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Meadowood Recreation Area

Information and discussions related to the Meadowood Recreation Area in Lorton, VA


  • D$

    Would like to lead a project to install a bridge at the always wet and muddy right turn before Yardsale begins. This sections is normally trashed and MTBers seem to be keeping it wrecked for hikers too. I’m happy to work with BLM/liaisons and lead the project. Let’s. keep in mind that this is one of the only local trails still open and between hikers and MTB we’re destroying this track. Several of us are putting hours into the trails to keep them alive. Pandemic is a good time to plan and prepare for a bridge like this (I’ll donate supplies and build the thing). Thanks.

  • D$

    Can I cut a slot through the large tree on Stinger? Currently have the #2 time of all time @ 1:37. This tree completely changes the trail and will make it nearly impossible to ever approach that time again. It’s a high speed singletrack section – would like to see it retuned. Thanks.

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