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December 2019 Board Meeting


December 10, 2019


December 2019 - Board of Directors Meeting


Present at meeting

Ernie Rodriguez - President

Steve DonTigny - Executive Director

Tom Howe - VA Advocacy Director

Sharon Maloid - Activities Director

Bob Caverly - Vice President

Dave Magill - MD Advocacy Director

Neil Blake – Treasurer by phone

Rob Lowe – Membership Director

Not present at meeting

Andrew Melito - Communications Director


Meeting Minutes

Neil Blake – Financials

Discussion and fine tune 2020 budget proposal with input from board members. Neil will incorporate input into draft 2020 budget and circulate for approval this week. Dave, Tom, Ernie and Rob will review Restricted Fund payments and projections for 2019 and 2020 for final 2020 budget.

New restricted accounts have been created for AA Blur and Frederick Snallygasters sMOREs racing teams.

Motion to sponsor NICA Maryland Interscholastic Cycling League and Trails for Youth in the amounts of $1,000 and $500 in 2019. Motion seconded by Tom Howe and unanimously approved

 Elections - All

Jason Miller will run the board elections. Two emails have been sent out to members from IMBA/MORE’s CiVi CRM email system. Discussion of advertising on social media was discussed. Dates for election nominations are November 25 to December 13, nomination should be submitted to Voting December 16 to December 27 and results posted January 3, 2020 

Liaison Vision - All

Dave, Tom and Ernie have been busy asking for information to create both the 2020 and 2025 Liaison Vision. Asked for input and updates by end of November and are now following up with each liaison. Liaison Vision is important to identify and communicate projects MORE liaisons are working on, help fundraise and recruit volunteers to complete trail projects. Dave recommended and all members agreed, our financial statement should include a section identifying trail projects, status and value.

Year End Donations - Ernie

Campaign for year-end giving is underway. Giving Tuesday should be great as one of our long time members matched the first $1,000 donations.

CFC - Ernie

Ernie started the 2021 application process as MORE was disqualified from the 2020 campaign because we did not utilize accrual based accounting or have audited financial results. 

Activities - Sharon

MORE Winter Membership Meeting (Sat, 2/1)

  • Location – Gwendolyn Coffield Community Center
  • Pot-Luck event with MORE providing some entrees
  • Possible guest Speaker, Dave Wiens from IMBA
  • MORE/IMBA will host a Singletrack Society Ride / Fundraiser – 10 AM
  • MORE will present the Scott Scudamore Lifetime Achievement Award and Partnership Award
  • New this year, Key Leaders across the club will recognize regional volunteers
  • We still need a historical listing of BoD positions and previous awards (Leverage 25th Annual Gala); Post in About MORE as PDF / Word Document; Timeline; Historian function is currently spread across roles and may need an official position

Spring Fling (TBD)

  • Due to conflicts with other events the date will need to be revisited
  • The committee will reconvene with the first meeting Monday December 16, 2019

Summer Picnic Festival

  • Mike Klasmeier and David Beugelmans to host at Bacon Ridge and Waterworks
  • This is going to be a great weekend of activities beginning with set-up on Thursday June 11th and continue with Rides, Demo’s and clinics through Sunday June 14th

Fall Camping Trip

  • September 18 - 20
  • Location: Big Bear


  • October 10 & 11
  • It’s never too early to plan, we’ll be seeking volunteers to begin the planning process 

Transition Meeting

  • January 12th
  • Location at Dave’s office at Competitive Power Solutions in Silver Spring
  • Strategic workshop and planning 

Activity Reports:

Ernie Rodriguez – President

  • Thank you emails to donors
  • Work to form Prince William County Trails Coalition
  • Attend MoCo Epic debrief meeting
  • Pay contractor bills for Frederick Watershed and Locust Shade projects
  • Working with Dave and Tom for both 2020 and 2025 liaison vision documents
  • Working with Sharon for venue for Winter Membership Meeting
  • Working with Sharon and regional MORE leaders to plan regionally based recognition at Winter Membership Meeting February 1, 2020
  • Completed training and working on National Capital Area Combined Federal Campaign
  • Final project report-out to REI for Locust Shade Park project
  • Planning a March 1st2020 grand opening for Locust Shade

Steve DonTigny – Executive Director

  • Bank deposits
  • PHTA BOD meeting
  • Capital Trails Symposium
  • Prince William County Trails Stakeholder meeting
  • American Trails webinars
  • MoCo Epic Team meeting, close out books
  • BikenetiCX event
  • Cap Cross Event support

Bob Caverly – Vice President

  • MoCo Epic Review meeting 
  • Worked on SGBP Shed to complete roofing of extension
  • Participated in email discussions/planning for:
    • New mappping project for SCSP/MoCo trails
    • Replacement Bridge Build for SRT

Neil Blake – Treasurer

  • Working with Ernie and Kurt to complete 2018 Review of financial statements
  • Working on year end books for 2019
  • Working on 2020 budget
  • Daily updates to accounting activities

Dave Magill – MD Advocacy Director

  • Three sessions of flagging Pax trails, including a review with land manager
  • Work on drafting the first RFP for Pax trail construction by a professional
  • Assist and support Frederick Watershed team on a non-RTP contract for improvements to the Catoctin blue trail near the new downhill trails.  $23k contract was approved by the board and executed, with work expected to begin mid December
  • Continued work on SCSP map replacement project, team working to upgrade and expand intersection maps to cover 30-40 intersections.  Hald meeting with SCSP management to present the concept and understand additional wayfinding requirements
  • Procured approx. 60 tools requested by liaisons.  Put MORE labels on all tools, preparing to distribute them as soon as last tools arrive.  Also ordered 40 dozen work gloves with MORE logo on them
  • Reviewed and provided comments on MORE 2020 budget. Worked on finalizing MOCo Epic 2019 P&L
  • Worked on trail vision statement for MoCo West for 2020-2025
  • Reviewed MoCoEpic survey results, participated in MoCo team meeting to develop ideas for improving the event next year

Tom Howe – VA Advocacy Director

  • Coordinated with Ernie on the submission of the grant progress follow-up report for the use of the REI funds at  Locust Shade
    • Approved $6030 payment for the construction of an additional 1340 linear feet on the advanced trail / black loop to Ironwood Outdoors from the Locust Shade restricted fund as part of our NPS cost share grant
    • Approved $500 payment to Ironwood Outdoors for work performed during Nov 9 trail work day at Wakefield Park from the Wakefield Park restricted fund
    • Attended the NOVA Parks 60th Anniversary Gala with Ernie at The River View at the Jean R. Packard Center at Occoquan Park
    • Planning to follow-up with VA Liaisons regarding 2020 / 2025 Liasion Vision for VA trails
  • Spring Fling
    • Date set for Saturday, May 2, 2020
    • Scheduling first committee meeting for next Monday, Dec 16

Rob Lowe – Membership Director

  • Membership Processing
    • Another month of beating the average though barely/less than it looks due to increase in Monthly Members from 2018 
  • Big Take Away - Notes from last month
    • Events and IMBA Membership Drives do bring in Members who have expired 6+ Months or more.  
    • 123 Members who do $100 or More via IMBA Memberships that is worth $18245.  
    • 11 Monthly Members who give $120 or $180 a year so that's another $1500 so almost 1/3rd of our Membership money comes from 134 Members.  
    • So that leads to Schwag at Current Levels
    • 100 -> 249 - Socks - 109 Members  $11595 = 11595/109  = $106 Avg before IMBA so $91 before Socks.
    • 250 and Up - Jersey or Vest - 25 Members at $8250 - $330 Avg before IMBA so $315 before Jersey.
    • Cost for Socks – vary dependent on set-up, logo and text
    • Cost for Jersey or Vest - vary dependent on design, supplier, and quantity
    • Cost to Ship – dependent on item, weight and additional content
    • 10% Growth in Lower Group = 120 Next Year
    • 2 Members Growth = 5 Members Growth in Larger Donors  = 30 Next Year
  • This should all be in Memberships Budget for fulfillment even if right now Ernie and Steve physically handle fulfillment.
  • See appendix A for graphic analysis

Andrew Melito – Communications Director

  • Sent out Fall Newsletter
  • Sent out Giving Tuesday email
  • Created generic email template
  • Amazon email sent out
  • Began work brainstorming look/feel for winter membership meeting

Sharon Maloid – Activities Director

  • Winter Meeting - 01 February 2020
  • Plaques: need to be ordered ~ end of December
    Awards - for discussion and to finalize
    • MORE Awards: Scott Scudamore Lifetime Achievement and MORE Partnership
    • Regional Awards
      • Define regions and leads
      • Define categories - Ride Leader, Trail, Land Manager, Incoming volunteer
    • Time: TBD (evening)
    • Guest speakers: Dave Wiens and ??
    • Location: Gwendolyn Coffield or Seneca Lodge (TBD);  CCBC and Meadowlark fell through
    • Save the Date: needs to be created pending determining location
    • Food: pot luck and ?Jeff Brooks (BBQ), suggestions?
  • Spring Fling:
  • no updates
  • Summer Festival - 11-14 June 2020
  • Mike Klasmeier, Dave Magill, Ernie, David Beugelmans, Steve DonTigny
  • 1-14 June: Long weekend event showcasing Bacon Ridge & Waterworks trails and the MORE Summer Festival 
  • Mike K. contacted the county exec and mayor about Farm Field Rd. and working on:  TREK, Specailized, Norco, Santa Cruz, Transition, NICA/MICL, Muddy Pedals, Pedal Power Kids, friends of PVSP, Family Bikes, TrailWerks, Bike Dr, Bike Lane, Rhode Fabrication, AACo Rec/Parks, SRLT
  • Draft itinerary:
  • Thursday - set up
    Friday - opening, afternoon demo rides, led rides
    Saturday - MORE Summer Festival, clinics, demos, skills clinics, trail liaison training? 
    Sunday - public trail work, add day demo rides, led rides, clinics from shops; close at 4pm, out by 6pm 


Appendix A

MORE - Membership Summary – Nov 2019 (as of Dec 6 2019 – 1:30PM)

All Members (New, Current, Lapsed/Expiring – 2 Mo) – 1368 = (12+1268+88)

New and Current Members - 1280

Lapsed/Expiring - 88






Remember due to increase in monthly the average per transaction per month is dropping every month!



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