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Meeting Minutes – 3/9/2015

MORE Board meeting 3/9/2015
Dave Magill
Bob Compton
Ernie Rodriguez
Scott Davison
Martin Fernandez

Ernie: Opening comments and agenda
Thanks for calling in
Bob – Financials.
Dave – Trail Activities
Votes on issues
Activities report

Bob – Financials
Minimal activity:
Member dues have been coming in – $6,490 dues
Additional revenues $1200

Major expenditures to date – $17k – Annual insurance including Epics and Fountainhead
Epics insurance costs is now in the Epics Series expense line, but will be allocated to individual events once we know number of participants.
Generally, first two months are generally slow. As expected.

Trail Committee Meeting 3/8
Todd has joined committee.
Anne Mader, Dee Reeb, Julie Guy and Joel Kennett have stepped down. Anne will continue to support MORE
Smaller Trail Committee – 5 people
Dave Magill – Chairman, with members Ernest Rodriguez, Ryan Delaney, Mike Mantueffel and Todd Bauer
Trails Committee deals with trail initiatives, priorities, grants and other enabling functions for MORE’s trail inventory.
A grant will be submitted to SFF for a new jump line at Rockburn under Family Ride Program.
In addition SFF granted MORE a one-time grant in the amount of $10,000 to kick-start Epic series re-investment funds; Funds are available for all epics for projects that exceed their current budget
MORE Board will need to approve a new special purpose fund to create the Epic Reinvestment Fund
Patapsco team requested and has been granted $1400 for volunteer workdays and t-shirts. T-shirts; perceived as a tremendous pull for volunteers; has as much impact as tools and other.
Dave motioned and called for vote for board to create new special purpose fund – new line item in budget for grant funds from SFF. Epic reinvestment will not utilize general funds at this time and is open for additional contributions from members.
Ernie seconds
Vote: All in favor
Motion: Passed

Progress on Lake Fairfax Bike Park – Matching funds from round up program are in progress.

Maryland; State Highway admin has made grant process much more stringent. Bidding process must be approved in advance. Bidding plan and procurement plan must be submitted in advance. $1600 reimbursement amount was denied because MORE did not comply with new rules. We will do a re-submit for a small purchase to make sure we have to process and procedures in place to secure future funding request from SHA RTP grants.

Trails Conservancy has temporarily lost its non-profit status and has asked MORE to step in to be the benefactor of (i.e. take assignment of) TC’s current $40,000 grant for 5 miles of trail at Emmitsburg. Trails Conservancy has reapplied for non-profit status. MORE will research and participate in administering the SHA RTP grant for 5 miles of trail at Emmitsburg. There is no guarantee Trail Conservancy will be the successful bidder to continue the work if the grant is transferred to MORE and SHA required that the work be competed. If Trails Conservancy does not regain its nonprofit status or transfer the grant, it is possible 5 miles of trails at Emmitsburg may not be completed this summer.

SHA RTP Grants – Trails Committee is working to repurpose an SHA grant for Seneca Bluffs ($20k) to Patuxent. At Patuxent 5 of 8 miles will require bench cutting – cost likely around $80k. A $40k grant has been received from SHA RTP for Patuxent – We expect another $40k from MD DNR that we have to apply for end of June, Trails Committee is considering options for grant priorities.

Dave; Motioned for board approval to submit a grant to SFF for $10k program money that would be used to fund the new Rockburn Jump Line; Park will provide materials and maintenance. MORE will build jump line. Build is covered by MORE’s insurance.

Martin concern: there needs to be clarity on liability protections from Park Authority. Submission of grant request to SFF was approved with a condition that MORE pursue liability protections from Rockburn park.
Second: Ernie
Vote: All in favor
Motion: Passed

Dave will follow up with Melanie

Trails Liaison Dinner 3/8

Approx. 20 people attended; We now have 54 trail liaisons. At least 50 are active and representing MORE In 44 parks
4 new parks, 9 new liaison’s
Upbeat meeting
Challenges and delays, rapport was positive
Slow steady process at Frederick watershed
First of three approvals at Crownsville, Bacon Ridge
Sense of progress across the board – sense that they can move forward

Very positive meeting;

Eric Crawford spoke on organization/mentoring/how to get a great team together. Need to leverage that in the future to help liaisons on how to motivate volunteers, identify leaders, involve stakeholders. Liaisons were very receptive.

Tour de Fat – MORE is required to send two representatives; Joel Gwadz will represent MORE at the Tour de Fat planning meetings in Fort Collins CO. MORE will seek to modify the agreement with TdF to send a single representative to the planning meeting in Fort Collins CO. Joel Gwadz will receive a stipend in the amount of $750.00 to use as his discretion to attend TdF planning meeting. If he needs more he can request additional funds with appropriate justification.

Ernie and Ryan
Cooperative trail work days with PHTA – Potomac Heritage Trail Association – Goal for 2 sections of trails, one along route 1 Ft. Belvoir. Looking to connect Meadowood and Laurel Hill.
Long term effort to connect Occoquan, Bull Run and Fountainhead trails.

Laura Hastings, MORE’s Family Ride Program Manager had first meeting with Family Ride Program members –SMOREs leaders. Needs help writing grants sources and find additional sources. She will focus on enabling sMORE’s ride leaders with additional SWAG, ice cream, first aid classes and background checks.
Cover expense – Ice cream on location – once per month.

Scott – working to create a new MORE brewery tour Jersey. Shimano/pearl Izumi; Idea to promote local breweries through a series Jersey. Lower prize with additional price form breweries.

Bob/Ryan: Lochraven moving forward; Optimistic that later this month will have working MOU.

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