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MORE Board Meeting – July 2018

MORE board meeting

July 9, 2018



Attending (by phone):

Ernest Rodriguez

Dave Magill

Tom Howe

Steve Harper

Jeff Niner

Steve DonTigny


Financials – Ernest Rodriguez

No report from Michael, Ernie has checked accounts and all is good.  Ernie to discuss Treasurer deliverables and responsibllities with Michael this week.

RTP Grants Update 

Dave has indicated that SHA may reimburse the club for the $3500 bridge design documents acquired for Patuxent.  We should know in 30-60 days

Maryland Trails Update –    Dave Magill  

  • Rosaryville needs Liaison replacement for Jim McNeely,
  • Seneca Ridge Liaison replacement for Victor Beltran
  • Rivers Edge received its environmental approval from SHA, Carlo now gearing for the procurement phase and trail clearing with volunteers

ACTION:   Dave Magill to email membership living near the parks for interested parties to become liaisons

VA Trails Update – Jeff Niner

  • Need new Liaison for BROT
  • REI Grant for $10,000 awarded to MORE for BROT
  • Working with Dominion Power to host an employee workday including $2500 for day of expenses.
  • Positive community meeting at Mt Vernon recreation center to work on re-opening trails to mountain bikes, leveraging volunteer trail maintenance
  • Opportunities with Supervisor Stork
    • Paul Springs Stream Valley trail opportunity
    • Washington / Rochambeau Trail
    • Options to Link up Meadowood with CCT along Pohick Creek and over to Laurel Hill / Occoquan Regional Park
    • Fountainhead downstream towards Occoquan Regional Park
  • Loudon County-Evergreen Mills trails no longer an option, county is looking at alternative site for natural surface trail system
  • Evergreen Mills –Board of Supervisors, Parks and Recreation fencing off area eliminating recreation opportunities
  • Beaver Dam park – possible development area for trails
  • Wolf Shoals – possible development area for trails

Membership – Tom Howe

slight drop in overall #s

MoCo Epic 2018 Update – Steve Dontigny

  • Social media events set up
  • Food Trucks coordination, limited menu to provide faster service
  • Aid Station sponsors confirmations
  • Marketing Schedule: planning weekly blasts across Social Media Platforms (countdown, Sponsor promo, highlights, registration updates)
  • Printed media delivery into businesses by 1st week August
  • Moco County Pop Up Aid Stations in August/September

DCXC Rosaryville XC Race – Steve Dontigny

Good participation.

Pop up kiosk – Steve Dontigny

Discussion about the value of having a pop up kiosk/tent with a banner and map of all our trails on the back.  All agreed it would be a good thing.  Steve Harper offered to staff one at Bacon Ridge – needs tent or banner.

Summer festival – Ernest Rodriguez

  • Make a decision for 2018 within the next 7 days
  • For 2019, consider partnering with Emmitsburg Community Days – generally agreed that it would be worth pursuing because of great support and interesting (i.e. rocky) riding

Patapsco Trail Festival – Ernest Rodriguez

We want to make sure we’re supporting it.

Action – Steve Dontigny.  Contact Trailfest organizers and offer our support.

2019 Event Committees – Activities Director

  • We seem to have better outcomes when we empower a committee for planning events
  • Form a committee for the 2019 Spring Fling
  • Form a committee for the 2019 Summer Picnic

Action – Steve Harper and Jeff Niner –  To form a First Aid committee to coordinate first aid training and discuss trail rescues with local first responders – it took four hours to rescue an injured rider off of Bacon Ridge located very near to roads.  Contact Jason Hayde Dave Kalt as possible instructors for first aid class.  Committee will ask Mark Zaragoza, Casey Bailey, Steven Miller and Jacob Miller to participate.

Dave Magill – needs a committee of two or three to do mapping with Martin – Tom Howe volunteered

Fundraising – Ernest Rodriguez

We should be making an effort to contact people and companies to raise funds.  Many are very supportive and you’d be surprised who would support us if we ask.

Publicizing our work – Steve Dontigny

We need to do a better job of communicating all the trailwork we do.




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