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May 2019 Board Meeting

MORE May 2019 Board Meeting

REI - Tyson’s Corner

Present at meeting

Ernie Rodriguez - President

Steve DonTigny - Executive Director

Tom Howe - VA Advocacy Director

Rob Lowe - Membership Director

Sharon Maloid - Activities Director

Andrew Melito - Communications Director

Bob Caverly - Vice President

Dave Magill - MD Advocacy Director

Neil Blake - Treasurer (by phone)


President topics:

  • Spent ~$2,000 on sMORE’s T-Shirts and asking that it be paid out of the general fund
  • Recommended special funding drive/promotion just for sMORE’s given it’s brand presence. This would need sMORE’s to be on its own budget line and not co-mingled with the women’s rides. Neil will split that out in the budget.
  • T-shirt costs will come out of the new sMORE’s account line. The motion was voted in unanimously.
  • Discussed training programs to make more connections to get people riding. Something like a beginner program to get people started.  We need a coordinator as several groups currently exist.
  • Discussed finding a person who will coordinate rides throughout the area and get them on a calendar. The position needs organizational skills.
  • Tom Newton is volunteering for the board of Friends of Seneca group


Vice President Notes:

  • Started an IT committee that helped setup the website completed by Martin
  • (Bob) built two bridges and going to build another one, hopefully in time for Summer Festival
  • Within the next week, week and a half, ~$2k in reimbursements coming for that construction



  • Year-to-date were over budget because we are waiting on an IMBA check that was just received, that puts us slightly ahead of budget
  • Donations for April are slightly ahead of last year
  • REI has signaled preliminary approval for the 2019 grant application
  • REI funds are designated for projects at Locust Shade, Frederick Watershed and Bull Run Occoquan Trail as defined in the grant application
  • Insurance reimbursement funds have been deposited from Pepco
  • Discussed funds coming from PayPal (via online sales) to the accounts for reporting. This process is difficult to marry the data in for reporting and receiving payments. We’ll continue to monitor to see if there is a way to automate that information and funds
  • For Paypal fees, we (MORE) will cover Paypal fees for liaisons so they can get all the funds donated in support of their trails. Charges from this source aren’t very large, ~$65 total this year
  • Discussed an overview for MOCO epic planning. In general the MOCO budget is being mostly spent, however a point was made that there’s an increase of higher level members that joined, and as a result it will pay us back more.
  • Discussed splitting a swag budget from event or president’s budget
  • At the moment we’re negative $5,600 on the president’s budget but that amount is not significant considering what is already purchased
  • Currently backed up on reimbursements (three days), and (Neil) will get to them within the week
  • Savings account is accruing ~$300/month in interest
  • Dave had a question about the Patapsco REI Trail Grant still being in the budget and wondered if the issue is that the bill is paid and it’s not recorded in the budget line. Ernie and Neil will look in to this
  • Dave had a question about receiving bills (like PEPCO and sMORE’s rides) from projects that aren’t currently mapped to a board member and asked if they should be itemized out in the budget. Decided to table it for a month to see if it should be added in.


MD Advocacy

  •  Bids are due for the Frederick Watershed trail May 19th
  • Watershed is drawing excitement from the gravity community who are joining/donating because of this commitment to gravity trails
  • RTP grant time table got moved forward to May 15th. We’re not going to be re-applying for any MD grants because of the revised deadline
  • City of Annapolis has approved 9 miles of trails in the water works area that connected to Bacon Ridge
  • Bacon Ridge phase 3 has all of its approvals other than the archaeological survey which is under way
  • MORE is waiting to get a bill for Patapsco signage work. MORE is ready to pay
  • We have two vacant liaison positions for Little Bennett, Seneca Greenway County section past 355


VA Advocacy

  • Working on advocacy with liaisons
  • Preliminary advice of a grant from REI in the amount of $20k will be used to protect an expiring grant from Outdoor Foundation for Locust Shade.  Frederick Watershed and Bull Run Occoquan Trail were identified in the original grant application as possible funding opportunities if sufficient funds were approved. Locust Shade needs to cover the $24k grant 50/50 match from Outdoor Foundation expiring May 31.  Dave recommends putting that toward Locust Shade based on current needs.
  • Attended and spoke on behalf of MORE at the Arlington Board of Supervisors Meeting regarding the consideration of the inclusion of mountain biking on natural surface trails in the Arlington Public Space Master Plan where they acknowledged and left open the possibility for future representative from the mountain biking community on the PSMA
  • Working with NoVA Parks to address various user groups inputs and concerns with regards to the BROT. Users from the community are planning to walk through the first mile of rerouted trail to provide feedback to Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (trail steward) for future planning purposes.  The meeting is scheduled for May 23rd. A user group is trying to influence the process of trail building and NOVA is hearing feedback but sticking to their commitment for sustainable trails.
  • Supporting Eric Scudder with his advocacy efforts in Loudoun County
  • Recognizing all the trail workdays between Lake Fairfax, Wakefield and Fountainhead
  • Proposed a motion to move $1,200 from MORE’s general budget fund into Wakefield restricted fund for stone to armor trails at Wakefield; $900 for material and $300 for Ironwood Outdoors to stage materials near trail work locations.  Brock is donating his labor, costs are mobilization and fuel.
  • Motion made to move funds, which was seconded by Dave and voted unanimously.



  • Membership Update - April was a good month for membership
  • We are up to 170 auto-renewals
  • As of the meeting, we’re sitting at 1,130 members
  • About to reach out to Lapsed members for renewal. Looking to separate the group into years for unique emails by number of years expired
  • Also discussed forming a region for a discount on membership processing pricing. That is in progress as 5 groups have agreed to form a region but haven’t formally signed an agreement. Ernie offered to reach out to members for a personal touch.


Spring Fling Summary:

  • Started with a dedication of the Genberg trail. The Genberg family attended and appreciative of MORE’s drive to complete naming the trail. June 1st is the official dedication, which will need coordination.
  • The Lake Fairfax team worked 9 consecutive weekends to get the trails in shape for NoVA Spring Fling
  • Events included morning, afternoon rides, skills and maintenance clinics
  • MORE sponsored part of lunch and got donations for beer, total cost ~$550
  • Java Cruiser lent his truck and his time to cook all the food, which will put us well under budget. Steve will attempt to reimburse Jeff for his time and equipment.
  • Clinics in the afternoon were held as well as an International Women’s Day Rides. Women’s rides in the afternoon were packed and had a great turnout
  • Estimated 100-130 people came out to the event in total
  • The NoVA Spring Fling committee will meet to do a “lessons learned” and discuss ways to improve the event next year. In the future the tone of the event should continue to be fun and family oriented and not race intense.


Summer Festival

  • Planning is underway and discussed having a ~$1,500 budget for the event in total. Sharon is in charge of the budget plan
  • Volunteers are needed to cook and lead trail rides
  • Discussed day of logistics and materials needed for cooking. Discussed grill options and a flatbed griddle may be available from Bob’s contact
  • Finding beverage sponsor/vendors to provide or discount beverages. Possible to combine discounts/donations in addition to donors willing to provide financial support.
  • Other activities available will be promoted as a part of the event
  • Potentially doing a women’s ride given the success of the Spring Fling’s women’s rides
  • The team is working on the communications plan
  • The team will send out a save the date for the event this week via e-mail and an Instagram Post regarding the upcoming summer festival



  • Planning is underway. Looking for sponsors to host aid stations
  • Looking for a beverage sponsors and catering options with a food truck. Food costs are one of the biggest expenses of the event
  • Budget proposal has been submitted and it’s under review. There is an increase in the budget and a review of the details is going to take place.
  • Potentially changing routes for the 10 mile race
  • Marketing schedule is out there for promotional announcements. This year doing a contest for team totals in miles
  • Discussion of donating funds to MICL, Trails for Youth and Phoenix Bikes (For every youth rider) as an incentive to draw additional riders.
  • Securing aid station sponsors and marketing push


April Activity Reports

Steve DonTigny – Executive Director

NoVa Spring Fling-planning meetings, shopping, event

PHTA Board Meeting

PWC Trails Coalition calls

Loudoun County Trails Coalition meeting, follow up session

Aldie Trails tour Loudoun County

Claude Moore Park/NPS public input session

REI Member Meeting

IMBA All Staff calls

American Trails Webinars

Membership fulfillments

MoCo Epic

-park meeting

-Team Meeting

-BikeReg updates

-Rental reservations

-flyer work up

-Review and modify MoCo Epic Budget

Ernie Rodriguez - President

  • Work with Andrew to produce MORE's 2018 Annual Report
  • Table at REI's Charity Partners Open House
  • Work with Spring Fling committee to plan, organize and host NoVA Spring Fling at Lake Fairfax Park
  • Work with Tom Howe, Jeff Niner and Spring Fling committee to get Marc Genberg Trail built, signed and dedicated
  • Work with Wakefield team to plan trail work days
  • Work with Martin on new MORE website
  • Add trail liaison accounts on MORE's Office 365
  • Create calendar entries for rides, events and trail work
  • Join and support MoCo Epic Team
  • Order MoCo Epic stickers
  • Help Summer Festival Team
  • Send "Thank you" donation emails for trail projects
  • Order sMORE's t-shirts for kids and adults
  • Attended Kimley-Horn stakeholder meeting for Georgetown Pike trail connection between Maderia School and Great Falls NPS
  • Meeting with Potomac Heritage Trail Association for strategies for Difficult Run Route 7 underpass, Great Falls NPS trail opportunities, Lorton CCT to VRE connectivity 
  • Aldie Mountain land manager meeting exploring opportunities for MTBing in Loudoun County


Bob Caverly – Vice President

  • MORE IT Committee
    • 3 meetings so far
    • New web site - Thanks to the heroic efforts of Martin - AGAIN!!
    • updating/approving Calendar entries
  • setup Slack workspace for committee communications
  • 2 bridges built at Schaeffer on new White re-route
    • Helped lead 3 workdays @ Schaeffer
    • Planning for bridge on PEPCO trail (expect order for around $2k materials)
  • MoCo Epic committee mtg
    • conversations with MICL about cross promotion and direct involvement w/ MoCo
    • Working with Scott M (Rockwell) on beer sponsorships
    • Set up Slack workspace for committee communications 

Neil Blake – Treasurer

April Financial accounting and reporting

2018 Tax discussions with independent review resource

Process Pay-Pal transactions for financial reports

Rob Lowe – Membership Director

  • Spring Fling Meetings and Prep
  • 2x Trailwork Days at Lake Fairfax for Marc G Trail
  • 1x Trailwork Day at Fountain Head - Appx 12 People Total.  
  • Spring Fling Day Of - 
    • Ice Purchase - Donation
    • Lead 2 Rides
    • Set up and Tear Down
    • Ride Coordination
  • Membership Processing for April (More than Feb and Mar Combined)
  • Lead 4 Wakefield Rides
  • Ad-Hoc and other Trailwork at Wakefield and Accotink - Trimming Mainly.
  • Various Discussions on Regional Issues/General Issues with Ernie, Tom and others.  (Mainly BROT, Locust Shade, Etc)

Dave Magill

  • Covered MORE booth at REI biking day with Ernie and bob
  • Attended Spring Fling
  • 4 trailwork days
  • Helped mobilize and oversee Seneca Greenway mechanical trail build
  • Worked with Frederick team to finalize and launch RFP for Watershed contract
  • Oversaw commencement of mowing contract on Pepco trail
  • Hosted MoCo Epic committee meeting

Tom Howe – VA Advocacy Director

  • Spring Fling
    • Planning and Event Execution - Huge kudos and thanks to everyone involved who made the event a reality
    • Marc Genberg Trail Unveiling 
    • Day of Event, Saturday, 5/4
    • Follow-up, lessons learned meeting to be scheduled for Monday, 5/20
  • Wakefield
    • Ad Hoc Trail Work
    • Trail Workday Planning
  • VA Advocacy
    • Attended and spoke on behalf of MORE at the Arlington Board of Supervisors Meeting regarding the consideration of the inclusion of mountain biking on natural surface trails in the Arlington Public Space Master Plan where they acknowledged and left open the possibility for future representative from the mountain biking community on the PSMA
    • Working with NoVA Parks to address various user groups inputs and concerns with regards to the BROT
    • Supporting Eric Scudder with his advocacy efforts in Loudon County 
    • Fairfax County Park Authority Board voted to officially approve the naming of the Marc Genberg trail at Lake Fairfax Park

Andrew Melito – Communications Director

  • Annual Report Wrap Up
  • Flyer's Discussion:
  • Bike Tag
    • Completed design
    • Intent of piece is to distribute at events and shops, not meant to be printed from home
    • Printing from online source is $165-$245 for 1k, $90-$195 for 500
    • Distribution plans/thoughts
  • Interim a home printed flyer
    • Complete
    • Intent is to print from home for events
    • Meant to hold us over until final flyer is created, per Dave’s feedback
  • Flyer
    • In-progress
    • Will feature a map on the back
    • Two versions, one for print at home and one if we want to get it professionally printed (optional)
  • Moco Epic Biz Card/Promo
  • Priorities, where to help first:
    • Moco biz card
    • Flyer
    • Summer Festival event support (Maybe prioritize first since it’s coming first and we have some interim flyers?)
    • CFC Card

Sharon Maloid – Activities Director

  1. NoVA Spring Fling
  • 03-04 May
  • Tom and team did a great job!
  • Discuss lessons learned
  • Final cost ? 
  1. Summer Picnic 
  • Saturday, June 15
  • Seneca Creek Park
  • Time: 10a-4p 
  • Need to establish budget
  • T-con Tuesday, May 14
  • Rides, crafts, Bi-athalon, on-site available activities (volleyball, disc-golf, playground, lake & boat rentals) 
  • Grill & Potluck
  • Flyers ? 
  • Beer Sponsor (Rockwell, Rick Meyer)
  • Estimate on attendance based on past years ? 
  1. Fall Campout
  • Friday - Sunday, September. 20-22
  • Big Bear Campgrounds, Bruceton Mills, WV
  • No details yet
  • Need to establish budget


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