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MORE Board Meeting 10-Feb 2014 7:00 PM

In attendance

MORE Board:

  • Ernie Rodriguez
  • Jason Ashmore
  • Dave Magill
  • Melanie Nystrom (phone)
  • Kevin Adams (phone)
  • Jason MIller (phone)

MORE Staff

  • Ryan Delaney
  • Holly Fisher

MORE Volunteer(s)

  • Rob Lowe


  • Sean Johnson


Board Members discuss current recruitment efforts:
Ernie Rodriguez:

  • Mike Pellerin has volunteered to be MORE’s store fullfillment manager; Ernie will be working with him to get orders out;

Jason Ashmore

  • Pete Beers has volunteerd to be MORE’s bike shop coordinator.
  • Jason has updated and posted the MORE Organizational Chart with names (currently on the forums in the about us section)
  • Jason has informed membership via forum that we are not going to seek a paid postion for youth programs
  • Dave Ferraro will continue helping MORE as Development Director

Kevin Adams

  • Has spoken to Mike Bender. Mike has expressed interest in leading rides.

Jason Miller:

  • Slow to get started; Should have locked a few positions by next board meeting
  • Jason Will draft/write article for the Board Blog recruting volunteers for a membership committe.

Martin Fernandez

  • Has reached out to a couple of people to help out with Meeting notes and membership issues. Nothing concrete yet; should have some names by next board meeting.

Rob Lowe

  • Calendar issues need to e addressed – specifically fixing weekend scehdule;
  • Needs Waivers
  • Wants to explore partnership with Meet-up group

Winter Party

Melanie Nystrom

  • Silver Spokes awards ready
  • Scudamore family will attend the party; will be honor guests and help present Award
  • Rooms have bee blocked at Fairhill Inn for members at a discounted rate
  • Email to members has gone out to let them know party is at new location
  • Melanie has reached out to Philip VanWerkhoven to help recruit volunteers for cleanup crew and pre-party rides.
  • Ryan Delany offered help to find decent rates for transportation to and from party location from hotel
  • A party agenda will be finalized by 2/7 – Jason and Melanie will hash it out
  • Logistics have been addressed; Tables, chairs, etc.

Tour de Fat

Joel Gwadz is the lead for this; he is on it

Financial report

Kevin Adams

  • Lots of money going out – we’ve spent approx. $20,500; Mostly on MORE Epic Expenses
  • Revenue to begin in April;
  • Kevin needs to Spot check IMBA partnership – especially cut amount MORE is getting for membership; will report that later

Jason Ashmore

  • Requested everyone think about ways to increase revenue and fund raising opportunities

MORE Store budget:

  • President and VP budget was used to “stock” MORE store before winter party
  • Org chart positions can purchase store items at cost for club activities; i.e. for trail workday give-aways, awards, etc.
  • Dave Magill – recommended adding to party video MORE store open

Ernie Rodriguez moved to set up a $0 budget line item with a maximum of $5k for future MORE store items (swag). Most Accountable Person (MAP) for this is Ernie Rodriguez (MORE President). Martin Fernandez seconded the motion. Vote: all in favor. PASS

Policy Review

Kevin Adams

  • Requested pre-review of business expense policy guidelines.
  • Board members will all get a MORE Debit Card.

Dave Magill

  • Requested that a section be added that summarizes info for board members.
  • Jason Miller – requested a tweak to mileage section to encourage/credit “bike commuting”; Kevin will append the to document to reflect a bike commuting clause and will provide an amended version within a week for a board online vote.

Review of Trail Funds Policy

Dave Magill: There are currently 4 trail funds; The driving force for all trail funds are “grants”

  1. Trail boss fund – up to $500; Trail Liaisons can apply and he/she becomes the MAP on how funds are used.
  2. General Trail Funds – These are open ended; anything not covered by the others. Includes amounts grater than (>) $500. The expectation is that items in this fund will not exceed $10k – $15k. Expenditures require approval of trails committee; This fund encourages hand built trails and priority will be given to any grant requests that stipulate trails will be hand built; Primary reason is that hand built trails cost 1-2k/mile instead of 25k/mile for machine built trails (per IMBA).
  3. Epic Re-investment fund
    1. 50% of proceeds from MORE Epic rides are put into this fund
    2. Donations and/or restricted grants can be funds for this (Ernie – do restricted funds fit in here?)
    3. Epic volunteer teams should bless the fund and where the $$ should go to – funds can be expanded to other epic regions; i.e. funds raised in NOVA can be used in MoCo provided volunteer teams approve it.
  4. Restricted funds – These are single park/single purpose funds. Specific trails are defined by the board; Set up by actions of the board and recommendations of the trail’s committee and involve expenses of more than 20k or 10k of the MORE general fund. All restricted funds do not require BOD approval; Some will be defined by whoever proposes or donates the money; i.e. A member gives funds for specific project.
    1. Restricted fund would only be defined by a donation if it exceeds $1,000; Approval in acceptance for disbursement
    2. MORE needs to Define a procedure for use of restricted funds; i.e. MORE will receive funds but board will vote/approve on how to best use them in a “restricted” park/project; i.e a MORE member can donate $1,000 and ask it’s for a “specific” trail feature in a specific park; The board can decide whether that feature is feasible or not and can allocate the funds to a specific portion in the specified park, not necessarily the feature the member “wanted.” Basically, restricted funds are for a project, not a specific section or feature in a project.

Jason Ashmore motioned to officially fund the “trail boss fund” with $2k. Dave Magill seconded the motion. Vote: all in favor. PASS.

All funds for Lock Raven will be held until April 15th.

The Trail Funds Policy will be put up for MORE trail liaisons to comment for 7 days; Dave Magill will present the final version during MORE’s next board meeting for vote.

Web and IT

Martin Fernandez, Jason Ashmore

  • Will give “Wrike,” project management tool a test;
  • Request everyone use thier official more email for communications:
  • Martin F. presented Communications plan draft, requested input for next Board’s meeting so it can be finalized.
  • Martin F. is also working on web strategy and Social Media strategy; will be drafted after communications plan is completed.
  • Jason A. Has set up a Drupal dev server for Martin to work on re-vamp of MORE website.

Youth Program

  • Jason Ashmore: Phil Rollison has volunteered to lead youth programs;
  • Ernie Rodriguez: Has scheduled a meeting for upcoming Monday to discuss youth program. Frank Riati is more interested in continuing Smores work, not necessarily MORE’s plan. Frank R, Anne Mader, and Todd Bauer will attend and coordinate how to best move forward.

IMBA Certification Program

  • Jason Ashmore – will work with Ryan Delany and Rob Lowe to implement this for MORE ride leaders.

SSF/Guidance reference

  • Board has nothing to vote on in regards to SSF since SSF is providing “guidance.” The major intent is to invest in trails and NOT to deplete this fund. The primary goal is to replenish what is used from SFF via grants, fund raisers, etc.

Spring Liaison meeting:

  • March 16 – 5pm (MORE spend $500) thinking of inviting Terry Maxweel (Dave Magill) – Germantown;

MORE Epics report

Holly Fisher

  • Nailing down budget; should be completed soon.
  • Everything will be on BikeReg by March 1st
  • Response from Volunteer teams has been satisfactory.
  • Timetables need to be established.
  • Will submit permits for old route (NoVA Epic). March 15th route decision point – regardless of where permits are.
  • Martin will work on site

IMBA world Summit

  • Ernie and Jason will be attending; Chapter Congress; 8/20 – 24; Great opportunity for board to hear other IMBA chapter experiences.

Territory Extension

  • Dave Magill – proposed possible extension to MORE territory in Calvert County (SMMB territory). Need to initiate transfer zip codes to MORE; Interested parties (MORE & SMMB) agreed. Just need to make it happen with IMBA.

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