Prince George's County MTB Advocate Needed

Prince Georges County is ramping up its options to build new natural surface trails in the county.  At the request of the new parks dept leadership, MORE recently provided the county with options for companies that do trail assessments and trail building.  They are looking at options to expand the trail networks at Cosca, Fairland, and Patuxent River Park, and to build in parks that don’t currently have natural surface parks.  The coun\ty has an excellent paved trail system and now is looking broadly at upgrading their natural surface trails.

MORE is seeking a Prince Georges County resident or residents to be MORE's local advocate and liaison with the parks department.  This person would seek to develop relationships with the personnel at the park department who are pursuing trail system growth.  Just having a cheerleader for trail expansion could accelerate the county's efforts.  And this is an opportunity to influence where trails get built, and to advocate for bike friendly features like bike parks, flow trails, bermed turns, jump lines.  And to make the case for programming such as kids rides, NICA race practices, and loaner bikes that the county would provide to newcomers who don’t (yet) have their own bikes, helping to raise the visibility of mtbing and mtb program options.

If you are interested in being an advocate for MORE in Prince Georges county, please contact Dave Magill, MD Advocacy Director at