shorten the board meeting so we’ll get those
out ahead of the meeting.

Microsoft 365 – Bob Caverly: If you need help Bob is now admin on Office 365.
Distribution Lists – Bob Caverly: Bob will share those with the board so we know who gets

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