Minutes -

June MORE Board Meeting

Board Members in Attendance:


Dave Magill

Tom howe

Jeff Niner

Carlos Alfaro

Ernest Rodriguez

Steve Dontigny

Bob Caverly


Action for Steve Harper – Trail head news

It should be used to unite our community from the board level.  What’s hot,  fundraising, events, what’s coming up?  Brief highlights.  Timely – Quarterly.  Sponsors.  Monthly cadence – events, what’s coming up.  Event, ride.  Tom – include the new split into the next trailhead news.


Carlos Alfaro – Summer picnic.  Moved due to storms.  Will be on June 23 at Meadowood.  Old Coldchester rd.  Parking for up to 200 cars.  Spokes will have a demo day – Shimano, SRAM, Specialized, Seven (Gravel grinders), Spokes providing the meats.  Members bring side dishes.  Beer will be provided by SPOKES.  Members are encouraged to bring side dishes and additional beverages of choice.

Going up Sunday the 17th to pick up stuff from the shed.  Tables – Camp chairs.  Members and guests are invited – in addition to the Demo day participants. Dave Magill – morning will have trail liaison training.  Tour and talk – no actual work.   Add this to the messaging. 9:30 AM EZ-up set-up.  As many as possible.  Any desire for more extensive riding?  Will be up to riders to have self guided tours to area trails.     Need help with volunteers.  Ladies only rides.  Ride with the MORE board.    Board members should arrive at 9-9:30.

Occoquan re-opening is same day so some people will have to leave after lunch to participate in both events.


Steve Dontigny

  • MoCo Epic.  70 people so far.  Whole foods will not be main sponsor this year, we need a new anchor sponsor.  Steve will be contacting and considering Food truck vendors to provide food.  Aid station support.  Mobile operations – 50/50 shops mobile and bricks/mortar.  User groups.  Sponsors.  Columbus day weekend.   6, 7 October.
  • Action item (Steve D) – need to hold a MoCo committee meeting.
  • Thinking of creating a MoCo jersey with map may as an option this year.
  • Party sales are good.
  • New 15 mile loop.  SRT-Schaefer PepCo trail.  Consider whether to include in any of the rides
  • Action Item (Steve H)  to contact Eric about Patapsco storm damage- More website can be activated
  • $3500 spent on bridge designs under RTP grants will not be reimbursed, due to changes in Federal interpretations.  $100,000 at Patapsco Resubmit grants – start the clock over – 30,000 at River’s Edge – NEPA almost done-.
  • Website – Facebook  updates.  Bob – admin to FB.  plug ins renewed.  Need to reimburse Martin.  Web page – should be able to push things to FB and Meetup.
  • Action Item (Steve H)  Get all the communications people together.  Decide who has access and how.  IT policy review.  Agree on ground rules.  Agree on who does what.

Tom Howe

  • Trailcare works – a donation app.  It can be set to track every time you upload to strava.  Can pay with a credit card.  Not automatic – you decide which rides and parks you contribute to.
  • More mountain bike meet-up group has 165 while DC/VA/MD meetup has over 4,000.  Two or three messages.  Get them to use trail care, join.  FB – DC are mountain bike trail status.  Cross posting ?

 Ernest Rodriguez 

  • Trail forks  –  we are their contact to identify legal vs. social trails in our areas.  There was a discussion about us getting tasked by others to build their brands such as Cycle lifeHQ.
  • Blue ridge trail council – PR firm will donate.  Invite the board to ride the blue ridge.  Reimbursement for expenses.  Roanoake to NC border area.
  • Action Item (Steve H)– who is MORE 2018 flyer
  • June 30 Angelica theater – Merrifield.  MORE is sponsoring the movie North of Nightfall.


Carlos Alfaro

  • Mt. Vernon park Come on Monday the 25th to Mt. Vernon rec center.  Tom, Jeff, Steve D. and Carlo will there and will e-mail to all the locals.
  • DC parks and rec – bike facility in one of their parks in Anacostia.  Plan to open and construct an outdoor rec facility.  Exercise equipment and pump track.  DCMTB and local co-op to teach them bike repair.  Flat area near the river, very active, courts.  Near Oxen Cove.

Jeff Niner

  • Damage to trails resulting from riding wet trails – organizing trailwork days.



  • Jungle time.  Trails are overgrown.  We should only buy commercial hedge trimmers.  MORE offering to support liaisons in coming up with funds for these.











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