MORE Volunteer Super Series

Volunteer trail crew, photo by Dimitri Fotos

Photo by Dimitri Fotos

Volunteerism is one of the cornerstones of MORE’s mission. Our members put in more than 16,000 volunteer hours annually to build and maintain trails, lead group rides, run skills clinics for new riders, organize events, and help make mountain biking and trails accessible to all.

Volunteering takes time and resources, so does getting trained in the skills needed to become an effective trail liaison, ride leader, and Board member. We value our volunteers (we really can't do this work without you!) and would like to lower the barriers to volunteering by making quality training more accessible. We hope lowering the barriers to volunteering and equipping new and existing volunteers with necessary skills will attract a more diverse group of Ride Leaders, Trail Liaisons, and volunteers, and create a stronger, more vibrant mountain biking community.

Volunteer Super Series: free workshops for MORE Members










The MORE Volunteer Super Series is a series of free workshops aimed at equipping our members with the skills needed to become effective volunteers and advocates. The Volunteer Super Series will take place throughout February 2024 in various venues in DC/MD/VA, and will culminate in a Volunteer Summit on February 24, 2024.

We are still finalizing the workshop offerings, but here are a few you can look forward to:

  • First aid and CPR
  • Sustainable trail maintenance
  • Bike mechanics and trailside repair
  • Equity and inclusion in mountain bike activities
  • Way finding and route building with OpenStreetMap
  • Best practices in leading inclusive group rides, organizing community events, fundraising, and advocacy
  • Using social media and other communications tools to promote a trail system or advocacy effort

Dig In Funding

We are excited to announce that MORE's Volunteer Super Series has been selected for an IMBA Dig In grant! 

From July 1 to September 30, MORE will be raising funds for the Volunteer Super Series through donations and events. Once the project reaches $5,000, it will be eligible for $5,000 in matching funds from Shimano.

Watch out for upcoming fundraising events or donate to the project through our Dig In page!