April 2022 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

MORE – Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2022



Virtually present at meeting

Ernie Rodriguez - President

David Beugelmans - Vice President

Peggy Flaxman - Executive Director

Tom Howe - VA Advocacy Director

Kathy Mihm - Communications Director

Dave Magill - MD Advocacy Director

Neil Blake – Treasurer


Not present at meeting


Clay Deming – Activities Director

Rob Lowe – Membership Director



·      Carlo Alfano – GoNuts Racing

o   Passed over to Tim in Emmittsberg. Looking to bring racing back to mid-Atlantic region.

o   Have reached out to Peggy because GoNuts is interested in hosting USA Cycling Race in Brunswick.

o   Brunswick is all about it. Started process of going through approval.

o   In Frederick, one of the only trail systems that is is close to a school. FCPS will not work with a private company.

o   Use cross country trails for MICL races.

o   GoNuts suggesting partnering with MORE.

o   Generally, MORE has said races are outside of its core mission.

o   Thinks this is interesting, because as group that builds trails we are part of a community. We agree that with the pandemic, the number of riders that has grown has exploded.

o   Called Peggy and discussed and asked to come on and talk about it.

o   Has this something that has been discussed in recent years? MoCo Epic is not a race but it is a community event. Not saying we as MORE should put on mountain bike races.

o   If you have an organization that wants to partner with MORE, why not as MORE allow some sort of a partnership?

o   Dave M.

§  What do they want as a partnership?

§  The only reason we have pushed back on racing is the incredible intensity of volunteer needs that come out of that. We don’t want to make commitments that we can’t meet. If you can do that in your area, that’s great.

§  DCXC is doing a race at Shaefer. Going to help them with tools and leaders. But DCXC is going to provide volunteers.

§  Carlo

·      Don’t know what the relationship would look like with promoters.

·      GoNuts’ intent was to hold event, but couldn’t do it under for profit umbrella. Have no idea what that looks like.

o   Ernie:

§  When MORE runs an event, then we get into liability issues. If he is asking us to do the race for him to make money, that’s one aspect. If he’s trying to get us to do it so that MORE assumes all liability, it’s an issue. The final issue is whether they are asking for all MORE volunteers to host for profit event.

§  There is always a risk factor. If we are going to assume all liability, then it’s something we need to look at.

§  Dave M – MORE’s insurance policy is clear that races aren’t included and race policies need to be purchased.

o   Ernie:

§  Nobody took us up on Cranky Monkey offer. But we just gave up rights to Cranky Monkey. So we no longer have Cranky Monkey, so we can no longer offer it to you.

§  But it’s a good example because Andy Bacon asked for it and was respectful. He is doing it so that people who do races can donate to MORE. So that’s one way to do it.

§  Regarding GoNuts, it doesn’t mean we should just stop exploring what he wants. There may be a way to make it work.

o   Carlo

§  Alex from Dirty Kitten Racing reached out about doing a fun small “race” that is under 50 people to raise money for the trail system. Wanted to it under MORE, and assuming she wanted to it under MORE’s insurance. So is this something we could not support?

o   Peggy

§  In Mt. Vernon, the liaisons did a time trial race so that riders did their own time. Because it was during the pandemic, there wasn’t a need for separate insurance.

o   Neil

§  The other thing fountainhead was a reverse ride. There, people were “encouraged” to donate to MORE. But this was an organized ride, which happens all the time.

o   Peggy:

§  To Carlo: if you can get some details about Dirty Kittens event, we can then look into what the insurance might look like

§  For MORE, we should come up with a policy or checklist of items so we are consistent.

·      Financial Updates

o   General decrease of $3.5k

o   Revenues $25.4k

§  $14.9k memberships

§  $5.3k MORE store (some of this might be for trails as I haven't classified the detail for March yet)

§  $5k Other general

o   Expenses $28.9k

§  $13.9k Exec Director

§  $5.9k Insurance

§  $1k Trail Education (Muddy Signs)

§  $1.4k (not yet classified)

o   Restricted decrease of $9.8k

o   Revenues $25.8k

§  $12.2 Patuxent (to General Working Capital fund)

§  $5.8 MoCo reinvestment (mainly from Josh Reed FB campaign)

§  $1.1k Lake Fairfax

§  $4.0 Wakefield

o   Expenses $35.6k

§  $35k Bacon Ridge

o   Neil

§  Filed IRS 990 and it was accepted by the IRS. So we are all good.

o   Peggy

§  Ernie and I are meeting with a guy from “Donor Perfect” which is a donor management program. We are going to talk to him about it. It may be too much for MORE.

·      Strategic Planning – Next Steps

o   Ernie

§  Want to make sure we are coordinated.

§  It is important that we get on the same page and agree on the strategic plan.

o   Peggy

§  What is the work product that we see at the end of this? Is this internal or it for the public?

§  General agreement that we should clean up and post online. Peggy will work with Kathy.

·      Articles of Incorporation Amendment

o   [Start Confidential]


o   [End Confidential]

·      Membership Updates

·      Communications

o   Annual Report Content

§  Kathy – I need the financial summary for 2021

·      Neil – I sent this a week or so ago. It’s in a shared folder.

§  Needs bullets on VA from Tom.

·      Events

o   Summer Picnic/30th Anniversary Gala

§  Peggy:

·      Summer Picnic

o   Reserved Indian Pike Pavilion at Locust Shade for summer picnic for Sat, July 23.

o   The park is really easy to work with and they are not charging MORE for the reservation.

·      Anniversary Gala

o   Looking into other options.

o   Dave M: The event venue was over $5k. We aren’t trying to make money on the event, but it’s going to be an expensive event. It doesn’t need to be in summer.

§  This is one time I would say we shouldn’t be too focused on the cost.

·      Trails

o   Virginia – Tom

§  There is going to a bike skills zone at Lake Fairfax. Going to start at pump track.

§  Locust Shade is lining up trail builder.

§  At Wakefield, GRF project is going to redo berms.

§  James Long is trying to set up a walkthrough

§  The Quantico Epic is coming up. Some of the events are sold out.

§  Forest Greens, did the walk through last month. Working on getting MOU with Board of Supervisors.

§  Cleanup activity at Andrew Leech.

o   Maryland – Dave M.

§  Carlo is executing MOU. In the middle of NEPA process. Can probably start building 2 miles of trail in about a year from now.

§  Nothing new in Watershed or Gambrill.

§  In Carroll County, Windy Ridge (cCity of Mt Airty) with potential for about 5 miles of trail. City funded a design plan by Andrew M, which they like. Working on submitting an RTP grant. SHA does not have a lot of projects in Carroll County.

§  Hashawa team has made a lot of progress in developing relationship with county and are doing work days to do some reroutes.

§  In MoCo, there is a lot of work going on to build a 3 mile loops off 10 mile creek and extension up to the north close to Little Bennet. Supporting them with trailwork days.

·      County is looking for earmark to improve South Germantown Bike Park. Want to build a two story viewing building so parents can come watch kids play.

§  Fairland Skills Park is ½ built out. It is open and some members are working with them to refine jumps and make them better.

§  At Bacon Ridge, the flow trails have been built. They are soft and not ready to open. Needs time to firm up. Work is underway to build 6 miles more of single track in that area.

§  At Patapsco, Blode Trail is being extended to River Road, which will allow people to ride on both sides of river.

§  2.5 miles of trails being added by Prince George’s County as Cosca. Has a small group lined up that hope will testify at upcoming budget session regarding more natural surface trails in Prince George’s County.

§  At Cedarville, American Conservation Corps has been doing a lot of work along with MORE’s liaison

§  Approval from DNR to upgrade 3 miles of trail along MoCo Epic Route. The key is to make a safe passage under Clopper Road. This will require a permit from SHA. The MoCo Epic Committee has approved $6k for engineering design. Trying to get a low cost solution.

§  Dan Green is working with City of Frederick on paved pump track and possible RTP grant.




Activity Reports

·      President – Ernest (Ernie) Rodriguez


o   Review and adding "Additional Insured" to our liability insurance policy

o   Review and evaluate possible use of "DonorPerfect" for donor management

o   Mail swag to donors and key leaders

o   Walk possible new trail at James Long Regional Park in Prince William County

o   Meeting with organizers and builders of "Americans in War" museum for possible trails - no go, they want to charge

o   Attend MoCo Epic Planning meeting

o   Meeting with FCPA regarding Brookfield Park access trail to GCCCT

o   Conducted several Golden Volunteer training sessions

o   Interviews with several key leaders to document MORE's history

o   Working with Jason Irla to document MORE's trail building history 

o   Attend Locust Shade "Pop-Up" event, lead ride

o   Attend monthly VA/DC liaison meeting

o   Interview with Jalie Fernando for IMBA's Ride Vibes blog

o   Participate in National Small Nonprofit Summit

o   Attend several American Trails webinars

o   Help "Brand" and deliver MORE tools for liaison workdays

o   Prepare letter of support for Montgomery Parks request for Congressional Earmark funding for South Germantown Bike Park

o   Participate on trails committee grant request for Wakefield Park, Frederick Pump Track, Lake Fairfax Bike Skills Zone

o   Walk, ride and film new trails and bike park at Bacon Ridge

o   Help discuss and develop process to establish a loan to Southern Maryland Mountain Bikers Association

o   Help with indemnification language to update MORE's Articles of Incorporation/By-Laws


·      Executive Director – Peggy Flaxman

o   Activity Report:

o   Admin

§  Reviewed DonorPerfect

§  Purchased Tool Bag/Roll to Embroiderer as possible Large Donor Swag

§  Collected Mail

§  Deposited Checks

§  Paid various MORE Bills

§  Created & Sent Weekly Communications to Members & Non-Members (March 6, 13, 20 & 27)

n  Total Emails sent; 9,514

n  Total Emails opened: 5,882 (61% —> Industry Average 34%)

n  Total Clicks: 581(6% —> Industry Average 2%)

§  Shared info via Social Media

§  Ongoing Strategic Planning Work

o   MoCo Epic

§  Created Timeline

§  Created Budget

§  Held Kick-Off Mtg

§  Picked up Arrows for de-stapling, sorting & counting

§  Began Permitting

§  Tent/Table Rental

§  Updated MoCo Epic Webpage

§  Began BikeReg Setup

o   Trail & Liaisons

§  Completed & distributed new MORE Liaison Guide

§  Updated Liaison List

§  Coordinated deliver of shirts/signs to LFP, Conway Robinson & James Long

§  Attended Liaison Meeting

§  Attended Meeting with FCPA re: Brookfield

o   Activity & Ride Support

§  3 Golden Volunteer Seminars

§  Setup Wakefield & Lake Fairfax with Golden + QR codes

§  Supported Event at Locust Shade

§  Supported Women’s Clinic at SGBP

§  Worked with Chris McGibbon on upcoming clinics at TBL

§  Support Planning of Women’s MTB Day

o   Grants & Sponsors

§  Worked with Martin to update MORE webpage with Sponsors, Partners & Supporters

§  Met with Gearin’ Up

§  Onboarding new sMORE”s sponsoring (Stang Family Orthodontics) coordinating water bottle order

§  Met with David Tobin re: Official Partnership with M-NCPPC

o   Membership

§  Monthly Membership Raffle


·      Vice President – David Beugelmans

o   Attend site walk with City of Annapolis staff re: Truxton Park reroutes

o   Attend and help run all Bacon Ridge trailwork days

o   Coordinate/design signs for Bacon Ridge Bike Park

o   Coordinate BoD indemnification language review (pro bono)


·      MD Advocacy Director – Dave Magill

o   Worked with Kem Chavez to procure and deliver hand tools to liaisons

o   Putting together letters to try to get a congressional earmark for SGBP expansion

o   Lining up crew leaders for workdays to support MoCo Parks at the new trail being built near Ten Mile Creek

o   Obtained DNR conditional approval to upgrade a 3 mile section of the Seneca Greenway tail near Clopper road to allow bikes, pursuing SHA approval for modifications under the Clopper Road bridge

o   Supporting Rivers Edge 2021 RTP grant work, review and executed MOU for $35k grant, attended trail walkthrough

o   Supporting a new MORE RTP grant application at Windy Ridge, due by Apr 29

o   Interview with IMBA's Jali Fernando and Carlo Alfano on MORE's liaison system, IMBA will publish a blog in 2-4 weeks

o   Coordinating trailwork planning for June DCXC race at Schaeffer

o   Trails committee matters - Clopper road upgrade, Frederick pump track, Lake Fairfax flow trails

o   Working with Mike Winings on best approach to direction arrows for the MoCo Epic

o   Procured and distributed more MORE logo work gloves

o   Continued work on getting revised bridge designs developed and approved by SHA for use on RTP and DNR projects

o   Site walk to select bridge sites for Patuxent phase 2

o   Put together paperwork to make a short term load to SMMB to fund trail construction costs that will be reimbursed by SHA under an SMMB RTP grant

o   Worked with Dave Beugelmans to develop language to provide an indemnity by MORE to officers and directors

o   Working with Chris Garrett who is procuring trail building services for a new 2.5 mile trail at Cosca

o   Organized Schaeffer Farm opening trail survey after the winter closure



·      VA Advocacy Director – Tom Howe

o   Held Monthly VA/DC Liaisons Meeting

o   Working with Mount Vernon District Park to bring on new liaisons

o   Trails Committee

§  Coordinated approval for Lake Fairfax Park GTF Project Request for a "Bike Skills Zone" to be developed by the pump track

§  Coordinated approval for Wakefield Park GTF Project Request to rehabilitate the downhill berms and the rollers (the "whoops") leading back in to Phase I (the "woods")


·      Membership Director – Rob Lowe

o   Membership Renewal Reminders

o   Renewal and Join - Thank You Emails

o   Lead Wakefield Rides

o   Wakefield Trailwork Day and Ad-hoc work


·      Communications Director – Kathy Mihm

o   Planning, staffing, and organize for Womens MTB Day - May 7 at SGBP

o   Design and order sport towel swag for Womens MTB Day

o   Revise, order and distribute MORE Trailhead signs for liaisons

o   Plan, organize, staff and attend Women Ride Leaders Skills Clinic - March 17 at SGBP

o   GIS mapping for Kent Island interactions with land manager/municipality

o   Discussion with Jason Irla and Ernie on MORE history and liaison support document

o   Locust Shade event - lead beginners clinic and ride

o   Redesign MORE postcards, place order and distribute

o   Order and distribute plastic card holder to liaisons

o   Revisions to MORE volunteer page for ride leaders

o   Organize MORE Skills clinics with Hillary Marques, work with Peggy/Ernie to set up

o   MORE Annual report - need content but some pages are done

o   Plans for Schaeffer event pop up on 4/24

o   Work with new ride leaders/clinic instructors to mentor and arrange for 'shadowing' at Schaeffer event

o   Spring Trailhead news - request for content


·      Treasurer – Neil Blake

·      Filed 990 tax return

·      Finalized financials

·      Prepared Q1 books

·      Financials (for the quarter):

o   General decrease of $3.5k

o   Revenues $25.4k

§  $14.9k memberships

§  $5.3k MORE store (some of this might be for trails as I haven't classified the detail for March yet)

§  $5k Other general

o   Expenses $28.9k

§  $13.9k Exec Director

§  $5.9k Insurance

§  $1k Trail Education (Muddy Signs)

§  $1.4k (not yet classified)

o   Restricted decrease of $9.8k

o   Revenues $25.8k

§  $12.2 Patuxent (to General Working Capital fund)

§  $5.8 MoCo reinvestment (mainly from Josh Reed FB campaign)

§  $1.1k Lake Fairfax

§  $4.0 Wakefield

o   Expenses $35.6k

§  $35k Bacon Ridge


·      Activities Director – Clay Deming




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