From The Board, Minutes -

Board Meeting – Sep 8, 2014

MORE Board

Jason Ashmore
Ernie Rodriguez
Melanie Nystrom
Martin Fernandez (Call in)
Jason Miller (Call in)

Debrief from the IMBA summit:

  • Verification that we are going down the right path
  • Volunteered to help Pittsburgh
  • Activity report has been issued
  • What about volunteer issues? Everyone is in the same boat
  • MORE is aging out, same people for 30 years; median age at IMBA is 56 years old; need larger strategies to bring in younger people into the mix

MoCo Epic

  • looking for trail riding leads; All over and friday course markers
  • The day before is the MORE board ride, advanced kids rides, and regular rides

Sponsorship status

  • Holly has picked up a few smaller ones, but all sponsors are current.
  • Holly can do the sponsors now, great help.
  • Coming up with a better tracker system, waiting on the website.
  • Everyone needs to start attracting sponsors.

Election/communication strategy:

  • Need to start generating hype
  • which positions will be rotating & expectations, including volunteer responsibilities.
  • Dave Magill, Jason Miller, Melanie Nystrom positions are up for rotation

Rockburn Event

  • 20 SEP-Bike day event at Rockburn.
  • Local shops involved. Melanie’s going.

Member survey

  • Plan to put out a survey within 30 days regarding volunteerism
  • Establish a quarterly schedule, & not lose sight of long term goal with IMBA.


  • Holly needs volunteers, & she’s received them
  • Dan Hudson, rosaryville rider volunteer. OCtober 1, Dan is pushing DNR employees, and agenda to get staff invested in trails, he’s doing DNR staff rosaryville trail maintenance.
  • 8 helmets in storage; looking for a couple more; We need about 10 more helmets, so perhaps theres a bike shop that can loan MORE helmets for the day.
  • It gives MORE the opportunity to stand out.
  • Ernie’s observation from summit feedback: People love the MORE website!!! kudos to Jason A & Martin!! Will start tutorials on the site for basic maintenance items.
  • Jason A will address Eric Crawford’s email regarding ride leaders.

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