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September Minutes

Board Meeting – 9/8/15
GoToMeeting – online

In Attendance:
Jason Ashmore
Dave Magill
Ernest Rodriguez
Martin Fernandez
Russ Adams
Scott Davison

Russ – MORE Winter Party

Tentative: 1/9, 1/16, or 1/23
Location will be contingent on date. Last year’s location was central.
Frederick a possibility
Montgomery County since large membership base is there also possible.
Will look in Silver Spring again.
Schaffer Farms – wounded Warrior place – not heated – just a barn.
Montgomery parks not good; Montgomery recreation sites good (Allow Alcohol)
Damascus Community Center

President’s Topics:

Fall Membership Drive
MORE working IMBA in doing a Membership drive in Nov – Members will have some type of incentives/awards/recognition

Additional Items
Kevin Will be moving; Mike Pellerin has stepped up to help with Insurance.
Need to also find someone to help with the books; Ernie has possible volunteers lined up for several of the positions.
Dave will work on the books with Bob in the interim.

Recruit more Baltimore Folks to try to get a spread out board.
Need to Leverage technology more to facilitate meetings.
Dave Ferraro is helping with additional recruitment.

Operations Topics

Track it forward – tool to empower liaisons and give them more autonomy to manage their hours and volunteers
Dave’s Budget will cover the expense (for now up to $55/month) Will sign up in the coming weeks and begin implementing
Imperative we provide training when we roll it out – Tentative in November

Tool provides several things that will facilitate Trail Boss Job and which will help us promote and display our volunteer efforts (charts, etc.)
Can display top volunteers, etc. to help with member incentives and recognition

Board incentives – Implement these for next board; Incentive for others to participate and give back – develop list of potential incentives (will get membership input)
Cover fees for participating in any MORE organized event
Membership covered during membership tenure (divided on this)
Make it black and white
Low key – don’t want the “perks” to be the reason people run for positions
Provide better rewards for star members

Martin will come up with a list of additional Board/Member Benefits, board will provide additional input. Ready for next BOD Meeting

Member incentives
Eric Crawford will present to the board (have extended invite already for next BOD Meeting, need to provide him with details)
Board needs to evaluate how much we can give up “economically” to reward super members/volunteers

Schedule Board Ride – Maybe on a federal holiday? Columbus day. Russ will send out a list of tentative dates.

Venue updates:
1. Will add Liaison Contact info to Venue Pages (Name & MORE email address)
2. Finalizing development work for trail status reports and ability for users to submit to live site (review by editors) SHoul deb implemented shortly

Russ – recognition for the “Lone Liaisons” those that our way out there and continue to be MORE’s voice and work on trails. Draft a Letter from the board. Figure out some way to show appreciation.

Reach out to them and ask what is that they need and make sure they get recognized at upcoming winter party. Biggest expense is tools – perhaps tool maintenance? Restore your equipment.

Recognize chainsaw volunteers? Guys that use mechanized tools? these positions require more than just doing the job, but actually maintain training, etc.Chainsaw shirt? Safety equipment? Russ and Ernie will come up with a list of items.

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