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2014 Strategic Goals

MORE 2014 Strategic Initiatives

The following strategic goals are aligned with MORE’s Vision and Mission using our recently developed Organizational Pillars; Ride, Build, Serve and Mentor.  We encourage membership in MORE and volunteerism to continue supporting the mountain biking community in the Med-Atlantic.  Volunteer opportunities are listed on the MORE forums.


  • Create mountain biking events
  • Maintain 600 annual scheduled club rides
    • Winter Party – at least 200 participants
    • Tour de Fat – Net $2,000
    • Summer Picnic – at least 200 participants in a VA venue
    • Fall Camping Trip – at least 150 (Families/Members) Rotating Venue
  • Rides
    • At least 50 scheduled weekend rides
    • At least 20% beginner/family friendly
    • Expand night riding opportunities in VA
    • Establish and host 3 skills clinic events
  • Host two women only events
  • Facilitate epic rides
    • MoCo Epic® – Grow to at least 1,250 riders
    • NoVA Epic ℠ – Grow to at least 300 riders
    • Patapsco Epic ℠ – 500 riders
  • Create viable Epic Series
    • Net $30,000 to MORE after all expenses
  • Attract Youth/Families
    • Create family riding program including
    • Designate 3 family friendly trail systems (NoVA, MoCo, Baltimore)
    • Establish a Youth Ride Series
      • 20 rides
      • Host a signature youth year end event
      • Create and maintain an online youth program presence
      • Create a youth scholarship program
      • Support high school mountain bike programs
    • 10%/ growth in family memberships

Build MORE

  • Create unique and sustainable multiuse trails
  • Complete planned trail projects
  • Improve trail connectivity in MD and VA
  • Identify RTP project candidates and submit for RTP Grants in MD and VA
  • Launch new trail projects constituting 25 miles
  • Capitalize on MD DNR partnership
  • Identify other trail building grant sources
  • Finalize Loch Raven strategy
  • Build advanced technical trails and trail features in 5 parks
  • Develop MORE bike park strategy
  • Develop DC mountain bike advocacy strategy
  • Complete Trail Fund and Chainsaw policy
  • MORE
    • 2014 Members by 12/31/14
    • 50% growth in membership in their 20s and 30s
    • Integrate new members into the community
  • Outreach Programs
    • Create shop liaison program
    • Create race community program
    • Hold Land Manager Training Day
    • Submit for 2015 IMBA Trail Crew visit
  • Create trail signage program
  • Enhance Sponsorship Program
  • Celebrate Trail Liaisons and trail building community
  • At least three attendees at the IMBA World Summit
  • Increase MORE’s presence at local and regional bike advocacy events

Serve MORE

  • Expand member engagement -­‐   additional volunteer members
  • Fill all officer positions through Ride Fairs and other outreach efforts
  • Finish and advertise position descriptions
  • Assess organizational effectiveness
    • Develop and implement survey plan and schedule for members and key stakeholders
    • Conduct quarterly Board Member network events
  • Turn sponsors and donors into stakeholders (see Build Outreach Programs)
  • Create sponsorship events
    • Identify and cultivate major donors
  • Communicate strategic initiatives, pay for them and have FUN
  • Create and implement a communications plan
  • Include IMBA Chapter benefits in communications plan
  • Develop sustainability plan
  • Implement year-­‐end gift giving drive
  • Apply for Combined Federal Campaign
  • Singletrack Futures Foundation (SFF)
    • Identify SFF project candidates and submit to SFF for grants
    • Develop “long view” on grant applications and use of SFF funds
  • Draft Financial reports
    • Monthly budget reports to BOD
    • Actual budget report
    • Progress report on key initiatives
    • Quarterly financial statements to membership

Mentor MORE

  • Expand ride leader program
    • Establish ride leader qualifications
    • Identify 20 ride leaders
  • Create Board Manual
  • Leadership and Mentorship identification
  • Get Kids involved (see Family Program)

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