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MORE Board Meeting 10-MAR, 2014 7:00 PM

In Attendance

MORE Board

  • Ernest Rodriguez-President
  • Jason Ashmore – Vice President
  • Kevin Adams – Treasurer
  • Martin Fernandez – Operations
  • David Magill – Advocacy
  • Jason Miller – Membership
  • Melanie Nystrom – Activities

MORE Staff

  • Ryan Delaney – Associate Director

MORE Volunteers

  • Christina Higgins – Note-taker/Time Keeper
  • Ian Bee – (Potential) Membership Coordinator
  • Rob Lowe – Ride Coordinator

Minutes/Board Votes

Martin Fernandez – Move to publish last board’s meeting minutes, Ernie seconds; All in favor.
Jason Ashmore – Working on electronic google vote for all future board votes not during meetings.


Kevin Adams provided Feb 2014 financials via email for review.

  • Discuss membership cut from IMBA. Balance of $5,330 towards MORE.
  • MORE Store  – 3k of inventory needs to be sold
  • Biggest expense this past month was getting INsurance squared away
  • Staff costs minimal; However, there has been more money going out than coming in (this is expected during beginning of year.) Kevin asks MORE board to be judicial with expenses

Biggest financial priorities are:

  • Membership increase, currently at 1300; goal for 2014 is 2000
  • Seek revenue; Think of ways for membership drives.

Brief RTP Review (Dave MaGill applied suggested changes)

Ernie Rodriguez moves that to accept trail liaison policy; Second by Jason Ashmore. All in favor

Ernie Rodriguez moves to extend MORE’s territory as discussed in previous board discussion. zip codes include territories in MD adjacent to Rosaryville; second by dave; all in favor.

There are 4-5 volunteers in area that are willing to help build trails and help apply for grants but need MORE’s guidance and support on this. MORE will support a grass-roots team to build trails.

We need to figure out the best way to enable, support, celebrate, and ingrate people who are willing to work to make region’s trails better. We need to support other local groups and empower them to achieve their goals. How do we best support people to do what they want to do?

Risk Management

Kevin Adams will prepare an outline and document that defines potential problems/items that can cause MORE risks, including:  trail, habits, rides, events, alcohol, trust.  Should trail liaisons be covered by DNO policy of insurance?


Martin Fernandez – Operations is good; Recruited Christina Higgins to help with meeting minutes; Has three people on tap for Membership issues and newsletter/communications. Ian Bee in attendance to get a feel for what we need to help with membership issues.

Melanie Nystrom – Events are good. Melanie  is covered with volunteers.

Dave MaGill will send out a list for recruitment so that board members do not “hit people” with multiple requests. Needs a MD person.

Jason Miller has 3 folks in line to help with his membership committee.

Robe Lowe – We need more ride leaders; Encourages the creation of a “how to lead rides” clinic.

MORE will continue to support the Meet-Up group but must work with them to ensure that rides lead by them are catalogued as MORE rides and follow guidelines for insurance purposes, especially since MORE is funding them. Will contact “Kyle,” Meet-Up group leader to coordinate efforts and work with them to ensure we are on same page and collaboratively work together.

Summer Picnic

Discuss potential venues in Virginia; Fountainhead an option but must work with th NVRPA to try and get the no bikes ban lifted for one day for kids rides. Should make it to coincide with the black trail ribbon cutting ceremony. This is still in the works.

Family Program

Recent meeting for the family youth program (MOCO, TBL, Baltimore folks) was effort to coordinate and consolidate groups to follow similar guidelines but retain distinctive feel. MORE (working group) will develop an online program for families – a one stop shop. Will define how to bring family programs together.  Once this gets up and running we will need to change/address insurance coverage to protect the kids. Will generate write-ups to describe the type of rides offered in each region.

Events update

  • Liaison dinner; Mr. Dan Hudson, MD Park Service Trail Manager, will address liaisons.
  • Tour de Fat – Joel Gwadz is working the bike valet working logistics.
  • EPIC series – registration is live and it’s coming along; Sponsors contracts in the works. need to get out.
  • IMBA summit (Aug 20-24) – Ernie & Jason are going.  Ryan DeLaney is accepting ideas about discussions/talking points for summit, such as effects of MTB touring in small towns, chapter discussions, land manager discussions, etc.

IT updates

Martin Fernandez and Jason Ashmore:

  • Share everything with membership; be open; we have ample mechanisms to do so.
  • Will follow-up with Holly on emailing past members; resurrect Trailhead.
  • Move board electronic voting away from forums and into private google votes.
  • Continue populating the blog; All must be active participants, including all staff.
  • Make switch to Google Calendar; More versatile and easier to use and share. No one uses current “RSVP system.
  • Need to get work days in for new trail boss into calendar. April 3rd Wakefiled clean-up coming up
  • Board: please provide input on comms plan.

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