Executive Director, MORE News, Steve Dontigny -

Please Welcome Steve DonTigny as MORE’s new Executive Director.

Please Welcome Steve DonTigny as MORE’s new Executive Director.

Steve was born and raised in central Pennsylvania and moved to the DC area after graduating from Penn State University in 1990.  After a decade of working in the audio/visual products and services industry, he took a membership sales position at a non-profit that represented the industry.  It was there he learned he liked being an advocate.  His organization provided educational and training aides as well as certification preparation for people involved with the sale, service, design, installation and use of high-end electronic presentation systems, as well as live-event sound and staging.  They also spent significant time promoting the events of the association through targeted marketing campaigns.  Most recently, he worked for an educational based association, handling their membership database administration.

As far as the bike goes, it has been a constant in his life.  Growing up he rode Stingrays and skateboards, but once BMX hit he started building jumps and finding his way out the neighborhood.  He bought his first mountain bike after his freshman year in college, but with no trails to ride he made the urban landscape his trails.  When he moved to Northern Virginia he took a part time job at a local bike shop and bought a used road bike.  He even started training and racing with a few different clubs.  He eventually exorcised his roadie ways and moved to riding dirt.

In addition to being a member of MORE, he also rides as part of the Bike Lane team.  Steve is enthusiastic for the opportunity to advocate and educate others about the sport he most enjoys.

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