May 2022 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

MORE – Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2022 


Virtually present at meeting

Ernie Rodriguez - President

David Beugelmans - Vice President

Peggy Flaxman - Executive Director

Tom Howe - VA Advocacy Director

Dave Magill - MD Advocacy Director

Neil Blake – Treasurer

Rob Lowe – Membership Director


Not Present

 Kathy Mihm - Communications Director

Clay Deming – Activities Director


  • Financial Updates (Neil)
    1. General revenues $8.6k
      • $6.3k memberships
      • $1.7k general donations
      • $0.5 misc
    2. General expenses $23.2k
      • $7.8k workday tools
      • $6.8k ED
      • $3.3k financials and tax return
      • $2.5 MoCo (MD tent rentals)
      • $1.6k swag (socks)
      • $1.2k misc
    3. Restricted revenues $5.9k
      • $2.3k Lake Fairfax
      • $1.8k Womens' rides
      • $1.1k Wakefield
      • $0.7k misc
    4. Restricted expenses $18.7k
      • $6.3k Wakefield (Ironwood invoice)
      • $5.9k Bacon Ridge
      • $2.5k Patuxent (Bridge related I think)
      • $1.2k Frederick
      • $1.2k SGBP
      • $1.6k misc
    5. Neil:
      • Issue is that when people donate on the website, they may be donating to a fund, it’s possible the trail network isn’t active.
      • Idea is to possibly group trails together. 
      • Dave M
        • When it comes to liaison list, there is a good cascade. We should take the time. We have every park out there with each park having a page.
        • Want a donate button on each one. Need a nice clear list that says money goes to certain funds that are a combination of trails.
      • Peggy
        • We can combine parks and funds fairly easily, but the other thing we can do is to give people options. We can say the park is inactive, would you like to make a general donation to MORE.
      • Ernie
        • Don’t want to jump to the conclusion that we are going to combine funds. 
        • Ernie supports general disclaimer language that funds could be reallocated to similar trails.
        • We need to make it simple. 
      • Peggy
        • We are going to combine pages for West Moco, or should we have individual trails and then combine?
        • For every other trail system, we will have the generic language.
        •  General agreement to do this. 
      • Ernie
        • Will tweak language a bit. 

 Articles of Incorporation Amendment – D&O Indemnification (David B)

  1. Previously tabled this issue to allow David B to research how to legally effectuate an amendment to Articles of Incorporation under Virginia law
  2. Amendment to Articles of Incorporation requires a 2/3 vote of the board of directors.
  3. There appeared to be unanimous agreement to move forward with the amendment language circulated by David B on April 11, 2022.
  4. ** Dave B made motion to approve and adopt the amendment to MORE’s articles of Incorporation as circulated by email on April 11, 2022 and to provide MORE’s president and vice president with authority to take the actions necessary to file said amendments with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. **
    • ** Dave M seconded and passed 6/8. **
  • Membership Updates (Rob)
    1. Good month, we beat Apr 2021 by almost $1k pre-fees ($60 short).
      • 37 New Joins
      • 75 Renewals.  
      • And $2600 in large memberships ($100 and over).   
    2. Pre Imba Fee we did $7720
    3. Post Fee we are around $6320.   
    4. Non Renewal Summary - Partial Year - Paying Members only, no family.
      • Apr 2022 - 48
      • Mar 2022 - 34
      • Feb 2022 - 17
      • Jan 2022 - 25
      • All 2021  - 373
      • All 2020 - 288
  • Communications (Kathy) – Not present
    1. Annual report draft is ready. Waiting for something from Tom and will circulate.
  • ActiveFairfax   (Ernie)
    1. This just came in. This is our opportunity to gain a seat at the table.
    2. We have always complained that we were the county’s step child and got no credit, awards, and didn’t get to sit in on planning meetings.
    3. This is an opportunity for us to be part of five different committees all under the auspices of the County Transportation and Planning, including trails
    4. This is an opportunity to grow trails into something like Montgomery County
    5. Peggy: is a resident of the county and will be involved.
    6. Ernie:
      • The meetings will occur for a three month duration.
  • DonorPerfect  (Ernie)
    1. As Neil indicated earlier, Peggy, Neil and myself have been meeting to evaluate applications that were out there.
    2. Each attended a demonstration, had follow-up call with sales person and onboarding coordinator.
    3. It looks like DonorPerfect checks a lot of the boxes we are looking at.
    4. Why are we doing this and how much does it cost?
      • What: The purpose is to get a complete picture of donations, with the recognition that they come in many forms. We can take members, and then grow them into larger donors.
      • Neil: One important thing is that it has a constant contact feature within it, so that it should replace current constant contact account.  We currently pay $125/month for that.
      • Cost: Recommended express package for $179/month
    5. Neil:
      • This can be used to run a report to see who members are, who constituents are, and which constituents aren’t member.
      • We also don’t know how much people donate per person. There is no easy way to keep track of this, so this is the best way to know what that is.
    6. Peggy
      • The end game is to be able to donate a report on an individual donor so we know what their total is. We also need this for year end IRS reporting.
      • The other piece of this is that we can look our communication and see how that ties to our success in some of these campaigns. It lets us see what’s working and to replicate that.
    7. Tom
      • Can work on API to transfer data from Shopify and IMBA into Donor Perfect
  • Events (Clay)
    1. May 22 at Fairland
    2. July 26 at Locust Shade
    3. In June, there is also another beginner’s skills clinic at Hashawa. Developed a good relationship.
      • All clinics we’ve had are sold out with waitlists.
    4. We do not have a National Trails Days event for June 4. Fountainhead may want to do the reverse ride if NoVa Parks will allow it.
  • Trails   
    1. Virginia (Tom)
      • We have a lot of cool projects in VA right now.
      • Locust Shade has stuff that is about to start
      • Wakefield has berms and whoops rehab going on
      • Also stuff with Tony at Lake Fairfax
      • Zane wants to fix wet spot on CCT north
      • Fountainhead, Jeff is trying is trying to get list of sawyers together. Also asked about carsonite posts
      • Good stuff is going on at Andrew Leech. Eventually hope to add an additional mile of trail.
      • Peggy – What is the status of the 495 jumps and the liaison there?
        • Tom: We should reach out to the people doing work.
    2. Maryland (Dave)
      • Brunswick – RTP Grant NEPA process is underway. Should be on to procurement in 30-60 days to build 1.5 miles of trails
      • Ernie, Peggy, and I were on a call with a group trying to do trail connections in Frederick County. Dave M. suggested they work on a trail at South Mountain Park.
      • There isn’t anything particularly new at the Watershed. Followed Watershed closure issue and they are managing that.
      • Could use 1 or 2 more votes on the grant for Emmitsburg. Would love it if someone would vote while we are here.
        • Peggy votes yes. So GTF grant approved.
      • In MoCo, we had a good meeting with parks group about the east county priorities. There is a bunch of stuff going on with the eastern trails. Most asks are in the works.
        • There is a pop up ride on May 22 at Fairland where they are going to show off what has been done on the trails and bike park.
      • Patapsco is trying to recognize what MORE has done in giving them $6000 in trails
      • Windy Ridge – RTP grant proposal has been submitted (on Friday), so hopefully this happens. This was the only one that MORE submitted for Maryland RTP.
  • MoCo Epic (Peggy)
    1. Finalizing courses.
    2. Coming up with hybrid sign plan. Michael is on board with it.
    3. We have decided what we are using. We are trying to figure out how to do better moving forward. We can easily get through this year and maybe years to come.
    4. REI would like to have a more visible presence at this year’s epic.


Activity Reports

  • President – Ernest (Ernie) Rodriguez
    1. Help with language to donor pages indicating funds may be used at other trail systems if no active project is planned for donations
    2. Help with communications (deferring to local team) regarding Frederick Watershed trail closures
    3. Social media post and responses
    4. Thank you emails to trail project donors
    5. SWAG to major donors
    6. Follow-up on production of "Hype" video production for MORE 
    7. Demo, follow-up, research, data mining and formatting data for possible use of DonorPerfect software to integrate donations, constant contact communications and a complete view of donors
    8. Attend American Trails Risk Management for Trails and Bike Parks
    9. Discussions with DonorPerfect and IMBA for possible discounts to IMBA Local chapters
    10. Participate in with National Forest Service North Zone Rapid Trail Assessment workshop
    11. Discussions with FSI Cloud based solutions for NonProfits - integrating MORE's Free Office 365 account to additional capabilities
    12. Discussion with REI regarding Partnership Planning, Event support, Grants and shared communications
    13. Work with TYO to plan trail project to connect CCT to Brookfield Park
    14. Initial contact with Fairfax County Park Authority to participate in ActiveFairfax comprehensive planning for biking infrastructure, facilities, development and programming
    15. Participate in trailwork at Wakefield Park and prestaging materials for upcoming work days
  • Executive Director – Peggy Flaxman
  1. Monthly Liaison Mtg
  2. MoCo Epic 
    • Event Mangement Plan Updated
    • Kick-Off Mtg
    • M-NCPPC, NPS and DNR Permits Filed
    • Counted/De-Stapled/Organized 2021 & 2017 Arrows
    • Working with Dave/Mike to finalize routes
    • Expect to open registration 6/1
  3. Review of Donor Management Systems
  4. Conference Planning (Land Conservations & Greenways)
  5. Golden Volunteer Assistance for Ride Leaders
  6. North Zone Rapid Trails Assessment Workshop
  7. REI Partnership Check-In
  8. MORE Tent Event@Schaeffer
  9. International Women’s Day Planning
    • Permitted with M-NCPPC
    • Setup/Managed BikeReg
  10. Donor Management Software
    • DonorPefect Selected
    • Began Onboarding & Training
  11. Setup Meeting in Support of Adam’s Bike Park w/Michele Caudill (rescheduled for 5/15)
  12. Daily Social Media Review/Content Development
    • Created & Sent Weekly Communications to Members & Non-Members (April 3,10, 17, 24) 
      1. Total Emails sent; 10,462
      2. Total Emails opened: 6,012 
      3. Total Clicks: 447
  13. Re-Engagement Communication (via Constant Contact)
    1. Total Emails sent; 6,229
    2. Total Emails opened: 2,890
    3. Total Clicks: 137
  14. Strategic Planning Doc Shared with Board
  15. Admn
    1. Collected Mail
    2. Deposited Checks
    3. Payed various MORE Bills
  16. Membership
    1. Monthly Membership Posts/Raffle
    2. IMBA Membership Drive Posts/Communication
    3. Exploring methods for joining in person
  • Vice President – David Beugelmans
    1. Coordinate pro bono legal work re: articles of incorporation amendment 
    2. Attend Bacon Ridge workdays
    3. Develop Bacon Ridge Bike Park sign plan; design signs; install same
    4. Ad hoc Waterworks trailwork
  • MD Advocacy Director – Dave Magill 
  1. Working with Tim O’Donnell on a GTF grant application for new trail at Emmitsburg
  2. Arranged for portajon at Schaeffer starting May 2, arranged to share cost 50% with Friends of SCSP
  3. Installed another 30 or so Carsonite posts and directional stickers at SCSP
  4. Completed tools orders and distribution of tools
  5. Working with DCMTB to prep for their race at Schaeffer in June
  6. Released engineering firm to begin survey and design work for a sidewalk under Clopper Road on the Seneca Greenway trail, did other surveys to get ready to upgrade this 3 mile trail section
  7. Assisted Windy Ridge liaison team with an RTP grant application
  8. Continued work to get standard bridge designs and a specific site at Patuxent approved by SHA 
  9. Sent a letter with MORE’s priorities in East MoCo to MoCo Parks, held meeting with liaisons and park personnel to discuss
  10. Arranged crew leader support for two workdays on the new trail off Ten Mile Creek, participated in one workday
  11. Investigated better route options between Black Hill and Little Bennett for the MoCo Epic with Mike Winings.  Unfortunately Little Bennett park manager declined to allow a one day permit for bikes on the Stoney Brook trail
  • VA Advocacy Director – Tom Howe
    1. Wakefield Park
      • Participated in Wakefield Trail Work Day
      • Ad hoc work days to pre-stage material for upcoming work days
      • Planning for up upcoming work days
    2. Held Monthly VA/DC Liaison Meeting
    3. Reviewed and voted to approve Emmitsburg GTF Project Request 
  • Membership Director – Rob Lowe
    1. April Membership Processing - Thank You's and Reminders
    2. Trail Work Day at Wakefield
    3. Lead Ride at Wakefield
    4. Ad-hoc Trailwork at Wakefield 
  • Communications Director – Kathy Mihm
    1. Annual Report Draft preparation
    2. Spring 2022 Trailhead Newsletter preparation and distribution
    3. Women's MTB Day planning and coordination
    4. Communicate with new ride and clinic leaders
    5. Coordinate with instructor for Skills Clinics @ Schaeffer 
  • Treasurer – Neil Blake
    1. Assessing DonorPerfect; donor management software
    2. Financials
      • General revenues $8.6k
        1. $6.3k memberships
        2. $1.7k general donations
        3. $0.5 misc
      • General expenses $23.2k
        1. $7.8k workday tools
        2. $6.8k ED
        3. $3.3k financials and tax return
        4. $2.5 MoCo (MD tent rentals)
        5. $1.6k swag (socks)
        6. $1.2k misc
      • Restricted revenues $5.9k
        1. $2.3k Lake Fairfax
        2. $1.8k Womens' rides
        3. $1.1k Wakefield
        4. $0.7k misc
      • Restricted expenses $18.7k
        1. $6.3k Wakefield (Ironwood invoice)
        2. $5.9k Bacon Ridge
        3. $2.5k Patuxent (Bridge related I think)
        4. $1.2k Frederick
        5. $1.2k SGBP
        6. $1.6k misc 
  • Activities Director – Clay Deming
    1. Organized mini-event at Schaeffer
    2. pickups of gift cards for Ride Leaders
    3. Dropped off stickers and cards at various shops
    4. Ordered 30th socks and stickers
    5. Looking into Biketown Film event.
    6. Organizing raffle for ride leaders

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