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December Board of Directors Meeting Minutes + Activity Reports

Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE) Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, December 12, 2016, 7PM-9PM

Location: 7979 Old Georgetown Rd, Suite 1100, Bethesda, MD

MORE Dec 2016 Board Mtg Agenda

Board Members Present:

  1. Ernie Rodriguez, President
  2. Rob Lowe, Vice-President
  3. Dave Magill, Trails Director
  4. Aaron Richter, Treasurer
  5. Greg Dwyer, Operations Director

MORE Staff and Members Present:

  1. Steve DonTigny, Executive Director
  2. Jonah Meyers, Vice-Treasurer


Item #1: Club Financials and Proposed 2017 Budget (Aaron)

Board held a discussion of 2016 Budget, with information current through 12 December. Discussion ensued of 2017 vs. 2016 budget and planning for 2017. Insurance will go up in 2017. Winter membership meeting should have lower costs vs. 2016 meeting. Proposal tabled to insert a budget line item for the MORE 25th Gala Anniversary; new Activities Director would update the budget and provide details as needed. Several questions were posed regarding the 25th Anniversary Gala—Ernie recommended the new Activities Director address this during the next board meeting, along with full Board discussion. A proposal was tabled to budget $5,000 for the 25th Anniversary Gala. A proposal tabled for the Board (Operations Director & membership) to look at which domain names are redundant or unnecessary in 2107 so MORE can save additional funds. Motion was passed for current Board to vote on 2017 budget via email.


Item #2: MoCo Epic Recap and 2017 Planning (Steve DonTigny)

Meeting was held last week in Boyds, MD. After a very successful 2016 event, Todd announced he would not be in a position to manage the event in 2017. The MoCo wrap-up group recommended and requested for an event planner to organize the 2107 Epic. One suggestion was for MORE Executive Director Steve DonTigny to take over management of the event in 2017. An additional proposal made by the group was for increased collaboration with Montgomery County Government, specifically, MoCo Parks and Planning. MoCo Government may be able to support the Epic directly, for example, in use of County support facilities, permitting support, and event planning/safety/outreach logistics. MoCo Epic is a signature event and a primary fundraiser for MORE. Motion for consideration: for Steve D-T to assume additional duties as the MoCo epic coordinator upon acceptance by the MORE MoCo Epic committee. Vote: Passed–All in favor. [Note: subsequent to the board meeting the MoCo Epic committee agreed to have Steve as 2017 event manager]


Item #3: NOVA Fundraiser Ride Event (All)

Board will explore possibility of a NOVA fundraiser ride event in the spring after onboarding of new VA Advocacy Director and Activities Director. Ernie: Organized ride events is the most successful way that MORE brings in new members. Not renewal emails, meetings, or other events.


Item #4: MORE Fundraising (Steve DonTigny)

Proposed to set a goal of bringing in $50K in 2017 for unrestricted funds coffers from all sources combined, to include online giving, store/merchandise sales, grants, sponsorships, increased memberships, corporate giving, etc. Retaining members is critical. Better trailhead signage is also critical in advertising MORE’s activities. With loss of Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) revenue in 2017 (NB: MORE missed the 2016 deadline to be included in the 2017 CFC giving catalogue but plans to be back in the catalogue for 2018), MORE needs to focus on the CFC donations we’ve missed. The 2018 window is 15 December 2016 to 15 January 2017. Ernie: MORE receives a list of CFC donors that we use to thank and recognize CFC donors. Steve DonTigny: With respect to my 2017 goal of $50K, I propose we begin with a small committee of MORE members and at least one Board member. Ernie: We have both and individual donor list and a members list from the past two years.

Item #5: MORE Board Elections (Ernie)

Voting closes on December 19th. Reminder for all MORE members to vote!

Item #6: 25th Anniversary Logo and 25th Anniversary Gala (All)

Request for Jason Miller to email the final logo to the Board for a final review and vote. 25th Gala Anniversary Event: Looking into a timeline/history of MORE that can be presented at the gala event in June 2017. IMBA senior leadership should be present and have a speaking role. Ernie: suggested forming a committee with the new Activities Director and Karen Garnett (volunteer leader).

Item #7: Winter Member Meeting February 4th (Rob)

Board needs to follow-up w/Russ Adams regarding updates/status of the Winter Meeting. Club Enduro will be researched with Brad Hawk. Question for the Board: should MORE continue Club Enduro? Russ Adams plans on giving away two Cannondale bikes (purchased using personal funds). We would like to have a professional video produced by one of the members for the winter meeting. Event will be a potluck, but need to follow-up on the food that MORE will supply.

Item #8: MORE Board Transition meeting (Ernie & Dave)

Meeting will be held January 8th (10AM-3PM) at the office of Dave Magill.

Item #9: IMBA Status (Ernie)

Ernie has been on a few rides w/Bruce Alt of IMBA (Vice-President of Government Affairs). IMBA is in a process of re-inventing the organization, and its main challenge is for it to remain financially viable and show value to the Chapter program. Ernie has been participating in chapter leader teleconferences providing advice and feedback to IMBA since the Arkansas world summit.

Item #10: Trails Report for Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.

Maryland—Dave Magill

Brunswick: Carlo Alfano is optimistic for further funds from the City. Building another two to three miles in 2017. Frederick: City of Frederick has voted unanimously to adopt the watershed master plan. For the trails portion of the plan, the main focus is in upgrading and re-working of existing trails. MORE’s near term focus will be on creating a map. Emmitsburg: Nothing to report. Patuxent: MD State Highway Administration approval received to spend $10K on permit applications. MoCo: Team will work w/Casey Anderson and MoCo Parks on trail building priorities for 2017 and beyond. TROT and Dave Scull informed us that Sunday hunting may happen on private lands in MoCo. Patapsco: Volunteers hit 3,000 hours! Bacon Ridge: Michael Klasmeier organized 2,000 hrs. of trail work and knocked out four miles of trail! Amazing work and organization by Michael and his team. Pepco update (Muddy branch Trail to the Germantown Soccerplex in MoCo): Pepco will pay for permitting for the natural surface trail of approximately 4.5 miles. Dave Scull needs to draft up a use agreement in order for access to be granted to flag and map the proposed route. Cosca: progress is being made on 4.5 miles of new trails. 

Virginia Report—Ernie Rodriguez

Fountainhead: Looking to establish some downhill features on the Fountainhead black loop. Lake Fairfax Park (Frank, et. al): things are looking good. Mt. Vernon: still no bikes permitted. Ernie spoke to Fairfax Co. officials. BROT: nothing new to report. The good momentum at BROT needs to be maintained through a trail cleanup day or other activity.

Track It Forward: MORE has seen a large increase our registered users and this is costing the organization money. We will complete 2016 using TiF but will evaluate lower cost alternatives in 2017.

Item #11: Final 2016 Trailhead News (All)

Should include goals for 2017, financials for 2106, big events in 2017, new Board members, accomplishments, and plans. Proposal is for new Membership Director to put this out in early February to summarize 2016.


November 2016 Activity Reports (Board, Staff, and Members):


Steve DonTigny

  • 2016 Trails Symposium
  • YTD Status of Coalition and Work Group Sessions
  • IMBA Tacking App Conference Call
  • Executive Committee Meeting
  • Bacon Ridge Trail work Day
  • Capitol Cross Scud Fries
  • FCPA Meeting with Supervisor Dan Storck-Mount Vernon Park trails
  • Lake Accotink Park Master Plan Revision Meeting-Trails Meeting
  • Potomac Heritage Trail Assoc. BOD Meeting
  • 4 Mile Run Master Plan Open Studio
  • Earth Conservation Corp Roundtable Discussion -State of our Public lands
  • American Trails Webinar
  • Powerful Partnerships: Lessons Learned on Leveraging Public-Private Funding for Trails
  • MoCo Epic Wrap Up Meeting
  • Executive Committee Meeting
  • Outdoor Alliance partners Trail ride

Aaron Richter

  • Drafted expense reports
  • Prepared MD registration

Ernie Rodriguez

  • Submitted proposed logo for MORE’s 25th anniversary
  • Worked on 2017 Budget proposal with Dave Magill
  • Lead two rides with IMBA VIP Bruce Alt to discuss upcoming changes at IMBA
  • Participate in IMBA’s chapter leaders survey, follow-up teleconference and key leader input
  • Sent out end-of-year donation membership appeal
  • Sent out reminders to lapsed and expired members for MORE membership
  • Sent out reminders to members who’s membership expires in December
  • Sent out “Thank You” notes to members joining, renewing and making donations to MORE
  • Meeting with Supervisor Storck (Mount Vernon District) Fairfax County regarding losing access to Mount Vernon Park trails
  • Two discussions with Fairfax County Park Authority board member Lynwood Gorham regarding access to Mount Vernon Trails
  • Participated in Bacon Ridge trail work day
  • Attended MoCo Epic wrap-up meeting and planning session
  • Participated in REI’s National Trails Coalition collaborative ride and networking event in DC
  • Participated in Outdoor Alliance preliminary organizational ride and discussions for uniting with paddlers, boaters and climbers to advocate for access for outdoor recreation
  • Working with Russ Adams and Karen Garnett to form committee for 25th anniversary gala
  • Working with Carlos Alfaro to plan, organize and ride first annual Tour-de-Mount Vernon ride

Larry Cautelli

Virginia Advocacy

  • Multiple phone calls and E-Mails with Fountainhead Downhill and Free Ride Group.
  • Joined Facebook pages for DH group and FH Freeride
  • Two Hour meeting with NOVA Parks
    • Discussed: Free Ride build on Black Loop
      • BROT Redesign and RTP
      • Scud dedication Bench
    • Attended Accotink Trails Meeting – Wrote up minutes and personal interpretation of

Dave Magill

  • Pepco trail design meetings
  • MoCo Epic team meeting – approach for 2017
  • Knee surgery
  • Discussed pros and cons of forming a Friends group with a liaison
  • Assisted in arranging loans for TC’s build work at

Jonah Meyers

  • Fundraising
  • Mid-Atlantic outdoor advocacy networking
  • Patuxent RTP procurement work
  • Donations tracking for end-of-year donation

Greg Dwyer

  • Drafted, circulated for approval, and posted November Board meeting minutes on the MORE website
  • Provided input for MORE’s 25th anniversary logo
  • Fundraising: Initiated corporate donor outreach to DC

Jason Miller

-No input

Russ Adams

-No input received

Rob Lowe

-No input received

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