Liaison Tech Brief:  March 2019 - Tool Sharpening

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Liaison Tech Brief: March 2019 - Tool Sharpening

At the Liaison Luncheon  (It’s French and pronounced Lunch – EEEE – On), Klasmeir nominated me to be the first to put out a tech E-Mail that would spur further conversation between liaisons and to help share information between liaisons who may or may not have experience with topics discussed.

So – This first Tech-Mail will be on tool sharpening.  I know the first time I ever sharpened trail tools I was a hack and I did things VERY wrong.  After my Google search, I realize I’m still a hack but not doing “as many” things wrong (But I have room for improvement). 

Before I inundate everyone with a string of links, the big take a ways should be:

  1. Tools need to be properly cared for, cleaned and sharpened to maintain a good and usable life (DUH!)
  2. Do NOT sharpen tool edges made to dig in the dirt to razor sharp edges.  One swing in the dirt and that edge will be gone
  3. Most tools edges (Not All)  made to grub (Dig in the dirt) only have edges on one side.  Do Not put edges on both sides thinking it will work better
  4. Always wear Personal Protection Gear (PPG) when sharpening tools

The best, but not necessarily the most up-to-date, document that I found  can be found here:

Not as detailed but still good (and also attached) is this document:

If you have time, there is a Pod Cast on Mountain Bike Radio (It’s a THING!!) on Tool Sharpening.  It’s not bad, but have a cup coffee and some time on your hands:

And if you are completely BORED, check out this YOUTUBE video of this guy restoring a Pulaski.  Wicked COOL, but not necessarily what we need to do for every tool and you will lose 9 minutes and 32 seconds of your life.


PS:  My Google Search: