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April 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

MORE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 
April 13, 2020, 7pm 
Location: Virtual Due to COVID-19 Restrictions


Meeting Attendance  

  • Ernie Rodriguez - President
  • Peggy Flaxman - Executive Director 
  • Tom Howe - VA Advocacy Director
  • Rob Lowe - Membership Director
  • Sharon Maloid - Activities Director 
  • Andrew Melito - Communications Director
  • David Beugelmans - Vice President 
  • Dave Magill - MD Advocacy Director 
  • Neil Blake - Treasurer
  • Mauricio Carvalho - Trail Boss
  • Elaine Hess - Family Ride Program Manager


Financial Updates – Neil Blake

  • Financial statements finalized and tax return was sent to IRS electronically. New accountant, Kozitska Wicks (KWC), provided much better service resulting in a much more efficient process and early filing. KWC was engaged for $3000 this year which should result in low fees going forward with improved support. 
  • Question by Dave Magill: What are financial statements used for?
  • Posted on the MORE website
  • Most significant work product in federal tax return.
  • Used for applications. Needed for Virginia and Maryland charitable organization filings. 
  • In addition, some grant applications require financial statements for submittal, including CFC.
  • Public inspection copy of Form 990 now on MORE website. 
  • Monthly Finances (January through March 2020)
  • $7,900 total in general revenues. 
  • Other general donations were $4,000
  • CFC is $1,200; Network for Good is $3,025
  • MORE online Store is $94
  • Insurance is $9,000, actually a lower rate than last year, but with not the same amount of coverage.  Still looking to procure Directors & Officers insurance and possibly coverage for big events on a case by case basis
  • Winter Party was a $3,900 expense, which was double budgeted amount
  • Cause of overrun was the cost of shirts, food and beverage cost
  • Membership meeting is required annually under MORE bylaws
  • BOD discussed options to reduce cost of the event in future
  • Overall, the meeting was received positively so the added seemed to be worth it
  • Special Purpose Funds
  • Frederick Watershed made up most of the activity related to the grant from SHA. Also, close to $2,000 was received for Patuxent
  • The remaining funds from the REI Patapsco grants were used
  • $240 for MoCo permanent pump track
  • $350,000 in cash total, including both restricted and unrestricted
  • Ernie explained he has completed application for Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan via Sandy Spring Bank. The loan provides assistance covering payroll costs and other employee compensation, interest payments on mortgage or other debt obligations, rent, and utilities over an eight-week period. Certain certifications were made by the President and a portion of the loan may be forgiven if certain conditions are met related to payroll costs only.
  • Dave Magill led a discussion of MORE policy regarding restricted funds and transfers to the General Trails Fund (or to any other Restricted Fund)
  • Under current procedures, MORE needs permission from donors to move restricted funds from a specific Fund to the General Trails Fund. 
  • Dave Magill explained he believes there should be a disclaimer on website saying that when there is a donation to a restricted fund that the money can be reallocated. An example issue are funds like Loch Raven where the project dead ends and it’s not possible to advance the project. 
  • David Beugelmans offered that there should be a requirement to consult with liaison first 
  • Peggy raised idea of removing inactive projects from website. 
  • Ernie noted common practice is to check with liaisons and/or donors before moving funds.  We must honor donor requirements.
  • Ernie noted that there are not significant funds in inactive projects. Only active projects have significant funds. 
  • BOD reached agreement that disclaimer should make clear that there is a check on moving funds and it’s only for residual balances. And funds will only be moved to the General Trail fund or another Restricted Fund, not for general operations. BOD agreed to finalize language to post on donation pages on MORE website. 
  • Neil took the action itemto draft a statement for donor pages. 
  • Insurance
  • There is a holdup with D&O insurance. Ernie is actively working on it. 


Membership Updates – Rob Lowe

  • Rob
  • March numbers are slightly up, but Rob was not as aggressive due to financial sensitivity surrounding COVID 19 pandemic.
  • There’s an IMBA membership drive coming up in May. Rob is holding off on a big membership push until then so new members can win items from IMBA.  Monthly autorenewals members are automatically entered.
  • Rob plans to send soft emails in May and email members back to 2013 to renew memberships.
  • 66 renewals in March, which was higher than 2019. Also did about $120 in actual renewal funds than last year. 
  • Quarterly numbers are also up.
  • Ernie:
  • At IMBA level, the membership drive will be extended into June to be softer on members due to COVID. 
  • One vendor has dropped out, but now new sponsors/vendors are giving additional raffle items. 
  • Rob reiterated that push is going to be soft during COVID-19 crisis as will be the soft membership push from IMBA. 


Trails Updates 

  • Maryland (Dave Magill)
  • MD RTP grant applications are due May 15
  • There will likely be two grant applications: (1) a new project in Brunswick that builds several small smaller trail sections near River’s Edge, creating a “trail town” and (2) Patuxent funding for parking and 2.5 more miles of trail.
  • Maryland State Parks have halted volunteer work on trails while county parks have differing policies, most allowing only ad hoc individual maintenance.
  • Virginia (Tom Howe)
  • The Wakefield team is working on a Mastenbrook grant application.
  • Working with liaison at Mt. Vernon Park and going to flag lines for trail reroute. A lot of it could be rake and ride.
  • Overcrowding on trails due to COVID-19 (David Beugelmans)
  • Dave Magill indicated that he has seen mixed bag on whether trails are overcrowded and not seeing more people on trails than usual, even at Schaeffer, at least on weekdays. 
  • Majority of BOD indicated that trails have been crowded with both riders and hikers during COVID-19 crisis. 
  • BOD was in general agreement that MORE has no authority on this issue, only influence with members. MORE has already canceled group rides and trailwork, and has put out messaging regarding following guidance from government authorities.


  • Ernie typically buys socks every 4-5 years as large donor giveaways and club promotion. Ernie requesting to spend $4000 on socks from Sock Guy.
  • Neil offered that given COVID-19 environment MORE should not buy socks at this time given that it is not in budget.
  • David M. indicated that there is nothing in budget, which would require Board approval.
  • Rob indicated that MORE typically gives away 150 socks a year. He stated this is a recurring expense and should have been in the budget.  
  • David B. expressed his position that MORE should use print on demand capabilities to prevent a large one-time expenditure and right size purchases to membership dues as they come in.
  • Andrew explained we should move forward with purchase if members expect it.
  • Ernie raised possibility of putting this off for a month in order to wait to see how the COVID-19 crisis developers. 
  • BOD agreed to table this issue until a later meeting. 


Activities Director - Events (Sharon Maloid) 

  • Summer Festival
  • Sharon: it’s not realistic to determine if we can pull this off due to COVID
  • David M: Wants to keep on trying with the summer festival. 
  • Sharon needs to reach out to wider planning group to talk about next steps.
  • Discussion of holding a more informal event, if possible, with MORE branding but less structure 
  • Dave M. believes MORE should discuss with insurance company if special event coverage is needed if/when it looks like event may happen.
  • Fall Camp Out
  • Planning still occurring
  • Ernie explained that due to cancellation of events he does not know if MORE is going to receive KUAT racks, which were expected for all three events. Ernie to investigate to see if we can obtain them to give away at a later date. 
  • Cancellation Notices
  • Andrew: no notices will go out, but will send messages when appropriate. 


Communications - Andrew Melito

  • No significant communications due to COVID-19 crisis
  • Sent member email about hoping to have MoCo, but no formal invite
  • Will reach out next month on trailhead news
  • Dave M.
  • Excited about Annual Report because it will show success of 2019 and great work there. 
  • Ernie: asks all BOD members to get annual report content in. Believes showing positives of MORE during this time would be very good for people.

Board of Directors March 2020 Activity Reports 

 President – Ernest (Ernie) Rodriguez 

  • Participate in MoCo Epic Team Meeting
  • Prepare MORE's application for Payroll Protection Program Loan 
  • Help Neil review Taxes accountant, ready to file
  • Research and work on development of electronic waivers for Rides and Trailwork
  • Set-up Zoom for MORE
  • Set-up Microsoft Office 365 Teams
  • Background work on MORE's Annual Report
  • Continue transition of work with Peggy from Steve
  • Updates to social media and webpage
  • Send SWAG to large donors


Executive Director – Peggy Flaxman 

  • MoCo Epic
  • Held kickoff meeting, organized teams, tasks and timeline
  • Filed for permits (on hold due to COVID-19)
  • Working on Sponsorship Package materials
  • Have begun communications with past sponsors
  • Updated website and BikeReg with 2020 info (BikeReg not live)


  • Working with Elaine Hess on new s’MOREs and women’s ride pages for website
  • Met with Jon Posner (MICL) about Saturday race on Epic weekend, GRiT program, other possible ways MORE/MICL can work together
  • Planned Fort Dupont NPS/DCPL ride with plans to work with Kenya on history based rides of Civil War sights as part of DCPL summer programming (CANCELED due to COVID-19)
  • Working with liaisons to get information on all trails systems on “Where to Ride” on website
  • Working with Ernie and Tom on Mastenbrook grant application for Wakefield 
  • Started doing some social media posting, mostly to spotlight sponsors


  • Worked with Ernie to create new BoD Org Chart
  • Becoming familiar with website (Shopify/Shogun) update process


Vice President – David Beugelmans 

  • Participated in eWaiver committee emails and calls
  • Attended meeting with Annapolis Mayor and City Manager re: MORE work on trails in Truxton Park in Annapolis
  • Participated in preliminary planning call re: MORE Summer Festival
  • Waterworks
  • Finished clearing for 1.5 mile loop; installed temporary COVID-19 signs
  • General maintenance and COVID-19 overcrowding outreach


MD Advocacy Director – Dave Magill  

 MD RTP grant applications due by May 15. Discussed potential grant apps with liaisons for Patuxent and Rivers Edge. 

  • Surveyed terrain for trail expansion at Patuxent, including inventory of stream crossings and wetlands
  • Surveyed potential parking expansion sites in Patuxent
  • Participated on ewaiver committee
  • Attended kickoff MoCo Epic team virtual meeting, coordinated with exec Director on background info and budget
  • Prepared write-up on MD Advocacy for MORE annual report
  • Reviewed MORE financial statements and tax returns, participated in call with outside accountant regarding accounting for “Donor Restricted Funds” including MORE’s trail funds
  • Coordinated additional emails in support of Montgomery Parks trails budget.
  • Collected paperwork necessary to move forward with MORE’s new $23,000 RTP grant for West MoCo maps and wayfinding materials


VA Advocacy Director – Tom Howe 

  • VA Advocacy
  • In coordination with Dave, Ernie, and Peggy, made the decision to indefinitely postpone the Annual Trail Liaisons meeting
  • Worked on the VA Advocacy section of the Annual Report
  • Met with liaisons from Mt. Vernon District Park re: flagging new lines and acquiring battery powered tools for trimming
  • Coordinating with Larry Cautilli to help assist with the flagging of new lines and trails at Mt. Vernon District Park
  • Worked on preparing an application for a Mastenbrook Grant for Wakefield Park with Peggy and Ernie after soliciting input from the Wakefield Park liaisons
  • Spring Fling Committee
  • Made the appropriate decision to cancel the 2020 Spring Fling after Gov Northam issued the stay-at-home order for VA through June 14th
  • Worked with the committee to craft and publish social media messaging re: the cancelation of the event
  • E-Waiver Committee
  • Participated in meetings and threads regarding the adoption and implementation of using e-waivers for club rides and trail work
  • Miscellaneous
  • Worked with Peggy and Ernie to test and setup Zoom for MORE


Trail Boss – Mauricio Carvalho 

  • Attended MoCo Epic Committee meeting 


Membership Director – Rob Lowe 

  • Membership Thank You's
  • Spring Fling Meetings/Discussions
  • Membership Stats for Mar for Apr Mtg
  • eWaivers
  • Ad Hoc TW and 1 Ride Lead at Wakefield before Shelter in Place started in VA


Communications Director – Andrew Melito 

 Attend MoCo and Summer Fest meetings 

  • Working on Annual report
  • Completed initial update of bike tag. If time allows we’ll update design.


Treasurer – Neil Blake 

  • Finalize March financials
  • Final review of the 2019 financial statements
  • File the 2019 Form 990 


Activities Director – Sharon Maloid 

  • COVID-19 negative impact to MORE annual events
  • Spring Fling: canceled
  • Summer Festival: canceled?
  • Possibility of a gathering in late Aug
  • Fall campout scheduled September 25-27

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