MORE Epic Series Is Live

08 March, 2014 By crashmore Comments

The MORE Epic series website is live.

Introducing The Four Pillars Of MORE

24 January, 2014 By crashmore Comments

Like many in our community, I have found myself thinking about Scud a lot lately. His death left a hole in many hearts, but his life was full of inspiration.  As someone serving in a leadership role on the MORE board I find myself reflecting a great deal on the work Scud did for our community over the years. His influence is resulting in many of us seeking ways to turn this inspiration into positive action and to ultimately embrace the lifestyle Scud exemplified.

REV3 Adventure Spring Thaw Trail Series MORE Discount

22 January, 2014 By crashmore Comments

For 2014 the REV3 Adventure trail series is back, catering to the trail runner, mountain biker, or anyone who enjoys both.

Scott Scudamore

30 December, 2013 By crashmore Comments

The following info was posted over at from Scott's family.

Our hearts are heavier today than at any point since Scott’s accident on September 22nd. For the past 10 days, Scott’s struggle to overcome his injuries sustained on that day had progressively worsened as he battled infection, some bouts with delirium, and ultimately pneumonia. It is with incredible sadness that we must tell you that Scott succumbed to his injuries early this morning. A beloved husband, father, brother, uncle, friend, compatriot, leader and inspiration has left us here on earth and is now among the other angels in Heaven.

Frederick Watershed FAQ

11 December, 2013 By wrench177 Comments

What is the latest word on the Frederick Watershed?

Call for Board Nominations

09 December, 2013 By kadams Comments

The board positions and terms are:

President - 2 year term

Vice President - 2 year term

Operations Director - 2 year term

Treasurer - 3 year term

Members Representative - 1 year term

Activities Director - 1 year Term

Advocacy Director - 1 year term

Nominations with summaries of why you want to be on the board are due to the Election Advocate Bill Olson by December 13th. You may nominate yourself. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to email me or call me at 402-926-9453.


02 December, 2013 By kadams Comments

MORE/IMBA is seeking qualified applicants for the newly created Event Coordinator position.  Application letters and resumes should be submitted to not later than noon Eastern Time on December 16, 2013.  The full job description can be accessed here

Post Turkey Day Trailwork- Frederick Watershed

27 November, 2013 By wrench177 Comments

Burn off all that food you ate while helping the trails you love to ride!.  The reroute for the blue trail between Delauter Road and Sand Flats was built this past spring/summer, so now we need to finish up the last bit and close down the old trail.

Being Good Trail Neighbors On Black Friday

26 November, 2013 By kadams Comments

Our friends at the Potomac Bridle & Hiking Trails Club are hosting their annual day after Thanksgiving horseback ride this Friday, November 29th between 11AM and 1PM.  They are asking that the public keep dogs leashed and curtail bike use on the “blue-blazed” Muddy Branch Trail between the Potomac Horse Center to RTE. 28
during the 2 hour  event that day.

Some of their horses and riders are not comfortable with bikes and dogs can get quite excited seeing so many horses.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated so as to keep everyone safe.

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