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The Fountainhead Project is Complete!!!

After 10 years of planning, design, and building, the Fountainhead Project is complete.

The Green Loop: 2.20 miles (Measured by walking with a professional grade GPS)

The Blue Loop: 4.77 miles (Measured by walking with a professional grade GPS)

The Black Loop: 7.98 Miles (Calculated Total)

This brings the total trail mileage as measured and calculated to nearly 15 miles.  Most riders using a commercial GPS are seeing approximately 13 miles.  This tracks pretty well with the error we saw after the first phase of construction where riders recorded nearly a mile shorter than what was measured by a professional GPS.  Our 2 mile discrepancy can safely be attributed to GPS accuracy and sampling rate combined with the constant elevation change of the trail.  Whatever riders decide the distance is in their own heads is good with us!

Click here for a detailed overview of the project 

Fountainhead Project Timeline

Fountainhead Complete

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