October 2021 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes and Activity Reports

October 2021 MORE Board of Director Meeting Minutes


·      MoCo Epic

·      Financial Updates

o   General - $39k increase

o   Revenues - $51.6k

§  $10.4k Memberships (includes catch up to correct estimates from prior months)

§  $38.1k MoCo Epic

§  $2.9k General donations

§  $0.2k other

o   Expenses - $12.6k

§  $4.5k ED

§  $2.8k MoCo Epic

§  $2.6k Fall camping trip

§  $2.2k marketing (MORE flags)

§  $0.5k other

o   Restricted - $4k increase

o   Revenues - $5.8k

§  $3.4k Lake Fairfax

§  $1.6k Bacon Ridge

§  $0.8k other

o   Expenses - $1.8k

§  $0.9k Kent Island

§  $0.4k Bacon Ridge

§  $0.4k Wakefield

§  $0.1k other


·      Request for BOD to approve transfer of 50% of MoCo Epic Net profit to MoCo Reinvestment Trail Fund

o   Motion Passed Unanimously for 2021 MoCo Epic

·      Updates on coming board elections and who will run again/not run again

o   Dave M – Which board members are up for reelection and who is going to run again?

§  Neil – Will run again

§  Dave B – Will do vice president again

§  Ernie – Will do president again

§  Larry – Tom will probably do it again, but he will need to confirm.

o   Ernie – We do the nominations in mid-November and elections immediately after Thanksgiving into first week or two into December

§  In the past, we use the newsletter to communicate this information, but all channels are appropriate

·      Membership updates (Rob)

o   Had very good September

o   Almost doubled normal amount

o   We typically do $6k, but it was radically busy month with 269 transactions and $12k

o   We are seeing a bit of a lag in memberships month due to early renewals from MoCo etc

o   With the latest updates from MoCo and fall camping trip, we will be at almost $8200 for month.

o   This month will hit $10-11k. In November we should start surpassing last year’s entire membership dollar value. Hoping to end in $90-95k range for year

o   We briefly were up above 1800 members in early October, and are down a little lower. By the end of the year we should be back up around 1800 members.

o   We are doing pretty well and in last 12 months did $96k before IMBA’s share in memberships.

o   We’ve grown by 57 annual auto renewals for the year.

o   Peggy:

§  In the last IMBA meeting, they talked about changing the confusing IMBA process in 2022.

§  Rob: We need to provide advanced notice to our auto-renew members.

o   Ernie

§  Suggest that Rob write an article about the benefits of auto-renew and a how to for the newsletter, so if folks want to, they will know how.

·      Communications

o   Kathy – Will do newsletter but needs content.

·      Events

o   Spring Fling/Engaging VA Community (Peggy)

§  Would like to get this on the calendar. This is starting to fill up and we need to get this scheduled.

§  Want to figure out ways to engage Virginia community in ways we do so for the MoCo Epic

§  In past did two NoVa Epics, but they didn’t work due to the ways the trails are set up. The amount of work compared to the net profit didn’t make sense.

§  General agreement that we should plan this and find a location for it.

·      Larry: We should do it at Locust Shade, but the system may be too far south.

o   Ernie: It may be too short and not enough connectivity.

§  Peggy: We should start talking about Lake Fairfax. How is this normally done?

·      Larry: You need to get blessing from Frank.

o   Ernie and Larry agreed to take the lead, but need information like the date they’d like to do it.

o   Discuss Winter Meeting options (Clay)

§  Wants to see what everyone is comfortable with (i.e., meeting inside, etc).

§  General thought was that things may change by February, but maybe we should delay until March.

§  Dave – I am an optimist because numbers are dropping and things may be better in February.

·      Would be in favor of a Saturday

§  Larry: In previous years it’s been a potluck, can we do something else? Are we doing to say it’s been enough time and we can do it?

§  Ernie: Two venues come to mind. Occoquan regional park his fernanes that they made cannons with. We may approach him.

·      What are we willing to do to make this happen and is it worth it? In addition, it’s the 30 year anniversary.

§  Neil: Under the Charter, we need to have an annual membership meeting.

·      Ernie: We can just make the summer festival the membership meeting.

§  Dave M: Maybe we can wait and make a serious decision on what to do in November.

§  General agreement to wait.

§  Clay: Also need remind people to get volunteer hours in so we can do awards.

·      Trails

o   Virginia (Larry)

§  Everyone has seen emails from Martin. Locust Shade is chugging along and is finished.

§  Nothing jumping out at Fountainhead.

§  There is a new park manager at Wakefield.

§  Mark has more gravel to put down at Mt. Vernon and they have a race coming up.

§  Ernie: Lake Fairfax is now doing a fundraiser to pay for additional work.

·      Larry: It’s a short section of trail but its going to help out with finishing a loop.

o   Maryland (Dave )

§  New RTP Grant awarded to Rivers Edge -- $35k. They will add two miles of trail to the four or so they have.

§  Nothing new at Greenbrier. Mountain bike marathon is coming to Frederick Watershed this weekend.

§  Up at Windy Ridge outside of Mount Airy, they are moving forward with planning a 3-5 mile trail system outside of Mount Airy.

§  In Cumberland, they are moving ahead with developing a couple miles of trails. Has budget for trail design from the city.

§  Patuxent – nothing new is happening.

§  Patapsco – School’s out loop is finished. Also won a grant for a connector for between Daniels and Ellicott City.

§  At Loch Raven, making minor progress getting Baltimore County people to listen to him. Has been in contact with a Baltimore County Park and they are adding him to a trails committee.

§  Bacon Ridge – Skills Park/jump line area has been approved. He is going to put forward a request to the trails committee for $10k.

§  Kent Island – Had ribbon cutting and it was well received locally.

§  MoCo – The Fairland Skills park is in construction and there will be a massive skills park there in less than a year. The trail building crew put in a 60 foot long bridge across Seneca Creek. There is a new five miles trail system called Upper Paint Branch near Fairland.

·      The parks department in Prince George’s County reached out to Dave. They have $50 million in budget that they have no allocated.



September Activity Reports


·       President – Ernest (Ernie) Rodriguez

o   Participate on joint IMBA/REI/Outdoor Alliance Racial Equity workshop/training

o   Send out Donor "Thank you" notes

o   Posting to Social Media accounts

o   Participate on IMBA's quarterly Round-Table conference - Take-a-Kid Mountain Biking, Membership Drive, Grant Opportunities, etc.

o   Attend Virginia Trail Alliance meetings and strategic advocacy discussions

o   Work with Potomac Heritage Trails Alliance (PHTA) for access to Harpers Ferry National Historic Park (NPS)

o   Attend meetings with National Park Service to advocate for access to Catoctin Mountain National Park and Great Falls National Park

o   Hike with PHTA to plan route for access advocacy with Virginia Senator Marsden and staff from U.S. Senator Tim Kaine's office

o   Coordinate visit with Arlington Board Chair de Ferranti to Mount Vernon District Park in Fairfax County for sample community/trails

o   Attend and speak at ribbon cutting for Kent Island Terrapin Nature Trails

o   Trail work at Wakefield Park

o   Lead rides at Wakefield Park

o   Help Plan, organize, pick-up supplies, set-up, volunteer (registration), clean-up and tear-down with 2021 MoCo Epic

o   Helped with fall camping trip


·       Executive Director – Peggy Flaxman

o   MoCo Epic

o   TKMBD (Oct 5 & Oct 31)

o   Wakefield sMORE’s Night Rides

o   Met with Arlington Trails and Matt de Ferranti

o   Mailed Membership Recognition

o   Attended Kent Island Ribbon Cutting

o   Attended Land Conservation/Trails/Greenways Conference Planning Committee Meeting

o   October Membership Drive Communications


·       Vice President – David Beugelmans

o   Volunteered at MoCo Epic (both days)

o   Waterworks trailwork, including new boardwalk


·       MD Advocacy Director – Dave Magill

o   MoCo Epic – volunteered 4 days Mon thru Friday

o   MoCo Epic prep – 16 hours of trailwork in six sessions to prep the trails

o   Hashawha – connected more volunteers with our new Hashawha liaisons

o   Parking in state parks – worked with liaison team to prepare and send a letter to the Maryland Joint State park Investment Commission on parking issues in state parks where MORE is active

o   Worked with newly formed Poolesville High School trail club to train them on trail maintenance including repairing the Schaeffer whoops

o   Attended ribbon cutting for the new Schools Out Trail and MICL race loop in Patapsco

o   Meetings and calls with SHA and DNR on path forward for Pax Ph 2 RTP grants

o   Put forward request for and obtained approval of ~$2600 of General Trail Funds for Kent Island trail, attended ribbon cutting


·       VA Advocacy Director – Tom Howe

o   [_]


·       Membership Director – Rob Lowe

o   Membership Processing - Regular + 2 Sets of MoCo

o   Membership Reminders - September

o   Lead Rides at Wakefield

o   Ad-Hoc Trailwork/Support for Wakefield


·       Communications Director – Kathy Mihm

o   Prepared and edited MoCo Epic trail/event map

o   Frederick Area Trails map options 

o   MoCo Epic directional signage

o   Lead MORE Womens rides @ Cabin John

o   Lead MoCo Epic Training ride

o   MoCo Epic Skills Clinic and ride

o   MoCo Epic onsite work - Sat, Sun, part Monday

o   Put out requests for Fall Trailhead Newsletter and start compiling newsletter


·       Treasurer – Neil Blake


·      General - $39k increase

·      Revenues - $51.6k

o   $10.4k Memberships (includes catch up to correct estimates from prior months)

o   $38.1k MoCo Epic

o   $2.9k General donations

o   $0.2k other

·      Expenses - $12.6k

o   $4.5k ED

o   $2.8k MoCo Epic

o   $2.6k Fall camping trip

o   $2.2k marketing (MORE flags)

o   $0.5k other

·      Restricted - $4k increase

·      Revenues - $5.8k

o   $3.4k Lake Fairfax

o   $1.6k Bacon Ridge

o   $0.8k other

·      Expenses - $1.8k

o   $0.9k Kent Island

o   $0.4k Bacon Ridge

o   $0.4k Wakefield

o   $0.1k other


·       Activities Director – Clay Deming

o   Supported and attended Fall Camping Trip

o   Attempt to organize TKMBD 

o   Led sMORE’s rides

o   Finishing up ride leader distribution list

o   Volunteered at MoCo Epic


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