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MORE 2018 Board of Directors Elections are Coming….Nomination period is OPEN NOW!

The MORE Board of Directors Annual Elections have arrived….  The 2018 positions up for election are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Communications

In addition to the elected Board positions, MORE has the following volunteer positions available.  These positions are great opportunities to give back to the club.

  • Local Bike Shop Coordinator – Manages bike shop liaison program, works to build and strengthen local bike shop partnerships.
  • Bike Shop Liaisons – Works to build/maintain/strengthen relationships with specific local Bike Shops in Maryland, DC and Virginia. (Multiple Positions available)
  • Trail Liaisons – Responsible for managing park relations, individual trail systems and trail work days in specific parks  of Maryland, DC and Virginia. (Multiple Positions available)

The nomination Period is November 27-December 10, 2017

Voting will take place December 11-24, 2017

If you would like more information about the individual positions, please reach out to any of the existing board members or email elections@more-mtb.org

If you are interested in nominating yourself for a position, please email elections@more-mtb.org

Position Descriptions:

President – 2 year term – Responsible for leading the BOD/MORE in accordance with MORE’s Vision and Mission Statement.

Vice President – 2 Year term – Serves as backup to President, Leads MORE developmental efforts and coordinates local sponsorships and partnerships Chairs standing developmental committee.

Treasurer – 2 year term – Responsible for financial transaction oversight; financial policies; budgeting, financial reporting, and IRS 990 preparation; attending board meetings; and advise board members on MORE’s finances to assist them in the performance of their duties. Serves as the corporate secretary to ensure MORE’s compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. Chairs standing finance committee.

Director of Communications – 2 year term – Responsible for implementing MORE’s  public outreach and membership communications strategy.  MORE’s DOC responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  1) developing, maintaining, updating, and marketing MORE’s online presence, to include its web page (http://www.more-mtb.org) and its social media sites (MORE’s Facebook Page, MORE’s Instagram account, and MORE’s Twitter page: @more_mtb);  2) capturing BOD meeting minutes, finalizing minutes with the Board, and posting approved minutes to MORE’s website; 3) once each quarter, developing and transmitting MORE’s Trail Head News to  members, sponsors, partners, and the public via MORE’s social media sites; 4) supporting public outreach efforts of the Board and working with the Board President to organize public outreach events for members, donors, current and potential sponsors, and local, state, and federal elected officials and parks and land managers; 5) supporting the efforts of MORE’s historian/records management volunteers to inform and educate MORE members, staff, donors, partners, and sponsors;  and 6) drafting and publishing press releases and all relevant news items for both MORE’s membership and the public.   The DOC chairs the standing communications committee and shall have all of the responsibilities and powers of other members of the Board.