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Board Meeting Minutes -12/10/14

Board Members Present
Ernie Rodriguez – President
Jason Ashmore – Vice President
Kevin Adams – Treasurer
Melanie Nystrom – Activities Director
Dave Magill – Trails Director

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM.

2015 Budget. The Treasurer reviewed the budget with the board with an emphasis on projected monthly cash flow. Emphasis was placed on the Summer Festival, which is a new member benefit event that will expand the traditional free summer picnic to include additional activities in a festival type atmosphere. The board decided that MORE will backstop up to $2,000 in expenses for the Summer Festival and the Activities/Events Directors can exceed this expense amount through other fund raising activities associated with the Summer Festival.

2015 Budget was unanimously approved. The 2015 Budget will be posted on the Forum after the first of the year.

Epic Series Net Proceeds Reinvestment. The board unanimously approve the reinvestment of 100% of the Epic Series Net Proceeds to the MoCo, Patapsco, and NoVA Reinvestment Special Purpose Funds based on the percentage of each event’s net proceeds to the sum of these proceeds as follows:

​MoCo Reinvestment Fund​51.2%
​Patapsco Reinvestment Fund​30.6%
​NoVA Reinvestment Fund​18.2%

The Board noted that MORE secured a grant from SCORE to cover 60% of the Epic Series Event Manager’s salary for 2015-2018.

Board Election Status. With two more voting days remaining, the board elections have had the highest turnout in years and the full board will be duly elected by members for the 2nd consecutive year.

Volunteer Survey. The board reviewed the results of the recent open ended survey volunteer survey that was posted on the Forum/Facebook. We had 29 respondents who submitted great ideas and these initial results will be shared with the incoming board members in early January. The board decided to expand this to electronic survey of full membership in February 2015.

Board Organizational Survey. The board reviewed the results of the recent organizational survey which had an 86% response rate which was attributed to a slight glitch in getting the survey out. Responses indicate we’re on the right path and have opportunities for improvement with officer recruiting the biggest challenge.

Board Transition Plan. The board discussed the need to create an Agenda for new board members. Kevin agreed to dust off the Board Welcome Package and send to the board for review. The 2015 Board transition meeting will concentrate on reviewing 2014 objectives to see what should transfer to 2015. One to two day transition meeting in early 2015 depending on schedule. 2015 is a back to basic’s year – riding bikes/building trails. Tentative Emmitsburg – Kevin to check with Tim.

Staff/Management for 2015. The board discussed how the paid staff will be managed in 2015 and objectives, with an emphasis on reducing the administrative burden on the board as well as increased fund raising activities, that will be established for each staff member. The board felt it important that the staff understands that although they report to a specific board member, that the board sets their priorities and monitors performance.

Winter Party. Melanie Nystrom briefed the board on the status for the Winter Party which will be held at the Gwendolyn E. Coffield Social Hall in Silver Spring, MD on Saturday January, 10, 2015 from 5:30pm to 9:30pm.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM.

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