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February 2020 Board Activity Reports


MORE’s Winter Membership Meeting serves as our February Board meeting.

Activity reports for January 

President - Ernie Rodgriguez:

  • Finalize Track-it-Forward volunteer hour uploading with ride trail work leaders
  • Work with Eric Crawford on Honor Roll for Winter Membership Meeting
  • Work with Andrew Meito and Sharon Maloid on t-shirt for Winter Membership Meeting
  • Worked with Sharon on award categories and awards for Winter Membership Meeting recognition
  • Secured keynote speaker (Dave Wiens) for Winter Membership Meeting
  • Post Patuxent bidders package on MORE’s website for upcoming contracted work at Patuxent River State Park
  • Work with Neil Blake on donor letters for donations to MORE above $250
  • Post MORE’s Executive Director job announcement on Facebook Jobs
  • Compiling resumes for Executive Director search committee
  • Working with Spring Fling Committee, planning MORE’s Spring Fling May 16th
  • Attend and participate in strategy session with Arlington MTBing to get trails in Arlington County
  • Add and delete members to Liaison distribution list
  • Working with Mike Pellerin to obtain or renew liability insurance for 2020, current policy expires in March

General observations at Winter Membership Meeting

  • Rob estimates about 170 attendees
  • Mauricio estimates 60 pre-party riders at Northwest Branch
  • Strategy to have area/regional leaders present awards was a huge success
  • Dave Wiens keynote address was well received
  • Casey Anderson’s address and call to action was very well received
  • 2020 Winter Membership Meeting t-shirts were a big hit
  • List of Winter Membership awards listed below
    • Frederick/Emmitsburg/Brunswick 
    • Jenny Willoughby - Land Manager of the Year
    • Clyde Hicks - Trail Builder of the Year
    • Tony Gipe - Volunteer of the Year
    • Dan Green - Key Leader, Frederick Watershed
    • MoCo
    • Shea Neiman - Land Manager of the Year
    • David Caramanica - Ride Leader of the Year
    • Frank Comer - Trail Builder of the Year
    • Artaun Soleimani - Up and Coming Volunteer
    • AA Co
    • David Beugelmans - Trail Builder of the Year
    • Brad Snakenberg - Trail Maintainer of the Year
    • Trevor Ellis - Key Leader, Anne Arundel Co 
    • Michael Berry - Key Volunteer
    • Patapsco Valley State Park
    • Rob Dyke - Land Manager of the Year PVSP
    • Debbie Cleaver - Ride Leader PVSP
    • Craig Pool - Ride Leader PVSP
    • Tim VanVranken - Trail Builder of the Year
    • NoVa
    • Cathy Riedel - Key Leader, NoVa
    • Tony Watkins - Trail Builder of the Year
    • The Bike Lane Team - Volunteer of the Year
    • From the board
    • Scott Scudamore Lifetime Achievement Award - Eric Crawford
    • Maryland Interscholastic Cycling Association - Partner of the Year

Communications - Andrew Melito

  • Focused on Winter Membership Meeting Communications:
    • Designed T-Shirt for event
    • Created Slideshow that ran during the meeting, highlighting 2019 events and volunteers
    • Managed email campaign, gaining 3,074 unique opens and 215 unique visits to the event page with the following communications:
      • Save the date (723 opens, 20 clicks)
      • 2 week email (732 opens, 58 clicks)
      • 1 week email (800 opens, 59 clicks)
      • Last call email (819 opens, 78 clicks)
    • Posted Instagram/Facebook posts at the same schedule as emails. Instagram posts reached 2,300 and drove 19 clicks to the event page.
    • Total reach of the event page was 7,900, with 282 response (either going [84] or interested [198])
    • During the ride and event, I worked on setup and posted pictures/videos of the ride and party.
  • Will Nichols Instagram takeover:
    • Will posted 13 times in one week with a total of over 100 images posted covering events, volunteers, women and family, creating the highest amount of likes/engagement we’ve seen so far from the site. 

Vice President - David Beugelmans

  • Assisted with scheduling for and notice of 2020 board meetings
  • Attended Anne Arundel County regional trail strategy meeting
  • Discussed MORE Summer Festival coordination with City of Annapolis Economic Development Director
  • Attended IMBA “Singletrack Society” donor ride
  • Contacted East Coast Greenway regarding inclusion of singletrack spurs into trail network 
  • Waterworks
    • Conduct general maintenance
    • Flagged and rerouted entrance to parking lot
    • Flagged and received city approval to construct new 1.5 mile loop
    • Received city approval for road access to install enhanced boardwalk
    • 26 volunteer hours total

MD Advocacy Director - Dave Magill

  • Worked with Kathy Mihm and Schaeffer Team to draft and submit an RTP grant request for $20k to new maps, posts and kiosks in southwest MoCo covering Seneca Creek State Park and the MoCo South Loop
  • Worked with Tom Newton to issue Invitation for Bids for professional trailbuilding at Patuxent and contact potential trail builders
  • Helped coordinate very successful turnout to testify at MoCo capital budget hearings in favor of trail plans and the trail building crew
  • Helped recruit new co-liaisons for Greenbrier (Julie and Bernie McGroarty) and Little Bennett (Matt McNiesh)
  • Organized the collection of 2019 trail statistics, showing MORE added 50 miles of new trail in 2019.
  • Trail work days and flagging at Patuxent
  • Assisted in writing job description for replacement Executive Director/MoCoEpic Manager

VA Advocacy Director - Tom Howe

  • VA Advocacy
    • Coordinating with VA liaisons to plan for Trail Work days
  • 2020 Winter Membership Meeting
    • As VA regional leader, gave recognition to and presented awards to The Bike Line Team as Volunteer of the Year, Tony Watkins as Trail Builder of the Year, and Cathy Riedel as Key Leader
  • Spring Fling
    • Working with the committee to plan and organize the event to be held Saturday, May 16th at Lake Fairfax Park
  • Wakefield Park
    • Planning for Spring Trail Work series with co-liaisons

Activities Director - Sharon Maloid

  • Winter Membership Meeting 2020 was 01 February at the Gwendolyn Coffield Community Center, SilverSpring, MD, with plenty of BBQ prepared by Cafe Java Cruiser, the Bike Lane served beverages and members contributed with potluck dishes to share.  Presentations were made for the Scott Scudamore Lifetime Achievement awarded to Eric Crawford, Partner of the Year to the Maryland Interscholastic Cycling League, and the Area/Regional awards were announced by the leaders of those areas. The keynote speaker was Dave Wiens, who also was able to participate in the pre-ride on the Northwest Branch Trails. Overall, there was excellent member attendance at both the pre-ride and the meeting. Member feedback was the social media advertising, award presentation format and the volunteer recognition t-shirts were very well received.
  • Spring Fling will be 16 May, Lake Fairfax Park, Reston, VA. Tom Howe and the planning committee are actively working to organize the event. There will be rides, clinics, a lunch picnic with the Cafe Java Cruiser and members to bring a dish to share. More details to come.
  • Summer Picnic will be Saturday 13 June and part of the Summer Festival that is being planned for the weekend of 11-14 June in Annapolis, MD. Planning to be started soon and will include demos, rides, etc., featuring the trails at Bacon Ridge and Waterworks. More details to come.
  • Fall Campout will be 18 - 20 September, Big Bear Camplands, Bruceton, WV. Date and venue set, other planning pending.

Membership Director - Rob Lowe

  • January Membership Notices and Thank You’s to Joiners and Renewals
  • Year End Membership Summary
  • BoD Transition Meeting 
  • Spring Fling Meetings (2)
  • Arlington County MTB Advocacy Mtg with Ernie.
  • Winter Membership Meeting, Setup, Checkin/Membership At Table, Cleanup
    • Tom Howe also did much of the membership/donation at Meeting, Square system worked very well - 4 Memberships, 1 Donation - $239 Collected.  
  • Lead Rides at Wakefield
  • Random TW at Wakefield, Trailwork Planning for Spring 2020.

Treasurer - Neil Blake

  • Engaged a new CPA firm to assist with the preparation and filing of the tax return, Form 990, and also the review of the financial statements
  • Sent various documents and financial related items to the CPA to prepare for the 2019 tax return and financials
  • Attended the Winter Meeting
  • Filed the 1099s
  • Assisted with the preparation of the donation letters
  • Completed the monthly financials for January 2020

TrailBoss - Mauricio Carvaho

  • BoD Transition Meeting
  • Participated in Trail work day in Patuxent

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