2019 MORE Liaison Vision

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2019 MORE Liaison Vision

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Transforming MORE's Trail Liaison vision into trails

Trail liaisons are the heart of MORE’s volunteer organization creating a vision for the future of mountain biking in the Mid Atlantic.

MORE strives to enable and support volunteers build/maintain trails and lead rides by creating a welcoming and inclusive mountain biking community, sustainable natural surface multi-use trails and programs for women and kids of all ages.

2019 Major Initiatives

Frederick Watershed – Frederick MD

Add 5 miles of new, bike optimized trails in the southern portion of the Frederick Watershed by a combination of professional contractors and volunteers

Patapsco Valley State Park - MD

Connect Baltimore and Howard Counties with a bridge, signage and 1.5 mile trail between Garretts Pass and Ilchester Road.  Bloede's Trail will provide a vital alignment and connection to the Bloede Dam overlook being built as part of the American Rivers and Streams Bloede Dam removal project.

The Patapsco Army will also focus on completion of the Ole Ranger trail and constructing several bridges on existing trails.

Montgomery County MD

In Montgomery County in 2019, we are looking to build about 1/2 mile of machine built trail on a steep hillside to complete the new 12 mile Pepco/SRT/Greenway loop near Schaeffer Farm. Cost will be near $10k including a new bridge.

We hope to start construction on 10+ miles of new trail in Patuxent River State Park, which straddles Montgomery and Howard counties,

We will also continue to support the extensive construction of new trail by the Montgomery Parks professional trail-building crew in county parks with volunteer hand-built finish work.

Patuxent – Howard & Montgomery Counties MD

Build 25 to 30 miles of new sustainable natural surface multi-use trails within Patuxent River State Park

Rivers Edge – Brunswick MD

Build and maintain welcoming natural surface terrain for all users from beginner to experts with an inclusive community close to the C&O canal, Potomac River, Appalachian Trail and camping at Brunswick Family Campground

Maryland Interscholastic Cycling League destination

Bacon Ridge – Crownsville MD

We are looking to build the largest greenway and natural surface trail system in Maryland.  We are working with the City of Annapolis to become southern terminus at Waterworks Park. Heading north would connect to Crownsville Mental Hospital (soon to be county property), Bacon Ridge, Arden Park, Severn Run Natural Environment Area (DNR) then some BWI bike trail to the southern end of Patapsco then head north.

Rosaryville – Upper Marlboro MD

Mitigate perpetually wet areas and stream crossings with environmentally friendly and sustainable pavers.

Gillis Falls – Mount Airy, MD

2019 Vision: Reroute unsustainable sections of existing trail out of low lying areas. Develop a plan for new trail in the northern and western areas of the park. Raise awareness  of the park in the region.

Wakefield Park – Annandale VA

2020 plan includes maintenance and improvements to downhill berms, bridge repair, trail reroutes, new trails, women’s and kid program development.

Bull Run Occoquan Trail – Fairfax VA

The focus of the project is to rehabilitate unsustainable trail along the Occoquan with trail reroutes to improve sustainability and erosion issues between Fountainhead Regional Park and Bull Run Marina.

Laurel Hill – Lorton VA

Plans to build a connector trail between the Power Station Loop and the Dairy Barn Trail including an armored creek crossing.

Locust Shade Park – Triangle VA

Locust Shade is a small county park with diverse terrain situated along Prince William County’s Southern portion of the Potomac Heritage Trail Corridor.  The County has approved MORE’s new trail alignment and is poised to begin construction on a stacked trail system suitable for users of all abilities.

Locust Shade will provide an anchor for the Potomac Heritage Trail and provide connectivity to other nearby popular trail systems, including those aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico (Quantico MTB Club) and the trails in Prince William Forest Park (NPS).

Funding will provide necessary materials for multiple bridges and for the necessary expertise to build the desired trail system.

Meadowood– Lorton, VA

The focus of the project is to rehabilitate unsustainable trail along the South Branch Loop trail with a sustainable trail reroute, the planting of native grasses and bushes, and the construction of an elevated boardwalk section.

Mount Vernon Park - Alexandria VA

The 2019 plan includes: Creating sustainable trails thru marshy areas and improving the flow of existing trails; encourage the use of the park for mountain biking education, and adding signage for additional uses: trail running, geocaching, and nature walks.

Brookfield Pump Track, Springfield VA

The focus of this project is to build a connector trail to the Cross County Trail, Lake Accotink Park and Byron Avenue Park.  Secondary focus includes improvements to the existing pump track and a skills area.

Lake Fairfax Park – Reston, VA

In 2019 we’ll realize the dream of a contiguous intermediate singletrack loop intertwined with a family friendly natural experience, by building and renovating over 2 miles of natural surface sweetness.  Our plan also includes extending the Pump Track with a Dirt Jump section and other skill development features and adding directional signage and improved facilities to complete the bike park experience.