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April 2019 BoD Meeting Minutes

MORE Board Meeting Notes | April 8, 2019

REI in Rockville

Present at meeting

Ernie Rodriguez - President

Steve DonTigny - Executive Director

Neil Blake - Treasurer

Tom Howe - VA Advocacy Director

Rob Lowe - Membership Director

Sharon Maloid - Activities Director

Andrew Melito - Communications Director

Not Present

Bob Caverly - Vice President

Dave Magill - MD Advocacy Director

Andrew was voted in as Comm. Director (5 yes, 2 absent)

Financial Update (Neil)

  • Cash flow was negative for unrestricted funds for the quarter, but overall balance is positive given it’s a slow membership period
  • Spending is on track if perhaps a little slow for the year overall
  • Winter membership meeting went a little over budget ($334, total was $1,834 with a $1,500 estimated budget)
  • Moving money from paypal to general funds/checking account to reduce balance in paypal and increase funds in interest earning account

Fundraising (Steve):

  • Network for good received donations ($297 from Facebook and another around $3,000 for Giving Tuesday)
  • $1k donation from a corporate match
  • Fairfax County reimbursed $20,000 in expenses incurred for Mount Vernon District Park in 2016 with Mastenbrook grant on 4/2, technically part of Q2 figures
  • Received $26,750 RTP Reimbursement for work completed on expenses for River’s Edge
  • Additional member donations
  • CFC $712 Jan., Feb. $635, $576 for March ($1,923 total)

Membership (Rob):

  • 1,087 members at the beginning of April
  • Sending out reminders to expiring and lapse members via email this week
  • Getting a good number of new joiners but rejoins are slowing, potentially due to time of year or conditions.
  • 100+ expirations up for renewals this month
  • IMBA has improved  web functionality to login and see membership lists as well as board members, it helps Chapter Leaders (Board) send emails from as well
  • Rob is looking in to auto reminder emails to capture renewals
  • Hoping for events to bump up the number of total members (Large increase during MoCo Epic)
  • Idea of doing a survey to see what people care about (emails from MORE or IMBA?)

Activities (Sharon):

  • Spring Fling:
    • Spring Fling is coming along. Less than a month out and communications are going out soon
    • Saturday morning will be a kickoff with many ride options including sMORE’s, ride with board and Women’s ride
    • During the day we’ll have clinics, possible brewery ride, up and down the O&D ride, pump track demos and long ride options to/from Riverbend
    • Unofficial dedication of Marc Genberg Trail, Official dedication will be June 1
    • Demos will hopefully be available but not confirmed
    • Camping options are available on a first come basis with optional ride opportunities the next day.
  • Summer Festival
    • Summer festival party is 6/15 (Father’s Day weekend) at Seneca Creek State Park
    • Working on getting volunteer recruitment to help out with planning and day-of support activities
    • Activities include trail rides, long/short and possible poker ride.
    • There are boat rentals,  a playground, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, skills clinic or maybe some father/kid events [Not Confirmed]
    • Food will be BYO with MORE supplementing burgers and hot-dogs
    • Discussed staples of an event and nice-to-have extras including demos and things for kids so parents can hang out longer, having a bike mechanic on site (different shops discussed to reach out to)
  • MoCo Epic
    • Scheduling meetings (next week) with MoCo team
    • Working with parks/staff for logistics like entrance to gates and timing of events
    • Developing communications for promotions (Flyer print, dispersed to different shops)
    • Contacting potential aid station and general sponsors
    • Critical need is for someone to work with on food and beverage vendor management
    • Discussing changing routes on some rides, course director will approve
    • Thursday and Friday is prep, course marking and packets start Saturday morning
  • Ernie advised it’s not too early to start the winter party/membership meeting
  • Need to let REI know about our events happening so they can help promote

Communications (Andrew and Ernie):

  • Annual Report:
    • Discussed photo rights for usage as well as waiver for photo use especially with children pictures, Ernie agreed to handle decision rights and clearances
    • Group is thinking maybe 100-200 copies of the annual report so it’s available for potential large donors, land managers and partners
    • Andrew will obtain estimates to print 100 - 200 copies. Steve noted that MORE has a print shop sponsor and could contact them for a quote as well.
  • Andrew to work on a tag/postcard sized promo and flyer (A Who is MORE Card and a map or our trails on the reverse )
  • Trailhead news:
  • Needs to cover events
  • Updates on building trail status
  • Need to publish it so our sponsors are listed to fulfill our obligations
  • Plug our hall of fame folks as well

IT Committee:

  • New website has launched, ton of work done all around by the team
  • Calendar and trail work days needs some updating/finishing touches
  • New site doesn’t have a dedicated forum by choice, but has review and blog options by trail as a replacement for the forums
  • New site has embedded features including each liaison to post blogs and do Q&A in their own territories
  • We have on-demand products for membership orders, relieving the board from fulfillment of products. The store includes new products not previously available
  • Cost for hosting is approximately ⅓ from our previous service
  • Discussed updates to the trail sections and being able to find their way around, perhaps by the use of a heat map.
  • Be sure to check out the podcast, MD and VA trail update available featuring Dave and Tom and soon to have sMORE’s interview with Elaine

Advocacy/Trail Update:

  • Virgina
    • Need a trail boss and MD advocacy director. These roles could be split up between board members but are vitally crucial to our mission to remain vacant
    • Explained the difference between advocacy and trail boss, as well as the responsibilities in the roles (Advocacy promotes and consults with Liaisons, trail boss gets you what you need in regards to getting it done)
    • Had a successful liaison meeting
    • Posted Liaison Tech Brief on how to sharpen trail tools on new webpage
    • Next Tech Brief will be the steps and pictures for changing belts on our canycom
    • Locust Shade is getting flagged to apply the money that’s been provided from the Outdoor Foundation grant. They are working with builder (Ironwood Outdoors) to complete the new black loop
    • Section P of the Bull Run trail underway, working with Ironwood Outdoors
    • Loudon county partnership is forming a trail coalition, and we’re starting to work with them County is trying to establish a trail plan and system. Right now just at the beginning phase.
    • Mt. Vernon District Park has received the Mastenbrook grant to reimburse MORE for expenses from 2016
    • Applied for a North Face, Club Ride and REI grants for Locust Shade. Looking for 24k in matching funds, which is an immediate need as the grant is expiring soon
    • Lake Fairfax trail work is going on in support of Spring Fling and Marc Genberg trail
    • Fountainhead has scheduled their trail work days for the entire year
    • Co-op partnership with People For Bikes advertising user input for Prince William National Forest Park plan. They are looking for feedback on the usage of those trails. The group is also a source of funding as well.
  • Maryland:
    • Dave is working on Frederick watershed for the downhill section and working on pricing. Trying to get donors to help with this as well.
    • Seneca Bluffs mud repair and bench cutting at the green and white trail has begun.
    • Contract for these 2 pieces of work was approved by MORE Board recently and work on this should be beginning by the contractor very soon and should be completed by early June 2019. This work has been fully funded by proceeds of the MoCo Epic Reinvestment Fund
    • Dave is working on a mowing contract for the PEPCO trails

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