2018 Annual Report

Thank you for a fantastic year of volunteerism. You expanded our trail inventory to 702 miles of trails in 59 parks with 11,165 volunteer hours of donated time for trail building, maintenance, rides, administrative and most importantly Advocacy. Yes, many of you experienced first hand how advocacy works including the slow turning wheels of meetings and public forums which may lead to access and trails in the future.

I’m happy to report MORE is in great financial condition. We ended the year with cash reserves of $324,762 of which more than half is in restricted trail funds for individual trail projects. The MORE Board of Directors are fiscal agents, assuring compliance with financial controls, raising funds for trails and administrative expense. MORE is a valued partner with land managers because of our consistent presence at the advocacy table by our Executive Director and our trail liaisons. MORE approaches land managers with helpful hands to build relationships and expand volunteer opportunities for the public to visit public lands in appreciation of nature and the outdoor experience.

MORE builds communities around trails to create “Trails Close to Home” with inclusive and welcoming riding opportunities for all. MORE’s executive director and liaisons are the persistent and consistent representatives working tirelessly to keep MORE relevant and present at community, city, county, state and federal meetings to maintain access and build our reputation as a volunteer organization committed to trails on public lands. MORE’s board of directors raise funds for trails, applying for grants, create events and grow membership.

MORE values and appreciates sponsorships of our projects and events that enable “Riding Bikes and Building Trails.” Opportunities include trail liaisons, ride leaders, trail boss, grant writer and board positions.

President, Ernie Rodriguez

Download and Read MORE's 2018 Annual Report (pdf)