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June Meeting Minutes

June 8 2015
Germantown Soccerplex
7:00-9:00 pm


Scot Davison
Bob Compton
Ernest (Ernie) Rodriguez
Dave Magill
Martin Fernandez(Dial in)
Russ Adams (Dial in)
Brian Balas (Dial in)
Holly Fischer
Ryan Delaney

Events and Advocacy Updates (Ernie Rodriguez)

  • Tour de Fat Recap
    • Huge success, say thanks to Joel Gwadz, Dave Ferraro, Rob Lowe, Lizzie Camstra, etc. when you see them!
  • NVRPA Advocacy Update
    • Receptive ear at NVRPA (finally!) for other parks and trails
    • MORE has submitted a letter asking for three different access opportunities
    • Potomac Heritage Trail From Riverbend to Algonkian Parks along the Potomac River
    • Bull Run Occoquan Trail from Fountainhead to Bull Run Park
    • Occoquan Regional Park Trail Development (Partnership w/ Bikenetic)
  • We anticipate a favorable reception and at least one cooperative yes
  • IMBA Regional Summit
    • Ernie attended on behalf of MORE (he’s sorry to have missed the Tour de Fat)
    • Great opportunity to learn, network with other advocates and IMBA staff…encourages other MORE folks to attend in 2017 (Pittsburgh is the leading candidate for host so far)
    • Great networking opportunity
    • Learning from other chapter leaders
    • Helping other chapters become successful
    • IMBA World Summit will take the regional summit’s place in 2016

MORE Financials (Bob Compton)

  • Bob explains MORE’s financial controls and monthly finance/billing cycle to new MORE members
  • Bob and Kevin Adams (Assistant Treasurer) collaborate and check each other’s work to create the monthly budget to actual comparison we share with board, members, etc.
  • May YTD actual is roughly $3000 low in general revenue, due mostly to membership revenues being below budget
  • Roughly $3000 under budget in restricted funds/project expenditures for the year (bills anticipated later in the year)
  • Epic series revenues are starting to pick up as we get closer to the events
  • Look for the financial statements on MORE’s forum for more details

Trails Update (Dave Magill)

  • Brunswick, MD Trail Development
  • MORE member Carlo Alfano received approval from the town of Brunswick for XC trails and a bike park at the town athletic facility.
  • Carlo has stepped up to be MORE Liaison
  • Looking at pro-design for the flagline and volunteer labor for corridor clearing
  • Ask from the Carlo is to co-advertise the trail opportunity/call for volunteers.
    • ACTION ITEM (Delaney)- Coordinate with Carlo to get mention in next Trailhead News
  • Dave Magill moves to vote on authorizing the creation of new Special Purpose Fund for Brunswick Trail System and Bike Park to assist with fundraising
    • Seconded by Ernest Rodriguez
    • Unanimously passed by board.
  • Anne Arundel Gazette interviewed Dave Magill, and liaisons Mike Klasmeier and Phil Rollison about Crownsville trail system…word is out there!

Operations Update (Martin Fernandez)

  •  Clarification on how the board responds to member/sponsor/etc. inquiries
    • Martin (Operations Director) reviews incoming queries and disseminates to appropriate board or staff
    • A digest is available on the MORE website for board members
  • Social media- MORE Instagram (tag @moremtb) is live, Martin asks for contributions from board and staff, and will provide login to our accounts
  • Martin to add MORE PO Box address to website for contact purposes (see Contact page for our mailing address moving forward)

Event Status Report (Holly Fisher)

  • Summer Festival- Registrations just over 100, but registration is encouraged, not required.
    • Members, RSVP if you intend to come!
    • Helps plan for Food
    • Helps plan for parking
    • Helps plan for number of volunteers needed for events
    • Helps attract sponsors to support the event
  • Sponsorship is rolling in, but still looking for one more rest stop sponsor.
    • Mostly in-kind donations so far, few cash sponsors, but we in good shape with the budget
  • Cash donations are always welcome to support the event
  • Epics
    • Roughly 50% increase in registrations from this time last year (Patapsco: 52 registered riders; MoCo 30 registered riders currently)
      • We anticipate hitting our permit cap of 550 riders for the Patapsco Epic(volunteers, friends and family, etc. don’t count against our total)
      • Both Epics will be adding 15 mile routes as adult rides and as the Junior Epics (led and swept for the juniors)
      • Participant feedback indicates MoCo is a maturing event, and it may be time to think about what the event means to the club and its participants…is it primarily a membership driver, a fundraiser, an event or experience for riders, etc.?
      • Something for local epic committees and the board to think about moving into the 2016-2017 event seasons
  • Observations from Holly re: Fairland Park
    • Some trail signs are branded with Fairland Mountain Bikers and Park logo’s
    • MORE encourages Meetup Rides at Fairland
    • There are other parks with active “friends of the trails” groups
    • Ernie and Dave to consider and support options for collaboration at Fairland Park

MORE SWOT and Membership Drive Analysis

  • MORE SWOT presentation (Ryan Delaney)
    • PPT/notes attached
    • Board/Staff to have work sessions on strategic planning topics to begin addressing our opportunities moving forward.

Other/Miscellaneous Business

  • CFC- MORE is now on the Combined Federal Campaign. (Ernie Rodriguez)
    • MORE to develop targeted marketing
    • Dave Magill motioned to establish a special purpose fund to collect money to be used for targeted marketing for the CFC.
    • Bob Compton Seconded
    • Unanimously Passed
  • Loch Raven Event July 11th (Ryan Delaney)
    • Details to be distributed to board members
    • Baltimore Mayor/Council invited
  • Baltimore City Pumptrack (Ernie Rodriguez)
    • In collaboration with Handlebar Café and Bike Maryland
    • MORE to help facilitate/provide expertise

Board and Staff Activity Reports for May (Board Meeting Read Aheads)

Dave Magill (Trails Director)

  •  MC PSC formally conditioned the Pepco Exelon merger on Pepco pursuing pilot paved and unpaved trails along their power line corridor from Montgomery Mall to the Soccerplex.  The first step is to be a desing study for an unpaved trail from Muddy Branch to the Soccerplex funded by Pepco.  This will start if/when the merger formally closes.
  • Recruited new trail liaison for Seneca Bluffs (Alex Bernard)
  • Supported efforts of MORE members in Brunswick MD to obtain approval for a new 3-4 mile trail in their town, to be built by volunteers
  • Mike Manteuffel and Todd Bauer submitted a $10k grant request to Clif Bar for enhancements to the Germantown pump track
  • Executed the agreements to fund working capital for TC’s $40k grant at Emmitsburg, Austin has begun work.
  • Tom Newton submitted the GPS track for Patuxent to DNR, final steps for approval are now underway.
  • Sent email to all MD trail liaisons for projects to consider for FY2016 RTP grants due July 1.  Looks like the only candidate ready this year may be Patuxent.  Like Emmitsburg, this will be a multiyear $100k plus project.

Ernest (Ernie) Rodriguez (President)

  • Attended IMBA Regional Summit – this is a great opportunity to meet and network with chapter leaders within our region.  The seminars were very informative and provided opportunity to share our tactics for success in grants, volunteers, work days, advocacy and hosting events.  We had speakers from the Forest Service, Outdoor Alliance, National Streams and Rivers Monuments and others who gave us insight into their internal processes.
  • Sent official letter for permission to Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority asking for access to and cooperative trail maintenance/sustainability for Potomac Heritage Trail between River Bend and Algonkian, Bull Run and Occoquan Regional Park.
  • Meetings with Phil Troutman representing Bikenectic for fundraising and trail building opportunities at Occoquan Regional Park.
  • Agreed to have Ryan represent MORE in short tourism video for Fairfax County highlighting Fountainhead Regional Park and county riding opportunities.
  • Will be speaking at the Lake Fairfax Park ribbon cutting with Fairfax county executives.  This is for a new bridge.  Frank Raiti continues to do awesome work.
  • Connected Eric Crawford and Melanie Nystrom with Niko Kalargyros for possible pump track in Baltimore City.
  • Attended Dirtfest at Raystown – as always, represented MORE.

Martin Fernandez (Operations Director)

  • Addressed issues with and in partnership with Jason Ashmore
  • Exploring why site is experiencing issues, working on a solution
  • Major overhaul of the Epics site to come to address these issues
  • Responded to several member inquiries on the site and disseminated them to appropriate board members.

Ryan Delaney (Associate Region Director)

  • Attended/worked Mid Atlantic Regional Summit
  • Assisted with event logistics for Tour de Fat (sorry to miss it!)
  • MORE/IMBA Spring Membership drive 68 new members, 54 renewals in 2 months…membership dollars up, but membership #s slightly down
  • Loch Raven- Property owner outreach on track, REI grant submitted (decision expected late June), formal kick off/donor event for stakeholders and elected officials planned w/ Bike MD, GVC, BikeMORE for 7/11
  • NVRPA Policy memo and outreach, continuing our quest for access to other NOVA Parks trails
  • Cliffs of Occoquan Legislative campaign- trail advocates lost the battle for the scenic route along the Cliffside, but alternative routes are being assessed
  • Frederick Watershed committee work progressing, into trail assessments and recommended trails network
  • Loudoun Outreach- Presentations to Purcellville Parks and Rec Board on trail/bike park opportunities, project funding favorably recieved
  • MTB Project Mapping fieldwork completed at Emmitsburg, Meadowood and Arlington, MORE to have access to data and photos for marketing. Post-processing to begin 2nd week of June
  • NPS/DC access- Ongoing discussions with OA Policy staff, REI Outreach folks, ATR, PATC and PHTA about advocacy strategy
  • Began outlining blogs, potential magazine articles on urban riding, Loch Raven, and chapter involvement in the Summit in collaboration with other IMBA staff

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