Annapolis Waterworks

Information and discussions related to Annapolis Waterworks in Annapolis, MD.


  • Robert Scott, Naval

    I walked the trail for the first time on March 22 after reading about it in the Sunday Capital. It was a great day and a fairly challenging walk in many places (I’m 82 and typically hike on roads) but covered about 6 miles. There was a good turnout, probably passing about 25 walkers, several with kids and dogs, and 6 bikers, doing Housley Loop and part of the Solar Park Loop, as well as an unmarked trail running along the east side of the creek for about a mile before the trail disappeared. I’d be interested in more information on that trail. Does it go further north? If so, how far, and does it reconnect with Loops?

  • Michael Roswell

    Sunday afternoon about 2 pm it was pretty busy with both bikes and walkers/runners, but I think it was too muddy in many places. The freeze-thaw probably goos up the surface a bit, since it hasn’t rained a lot since I was out when it was dry.

  • Michael Roswell

    Dry and good to ride this afternoon!

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