A collaborative project between MORE and NOVA Parks


Fairfax Station, VA

Photo Courtesy: Martin Fernandez


Originally conceived by a band of riders from MORE in early 1994, and redesigned with the International Mountain Biking Organization (IMBA) in 2010–2012, the new Fountainhead Trail is challenging, fun, and an incredibly rewarding system of trails.

The once straight and steep climbs and downhills that crossed the park have been replaced with challenging switchbacks and screaming berms. Fountainhead is a glorious playground in which to take your mountain-biking skills to the next level.



Donations made directly through this page go directly to the selected trails system and help MORE and its trail liaisons purchase materials, tools and hire the expertise necessary to help us maintain and sustain world class trails in the Washington DC Metropolitan region.

$10 Minimum Donation. Please change the quantity to increase your donation.

Fountainhead is a stacked trail system and includes trails for all ability levels. That said, beginners should use extreme caution, even in the beginner green loop. The blue and black loops are suitable for riders of intermediate and advanced abilities respectively. MORE subscribes to IMBA's trail difficulty ratings

MORE Volunteers donated 90 hours of their time during 2018 to help maintain the trails at Fountainhead Regional Park.

8212 Gunston Corner Lane
Lorton, VA 22079
(703) 690-4500

Cock and Bowl
302 Poplar Alley (Aly)
Occoquan, VA 22125
(703) 494-1180

The Bike Lane

8416 Old Keene Mill Rd
Springfield, VA 22152

(703) 440-8701

The Plan

The evolution of the Fountainhead Project

2013 Black Loop RFP

The 2013 NVRPA Phase II Request For Procurement (RFQ) (Phase II: Black Loop Redesign) (PDF Download)

The Fountainhead RFQ

The 2011/2012 NVRPA Phase I Request For Quote (RFQ) (Phase I: Green and Blue Loop Redesign) (PDF Download)

The Original IMBA Trail Plan

The original IMBA Trail Solutions Trail Plan for Fountainhead (no budget information) (PDF Download)

The Projects (Broken Down)

The Maps

A historical archive of plans and maps of the Fountainhead mountain bike trial

Post Phase II/Finished MTB Trail Map

Post Phase I Trail Map

IMBA Trail Plan - Assessment and Proposed Recommendations

Pre Phase I Fountainhead Trail Map

Unofficial 2006 Trail Map With Unnapproved Loop Names

2003 Trail Map

2001 Trail Map

Original Trail Map



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