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June 2021 Board of Directors Meeting

June 2021 - Board of Directors Meeting

Virtually present at meeting

Ernie Rodriguez - President

Peggy Flaxman - Executive Director

Tom Howe - VA Advocacy Director

Clay Deming - Activities Director

Kathy Mihm - Communications Director

Rob Lowe – Membership Director

Dave Magill - MD Advocacy Director

Neil Blake – Treasurer

Not present at meeting

David Beugelmans - Vice President


Neil Blake – Financials

Net General Fund +$5.7k (+13.9k YTD)

Revenues +$11.9k

- Memberships $8k

- Other donations $3.7k (Various donations from individuals)

Expenses -$5.7k

- ED salary $4.5k

- Swag for donors $0.8k (Yeti's)

- Various other costs $0.4k

Net Restricted Fund -$11.7k (-$21.5k YTD)

Revenues +0.8k primarily from the website

Expenses -$12.5k

- Lake Fairfax $10.9

- Locust Shade and Waterworks $0.6k each

- various other expenses


Membership – Rob Lowe via activity report

May membership renewals and joins are below 2020, which was a strong month

June is looking good

Auto renews are up to 34

IMBA’s help with the membership drive is going well

June 2021 - 134 - $6187 – through 17th of June - Target 9K, Stretch 10k.

June 2020 - 155 - $6851 - 

June 2021 - New Joins - 24

June 2020 - New Joins - 39

June 2021 - YTD - 177

June 2020 -  End of Month  - 147


Activities – Clay Deming

Ride leader communications

Working towards better recruitment and support of ride leaders

Organized ride leader distribution list to enable better communications and coordination

Working to recognize and maybe reward ride leaders, especially for leading weekend rides

My goal is to host more weekend rides, have more tent events and engage new ride leaders


Engaging New Sponsors and Volunteers – Ernie Rodriguez

Emails sent to 2019 MoCo Sponsors and Aid Station host to gauge interest in sponsoring 2021 MoCo Epic or general sponsorship of MORE

Working with Peggy on sponsorship tracking and clean-up

We need to continue to talk to new riders and new riding groups about the function and benefit of MORE

Peggy reached out to Black People Ride Bikes as a partner organization

Peggy and Ernie met with Milt, Nia and Shaka from Black People Ride Bikes

Peggy, Tom and Ernie met with Milt Sharp at Brookfield ribbon-cutting to connect on mission and vision connectivity between both organizations

Ernie offered and Milt applied for a grant to help with bike rentals and bike transport for the Black People Ride Bikes youth trip to Colorado for MTB Nationals

The MORE board moved, seconded and voted unanimously to fund a grant in the amount of $500 from our sponsorship account to help with the rising cost of bike rentals and shipping


MD Charity Registration – Ernie Rodriguez

Submitted Maryland Charity Registration renewal application.  Our application has been processed and we are registered in the State of MD until June 2022

Diversity and Inclusion – Peggy Flaxman

Discussion centered around our messaging and the possibility of partnerships for rides for underserved communities

Maybe we could offer assistance by using MORE’s ride umbrella

Events – Clay Deming

Peggy has MoCo Epic registration open and already have 68 people registered

We need to advertise our website link to MoCo Epic registration and information

Summer Festival

Clay has reserved a pavilion at Seneca Creek State Park for MORE’s Summer Festival July 10 including an alcohol permit

Clay has reached out to all 2020 award winners and asked them to bring themselves and their plaque to the Summer Festival for official recognition of their accomplishments

Clay is working with Peggy, Kathy Mihm and Ernie to figure out how much food and refreshments to provide

Summer Festival participants will be encouraged to bring a pot-luck side dish

MD Trails Report – Dave Magill

The general trails fund policy was updated with the help of the trails committee

The new policy will enable trail liaisons to ask for and obtain funding for projects from the trail fund based on a tiered approach; up to $2,000 without a local match, up to 2 to 1 match below $7,000 and 1 to 1 match up to $10,000 with a $10,000 limit for a 2 year period

Patapsco, Locust Shade and Lake Fairfax Park have already submitted requests for the full $10,000 limit

All three project have been approved by the trails committee for grants from the General Trail Fund

Part of the grant process is to have the projects submitted and reviewed by the trails committee for best trail building techniques and mentoring of trail liaisons

Jaron Shaul is bringing new energy to Loch Raven advocacy efforts as he connects with City Government and departments and builds community support.  Ernie and Peggy hosted a virtual meet-n-greet with Jaron, Milt, Nia and Shaka with Black People Ride Bikes to gain additional support for Sustainable Natural Surface Multi-use Public trails.  Jaron is leveraging net environmental benefits and social energy trails bring to communities. 

Kent Island will most likely apply for a General Trail Fund grant for Terrapin Park boardwalks to mitigate muddy areas.

The Frederick Watershed and Patuxent bridges may also need funding from the General Trail Fund

MD State Highway Administration is reviewing engineered drawings already approved by MD DNR for building bridges on DNR land using RTP grant funds.  We may need to begin using concrete footers instead of wood, for the last bridge at Patuxent, though we will try to convince the reviewer otherwise.


VA Trails Report – Tom Howe

Locust Shade and Lake Fairfax applied for and have been approved for General Trails Fund grants in the amount of $10,000 each.

The Arlington Trails grant application to the General Trail Fund was rejected because it has more to do with advocacy and wouldn’t build trails.  Tom has authority and approved a $1,000 grant to Arlington Trails for an advocacy event July 10 at Bon Aire Park in Arlington to demonstrate the need for Sustainable, Natural Surface, Multi-use, Public trails in Arlington County.  Events will include a Bike Rodeo and Skills Area.

Fountainhead hosted a Reverse Ride June 6, 2021 which was a huge success.  The park manager approved the special event and is now agreeable to allowing organized night rides once a week.  Night rides will require MORE to organize, gather waivers, lead and sweep the rides.  Jeffery Ravenhorst is also working with the park manager to build a mountain bike gravity trail down to the marina.  Hopefully, this will be approved.


Action Items – Peggy is keeping track of action items and completion

Check on status of second PPE Loan - Ernie

Check balance w/Neil before writing checks over $1000 - All

Create file in Financial Area for Sponsorships - Peggy

Send out annual reports to 'large' donors - Ernie

Complete - Send MoCo Epic Budget to Neil for review/work from $40K expense - Peggy

Complete - Send IMBA registration list to neil & Rob - Peggy

Sent - Ask Liaison for pictures for parks - Peggy

Complete - Top Level Page for Summer Picnic/send to Clay (ask Todd for Pictures) - Peggy


Meeting Adjourned





May Activity Reports:


Executive Director – Peggy Flaxman

  • Website Updates
    - Added Andrew Leitch
    - Updated landing page
    - Addition of dynamic elements on landing page (in progress)
    - Updates to sponsors/contributors/partner (in progress)
    - Addition of Trailforks to trail pages (in progress)
    - Ongoing efforts to standardize and provide access while maintaining integrity

    - Updated webpage
    - Updated distribution lists
    Submitted TrailsCount Application
    Two for the Trails Application
    - Virginia DCR
    I- MBA Membership Drive
    - Trailbuilding (American Trails, 1 of 3)
    - Wakefield
    - Lake Fairfax
    Events attended and supported
    - sMORE’s (LFP)
    - Tent Event (Schaeffer Farm)
    - Quantico Epic
    - Women’s MTB Day
    - Rails to River @ LFP
    Membership Drive (ongoing)
    Trails Committee Rollout of General Trail Fund Changes
    - Created fillable form
    - Creating menu of trail items/work with corresponding cost
    MoCo Epic
    - Permitting
    - Kick-off Meeting planned
    - Updated liaisons list and corresponding DLs
    - Liaison Guide (in progress)
    Attend Virginia Trails Alliance Meeting

President – Ernest (Ernie) Rodriguez

  • Attend virtual Virginia Land Conservation and Greenways Conference
  • Participate with Loudoun Linear Parks and Trails focus group
  • Participate with Montgomery Parks youth programming planning team
  • Participate and work with Prince William County Trails Coalition Aspirational Trails committees and meetings
  • Support and participate on MoCo Epic planning committee
  • Send out emails to secure sponsors and aid stations for MoCo Epic
  • Update General Trails Fund policy with Trails Committee
  • Review and approve 3 of 4 General Trail Fund grant applications; Locust Shade, Patapsco, Lake Fairfax ($10k each)
  • Participate with Reston Association on collaborative work on Bicycle Friendly Community designation application
  • Connect with Black People Ride to identify and work on common interest activities
  • REI Co-op grant call with Peggy including discussion for possible MoCo Epic sponsorship and participation in 2021
  • Participate with team in support of Loch Raven advocacy
  • Begin distribution of MORE's 2020 Annual Report to key leaders, sponsors and members
  • Submit MD Annual Report to Secretary of State
  • Staff MORE information tent with Peggy and Steve Miller at Fountainhead Reverse Ride - 391 riders, $392 in donations, 10 new members and lots of FUN!

MD Advocacy Director – Dave Magill

  • Patuxent

o   Preconstruction site meeting with Dirt Artisans and DNR/SHA

o   Finished clearing trail that DA will build out

o   Continuing discussions with DNR on parking locations to be grant funded by Phase 2 grant

  • West MoCo Wayfinding

o   Completed installation of all maps at 50 locations

o   Purchased decals to be placed on new carsonite posts

o   Purchasing 120 carsonite posts

  • MoCo trail maintenance

o   Executed MOU with MoCo Parks for MORE volunteers approved by MoCo Parks to use hedge trimmers

o   Arranged and participated in calls to explain the terms of the MOU to volunteers

o   Organized annual mowing and trimming campaign through emails, trail surveys, began trimming work

  • General Trails Fund

o   Assisted in developing and presenting 3 projects for $10k each to build new trail at Locust Shade, Patapsco, and Lake Fairfax

o   Working with two other liaisons on GTF funding requests they are developing – Kent Island and Frederick Watershed

  • MoCoEpic – supporting the launch of the 2021 MoCo!
  • Other Advocacy

o   Working with Loch Raven team on getting them connected with a bicycle advisory commission organized by the new mayor.  Main message is that allowing organized groups like MORE on Loch Raven trails will bring a net environmental benefit through increased trail maintenance and erosion control.  Participating in trail survey to develop maintenance plan

o   In contact with mtbers in Cumberland to assist them in expanding trails and trail access  in the City of Cumberland, Rocky Gap State Park, and Greenridge State Forest

o   Working to connect Level the Playing Field, a non profit that provides donated used sports equipment for low income children, with mtb organizations that intersect with their mission

o   Setting up Cedarville with a dedicated tool cache

o   Provided answers to a reporter’s questions for an article about mtb and trails in the Annapolis area

VA Advocacy Director – Tom Howe

  • Advocacy
    • Held monthly DC / VA Trail Liaisons Meeting with participation from liaisons representing Fountainhead, Lake Fairfax, Mt Vernon District Park, and Wakefield 
    • With the Trails Committee, reviewed and approved 3 of 4 projects for GTF grant applications: Locust Shade, Patapsco, Lake Fairfax for $10K each
    • With the Trails Committee, reviewing an GTF grant application for a proposed project at Kent Island 
    • Approved a request from Matt Levine for up to $1K in reimbursable expenses to help fund an outreach and advocacy bike skills course at Bluemont Park on July 10 in coordination with Arlington Trails
    • Participated in a walk through of a proposed connector trail between Brookfield Pump Track and the CCT with Trails for Youth, Brookfield Park Liaison, Lake Accotink Liaison, and FCPA Area Manager
  • Wakefield
    • Mowing planning and coordination

Treasurer – Neil Blake

  • General accounting work
  • May 2021 financials circulated to board
  • Created new budget line for Trail Education under Communications Director from the Prizes and SWAG line item
  • Moved $10,415 from liability to general funds due to Payroll Protection Program loan forgiveness
  • Net General Fund +$5.7k (+13.9k YTD)
  • Revenues +$11.9k
    • Memberships $8k
    • Other donations $3.7k (Various donations from individuals)
  • Expenses -$5.7k
    • ED salary $4.5k
    • Swag for donors $0.8k (Yeti's)
    • Various other costs $0.4k
  • Net Restricted Fund -$11.7k (-$21.5k YTD)
  • Revenues +0.8k primarily from the website
  • Expenses -$12.5k
    • Lake Fairfax $10.9
    • Locust Shade and Waterworks $0.6k each
    • various other expenses


Activities Director – Clay Deming

  • Contacted Ride Leaders from the past few years for email distribution list.
  • Organized a list for ride leaders and sMORE’s leaders
  • Facebook post highlighting ride leaders @Cabin John
  • Contacted more rides leaders for highlights but no response
  • A few Facebook posts on upcoming events.
  • Led rides at Seneca Bluffs for Beginners.
  • Reserved pavilion for Summer Picnic.
  • Contacted numerous individuals for volunteering at picnic.
  • Creating summer picnic todo list.
  • Create Facebook and Meetup pages for RSVP to Summer Picnic.
  • Attended Moco Epic kickoff meeting
  • Scanned over golden volunteer process.
  • Stay in contact with Phillip and Sharon for Fall Camping 

Membership Director – Rob Lowe

  • Monthly Membership Emails on Reminders, Joins and Renewals
  • Membership clean-up with IMBA

Communications Director – Kathy Mihm

  • Design and produce "Trail Work Ahead" and "Trail Closed Ahead" signs and prepare for distribution to liaisons. 
  • Produce MORE Trailhead kiosks signs to promote membership and educate trail users on basic trail etiquette - and working to distribute these to liaisons for posting on main trailhead kiosks
  • Design and produce S'mores / MORE postcards for distribution to bike shops, events. 
  • Create and produce MORE Membership yard signs for posting at select trailheads. Delivered 1/2 to Peggy for distribution in VA and I will post on trailheads in MD
  • Finish up and print Annual Report for 2020 - 100 copies printed and delivered to Ernie.
  • Participate in MoCo Epic planning meeting
  • Participate in meeting with MoCo on getting kids on bikes and on trails in MoCo
  • Begin planning for 2021 MoCo Epic business cards
  • Provide GIS mapping services for Kent Island
  • Install signs at Schaeffer and business card refills
  • Coordinate distribution of MORE signs to Peggy and MD liaisons - more to do
  • Lead Saturday Beginner ride at Ten Mile Creek and several Thursday Women's rides at Cabin John
  • Beginner clinic and ride for Women's Mountain Biking Day at Little Bennett.



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